Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bored (Part 3)

Nebraska Comes A-Callin'

     "Why don't you let the kid's play through," suggested Dutch.
     "Yes.... A very good idea," said Chelsea.  "Thank you."
     Ellen asked, "So.... What are you doing here?  Why are you here?  What's with all the kids?  In short, what the heck is going on here, woman?"
     "Not going to introduce me to your.... friends, then?  I'm assuming they are friends, not just random strange people you met somewhere.  I won't speak of how they're dressed.  Or you."
     "Like hemorrhaging, bitch?" said Bekka, moving forward.  Chelsea gave her a haughty look and stepped backwards into some shrubbery.  Ellen said, "Bekka.  I've got this.  This is someone I thought I knew quite well  in Kearney, Nebraska, where I escaped from.  And even though I asked first, the guys are Chip, Dutch and Lenny, and we girls are Bekka, Tawny, and myself.... Although I go by the name of Skye out here, for professional reasons."
     "Professional reasons?"
     "Yes, I--- " the crowd of kids had re-formed around her ankles.  I asked Chelsea if it was alright if a stranger gave them some arcade money.  "No, I can see no problem with that.  You're staying here, right?"  I answered in the affirmative.  To Chelsea's shock, I knelt down and gave the oldest one fifty bucks, and told him to try and divide it up even.  Fifty dollars in an arcade to a kid is like Free Tequila Night in a bar.  With great joy the kids headed for the arcade.
     Catching her look, I told Chelsea, "I just got paid, I like kids, and arcades are the shit at that age.  It should keep them busy for a while, better than mini golf."
     "So what do you need a professional name for, anyway, Ellen?"
     "I'm doing porn.  My full name is Skye Tyler."
     "You're doing what!?"
     "I'm performing in adult videos.  I'm making porn movies.  It's fun and the money is really good.  I just finished with some shoots up in Van Nuys, and I'm taking a week or so off before filming down here again.  Given the rumors spread about me in Kearney, why shouldn't I make my living via sexual activity?  Like I said, fun easy work and really good pay.  There are absolutely no down sides to me performing."
     Chelsea asked, "So do your parents know?"
     Ellen responded, "I've make enough screamingly obvious allusions it's pretty obvious.  Like the picture I sent of me in a negligee surrounded by money --- thanks again for the shots, Lenny --- and a note saying , 'My first week's pay.  Not bad for twenty-two hours work!'  I think they could figure it out."
     Chelsea said, "I don't believe you.  You're making this up for some sick reason."
     The rest of us began laughing: a bad sign.  I said, "Of all the careers someone could lie about, why would she choose porn?  It pays well, but unless you're really lucky it's not glamorous,, you deal with creeps, and it's painful sometimes."
     "How could it be painful?"
     "Um.... repetitive actions, sweetie," said Tawny.
     "Oh.... My..... God....  I want all your names again.  I want to be able to pray against all of you tonight, for lives of evil."
      We laughed and all recited our names, spelling them so she would have them right.  And Bekka  --- who else but --- threw in with, "What if God thinks you're wrong?  What if God views you as a pious, pompous prig who refuses to acknowledge one of his most beautiful and joyous gifts, that of sexuality?  We just happen to make a living with it, like a skilled mechanic.  And yes, I am a christian, and a faithful one.  I just have no use for religion.  And I shall pray for you, for your ignorance and hatefulness.  I want you to be a loving person."
     Ellen said, "Now that you're done insulting my friends, care to finally answer my questions?  Why are you  in San Diego, and why do you have all these kids with you?  Gather up a bunch of them in hopes of them starting up a real life, free of backstabbing and gossip?  Wait, that won't work, you're with them."
     "There are fourteen of us, total.  Lucy has the other seven, who wanted to go to the beach again.  They are out here on a church-sponsored vacation.  It's a trip you could have made with us, if you hadn't disgraced yourself and run away from home."
     "But now she now lives three blocks from the beach, and can go anytime she wants," said Chip.  "I got her into my four-plex  when a vacancy opened up."
     So are all of you producing smut?" Chelsea asked.
     Four and a half, " said Ellen.  "Dutch is Tawny's boyfriend, and Lenny is a photographer, so he only half-counts."
     "I.... Have to go check on the kids.  Ellen, I have a lot I need to say to you.
     "I'm guessing you're not done castigating us, so we'll be at that table up there."
     "And Chelsea?  Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of my friends.  And they are my friends, close ones, and trustworthy ones.  The kind people should have in their lives."
     Chelsea gave a venomous look and went inside; we planted ourselves at the table.

