Friday, March 17, 2017

Freshman (Part 1)

     Angel was over the moon for the mini-features idea I'd had.  Really, what I had proposed was making XXX versions of sitcoms and TV dramas.  Inana's roots were in the production of "loops."  In porn, loops were twenty to thirty minute long sex scenes, no plot whatsoever, just wall-to-wall sucking and fucking.  We were still producing them, with a twist: instead of just random sexual activity, we actually had some set-up for the action.  Say, a guy helps fix a girl's car when it's broken on the freeway.  She invites him back to her place to wash up, then demonstrates her gratitude.  A woman owes a bookie money, but she offers a different form of payment.  A guy helps two girls move into their new apartment.  They thank him, at the same time.  And on and on. Just little set-ups lasting about three minutes, then into the sex.

Freshman (Part 2)

     Bekka chartered an afternoon flight from San Diego to Oakland the day Jane's new roommate was expected.  She was met by Riley, sitting in the passenger loading area on his putt.  Bekka had what little she would need for an overnight stay in a Zo bag, slung across her back.  They rode out for Berkeley.  Once on Dwight Way, Riley spotted and occupied a parking space near the private dorms Jane was living in.

Freshman (Part 3)

Script Outlines, 1st set mini-features, fall 1992

"Duane and Dolly's Place"

Duane - Stuart K. 18 y.o. living in the garage of his parent's house.  A veteran stoner.
Dolly - Susan Black.  Duane's live-in girlfriend, also a veteran stoner.
Mr. Wilkes - Sean Brown.  Next door neighbor, 30-ish black hipster, jazz fan, stylish.
Xenon - Gabrielle Easton.  Wilkes' date for the night.  Goth-looking, aloof.
Limp-Dick - Roach.  A punk rocker.
Dizzy - Feather.  Punk girl, Limp-Dick's girlfriend.  Severe ADHD sufferer.

Freshman (Part 4)

     On the first day of class, Jane breezed across campus with a smile on her face.  She was heading to Soda Hall, up on Hearst St., for Computer Science 101.  After that, American Literature 101.  Get some lunch.  Then, the big one, Introduction to American Business at Haas.  Her day would end with Geology 101, a.k.a. "rocks for jocks."  It was a total dummy course (hence the nickname), but would fulfill one of her requirement courses and not take away energy or time from the courses she actually cared about.

Freshman (Part 5)

     "So how's Erica?" I asked Mallory over the phone.  "What did she think of our cunning plan?"
     "Well," stated Mallory.  "Goodness me.  Okay, it's been a few months since we talked, but that is not the woman I remember."
     "Don't feed me teasers, get to the meat."
     "First of all, when she answered the phone, I could barely hear her over the stereo at her house.  She was blasting punk rock.  Do you know a band called the Germs?"
     I stifled a laugh and said, "I'm familiar with the Germs.  They've been gone since 1981, their singer died.  Good stuff, though,  That's what she was playing?"