Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boss (Part 1)

     We weren't inside the restaurant yet, and already we were causing chaos.

Boss (Part 2)

     I drew short straw and had Lieutenant Donner as my grill.  I'd have been surprised If I had anyone else, really

Boss (Part 3)

     In the morning I took a cab over to the restaurant to pick up the Acura.  My destination was an auto glass place in Oceanside, but first I wanted to stop by the police station and get my Beretta back.  I put the Acura in a visitor space and went in.

Boss (Part 4)

     "Yer tellin' me those damn brats from Hellbound are the ones who want me dead?" exclaimed Boss.
     "That's how we got it figured," said Chet.  "They knock you out of the picture, then bully their way into running the labs."
     Boss glared at the beer in his hand and muttered, "Damn little punks.  No offense meant, Lenny."
     "None taken," I replied.

Boss (Part 5)

     Bekka emptied another clip into the silhouette target fifteen yards away.  She was getting good scores, even with rapid fire shooting.  Angela had given her a spare clip, so I could load one clip while she fired out of the other.

Boss (Part 6)

     The townhouse remained unmolested overnight.  I returned in time to catch Boss' morning call, checking in.  He wasn't happy to hear how Bekka and I had spent our evening.

Boss (Part 7)

     The explosion blew out our living room window, and the glass in cars surrounding it.  Car alarms rang throughout the complex.
     We jolted out of bed, pausing long enough to pull on underwear (and in Bekka's case, a t-shirt) before going to investigate.  Bekka screamed when we stepped outside and saw what had happened.  I ran for the phone to call 911, just like all my neighbors were doing at the same time.  Then I went back outside to see how Bekka was doing.

Boss (Part 8)

     On Saturday two men whom I vaguely recognized but did not know showed up at my door at eight a.m.
     This was not a good hour for me on a Saturday, particularly this Saturday.  The day before Bekka and I had received a three month eviction notice from the property owners.  Between the stabbings and the police and the strange hours we kept and the car blowing up we were a detriment to the complex.  They were rather polite about it, but we seemed to draw chaos to ourselves, and that was a threat to both the solitude of our neighbors and the well being of their townhouse.  We had to go.  Three months should be plenty of time for us to locate and move into a new place.

Boss (Part 9)

     My instincts about Bud and Lou were well founded, but I wouldn't learn that until the following night.  In the meantime, they held true to  their word and called me around 10:30 Saturday night from their hotel at Vacation Village.

Boss (Part 10)

     Around 4:30 the phone rang.  Bud was calling to let us know they were headed back down south.
     "Hey, we're in Anaheim right now.  You guys have any plans for dinner?  We feel like steaks.  Steaks sound okay with you?  You know a good steak house down there?"
     "There's a chop house in La Costa called Evelyn's, and they do a good steak.  Also ribs, if you want to go that route."
     "Perfect!  Gimme directions and we'll meet there at 5:30."

Boss (Part 11)

     The next morning I called Boss to let him know what had transpired over the last couple of days.  Like me, he hoped the Hellbound would keep their (rather coerced) word and leave us all alone.