Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bored (Part 1)

     "I am bored," Bekka declared.
     "I am bored, I am bored, I am bored!" she continued.  I was sensing a pattern.
     "So I take it you're bored, darling?" I asked.  "Chairman of the bored?"
     "That was terrible... But damn straight, cupcake.  Don't take this the wrong way, but even sex doesn't have any appeal right now.  I wanna go do something, some form of activity, possibly something interactive involving other people.  Hell, going up to the mansion and watching them finish the sound stages and fill the pools would be interesting compared to this."

Bored (Part 2)

     "A good lunch, but I'm still bored," said Bekka.  "I have an idea...."
     "What's that?" asked The Director.
     "Mini golf.  Who's up for mini golf?"
     "Love to, but I can't," said Small Steve.  "I've got sound cables to run in ceilings.  Like, a lot of them.  We figured tracing the same lines as lights would work for microphones, and the boom mikes could run on casters, just scoot 'em around."
     "Won't you end up with dead spots in the audio?"
     "Remains to be seen.  It's either gonna work really well, or it's gonna suck.  No middle point.  If it sucks, we just go back to regular boom mikes."
     "I'll be on the phone all damn afternoon helping proof a script.  I could do it myself in five minutes: dialogue, fuck, dialogue, fuck, dialogue, fuck, dialogue, fuck.... With the correct amounts of time inserted for each segment.  And yes, you're in, Bekka."
     "Yaay!" cheered Bekka.  She liked working with scripts. Some girls hated it, preferring to do nothing but loops.

Bored (Part 3)

Nebraska Comes A-Callin'

     "Why don't you let the kid's play through," suggested Dutch.
     "Yes.... A very good idea," said Chelsea.  "Thank you."
     Ellen asked, "So.... What are you doing here?  Why are you here?  What's with all the kids?  In short, what the heck is going on here, woman?"
     "Not going to introduce me to your.... friends, then?  I'm assuming they are friends, not just random strange people you met somewhere.  I won't speak of how they're dressed.  Or you."
     "Like hemorrhaging, bitch?" said Bekka, moving forward.  Chelsea gave her a haughty look and stepped backwards into some shrubbery.  Ellen said, "Bekka.  I've got this.  This is someone I thought I knew quite well  in Kearney, Nebraska, where I escaped from.  And even though I asked first, the guys are Chip, Dutch and Lenny, and we girls are Bekka, Tawny, and myself.... Although I go by the name of Skye out here, for professional reasons."
     "Professional reasons?"

Bored (Part 4)

     "Would you care for a drink?  Keep in mind they don't have Mello Yello in California," said Ellen.  "Just Mountain Dew."
     "I'll have whatever kind of cola they offer, thank you."
     Ellen retrieved the drinks and sat down.  "You know, I'm not going to bother asking why me performing in adult video bothers you so much, I figure that answer is obvious.  What I can't understand is why you refuse to accept the fact.  You keep saying you don't believe it.  Why the obstinacy?"
     "For one thing, you are --- or were --- a good christian.  I'm assuming that fell by the wayside."

Bored (Part 5)

As always, the dining area at Humberto's was vacant, while the drive through was wrapped around the building.  Force of habit for most people, probably: most taco stands were drive thru, with a couple bench/table sets in front.  Not conducive to eating in poor weather.
     Humberto's on El Cajon had been a Carl's Jr. in a previous life, like most taco stands, it had taken the shell of a flopped fast food restaurant and converted it.  You could almost always tell what fast food place it had been in it's original incarnation: Taco Bell, Carl's Jr., Der Weinershnitzel, Jack In The Box, whatever.  They changed the signs, put up new menus, and got to work.  I was surprised some of them hadn't simply spray-painted a big 'X' over the old sign and sprayed the name of the new restaurant underneath.  I once went into one, a recently-converted Jack In The Box, that was still using the leftover napkins and cold cups.  Waste not, want not.

Bored (Part 6)

     My pager had been screaming at me for two hours, and I couldn't ignore it any longer.  I told Bekka I had to get to work, so we headed to my apartment, where I could switch to my car.  I returned calls from my apartment and got an idea of amounts, picked up, weighed out, and began making deliveries.  A pound of speed plus quite a bit of Ecstasy.  I ended up playing a hunch and cleaning out Boss of all his MDMA: something told me it was going to go fast.... And I was right.  My customers were increasing their amounts on the spot, especially when I told them I'd cleaned out my connection.  (Sure, he'd be back in stock in 48 hours, but they didn't know that.)  Five hundred hits turned into thirty-five in two and a half hours and I'd replenish everyone's high.

Bored (Part 7)

     They gassed me and sewed me back up around midnight and kicked me loose at three or so.  Everyone finally took my advice and went home around one, of particular importance to Ellen, who planned to meet with Lucy in the morning.  I suggested some kids go to the Wild Animal Park, while others visited the beach in Carlsbad.  The kids could not get enough of the ocean.

Bored (Part 8)

     I decided to keep things simple and hold Hwy. 78 through Escondido and straight through to the Wild Animal Park.  Well marked.  That way if the various drugs I was on got me a bit too loopy on the way home anyone could take over the wheel and do the piloting.  I didn't want to use the word "drugs" around the kids, since --- thanks to DARE and other abuse prevention programs --- I may as well have been on a half of Mexican tar heroin, LSD, PCP, and a bottle of cough syrup, so far as the kids were concerned.  Funny thing, DARE: they went back ten years and found that kids who went through the DARE program were more likely to be habitual users than those that weren't .  Drugs are everywhere, everyone is using them.... So why should't  you?  That, and kids actually have functioning  bullshit detectors: a single  bong rip doesn't cause your brain to run out your ears, so everything else they told me must must be bullshit too.
     Still, keep that under my hat if it becomes an issue.  I'm just feeling tired, kids.

Bored (Part 9)

     Knowing this would probably be the last time we'd see them, we all gave hugs to the kids.  Especially warm hugs were given to Lucy, and a stilted one to Chelsea.....
      .....Who just couldn't leave well enough alone.  She said, "So it was a child molester you helped arrest tonight, right?"
     "That's correct."
     "A close personal friend of yours, I'm  sure.  I doubt there's a level of depravity you won't indulge in."

Bored (Part 10)

     The errant van pulled into the lot and jerked to a stop.  She expected to beat us there.... Which meant she couldn't give her version of things first.  Lucy and the pastor had been in rather tense conversation practically since she got off the van.  What was clear was that Lucy was not giving an inch when it came to her decisions insofar as to how she had decided to run the trip after meeting up with us criminals and whores.  (It was also clear Chelsea had been having regular phone calls with the pastor, telling him about the whores and criminals etc. we were subjecting the children to.)

Bored (Part 11)

     Two days later I was caught up on sleep and doing alright, my ribs still pulling like hell --- I'd be using my cane when I went up for trial --- and ready for the drive to San Francisco in six days.  The District Attorney's office offered my air fare, but I told them I'd prefer making the drive over flying, and what should I do with the vouchers?  They suggested exchanging them for cash and using the cash to pay for gasoline.  Fine with me.
     Suspiciously well-timed was a call from Lucy.  Courteous as always, she waited until I'd had a decent amount of shut-eye (Bekka was in Encinitas) before calling me so share some news.