     "I'm noticing just the tiniest bit of tension between you and her.  Unless I'm missing my mark."
     "You got it, Lenny.  She's one of the big reasons I left Kearney."
     "Maybe you wanna save it, she's coming back."
     "Since she's one of the reasons I went into porn, I'd just as soon discuss it among friends.  Chelsea, I was just about to explain why I left Kearney.  I'm glad you're here, you can help."
     "That's easy," said Chelsea.  "If you hadn't put so much pressure on Tyler, people wouldn't have had such a poor view of you."
     "Who's Tyler?" asked most of the table.
     "My ex-boyfriend," said Ellen.  "He became upset with me because I was supposedly pressuring him into sexual relations outside of marriage.  He was convinced he'd go to hell if we fucked before we got married."
     "Say what!?" chorused the whole table except Chelsea.
     "I know, it sounds weird out here, but he wanted to be a virgin on his wedding night --- I know, a real thrill that would be for both parties, two people with no experience fumbling through their first time --- but that's how he thinks God wants it.  So I'm with a guy I genuinely like and I can't get him in my pants.  No hands, no mouth, no contact whatsoever.  I was ready to go off like a cannon...."
     "You poor girl!" said Bekka.
     "He'd have been on the curb like a light switch going off," said Tawny.  "'Make me come' is not a complex request.  Jesus!"
      "You're obsessed with sex and you blaspheme," muttered Chelsea to Tawny, who smirked.
     "We also drink, abuse drugs, and flaunt our bodies in public," I said.  If you want we can get you some tapes of our productions.  Maybe some of the 'Hot Rush' tapes would be good.  You can't criticize what you've never seen."
     "He's right.... But that's not what I was leading up to.  I was going to have you explain how you helped me turn into a pariah in our home town. Why don't you fill them in?"
     "I am outnumbered here, but I'm not afraid of any of you.  Fine.  I told our pastor of your sinful plotting against Tyler."
     "The pastor and....?"
     "And your parents, they should know...."
     "And who else....?"
     She sighed.  "And a couple other church members.  That's all."
     Ellen said,  "So thanks to your gossiping I suddenly become known as this uncontrollably horny girl, all because I tried to talk my boyfriend of nearly a year into any kind of sexual activity  on two different occasions.  I was wearing it smooth by then, lemme tell ya."  All but one of us laughed.
     "You were far more patient than me, baby," said Bekka.  "It's a strange sexual role reversal when the girl is telling the guy to put out or get out.  I'm still unclear as to what the dude's problem was.  Was it really all religious for him, or was he scared, or did he think it'd be better between two virgins, or what?"
     "Our bodies are sacred," scolded Chelsea.  "We are to be pure until marriage.  Jesus says so!"
     "I disagree with Jesus.  There, problem solved,"  said Bekka.  "I can't help but wonder who's un-dating Tyler now?"
     "She's sitting at this table," said Ellen.  All eyes fell on Chelsea.
     "He needed someone he could trust, and it just, you know, worked out that way.  I didn't plan it!"
     "Just a nifty bit of timing, babe," said Dutch.  "I don't like dishonest people.  I mean, you guys got your twist-o view of sex, but at least Ellen was honest about what she wanted, and nobody can say she tried to dupe this dude Tyler into the sack."
     "Either Ellen or Chelsea can probably answer this," said Tawny in a lazy voice.  "What does this Anti-Fucking Brigade do together?  You're not fucking.  You're not sucking.  You're not even rubbing one out together.  What, do you get naked and read the Psalms together as a challenge?  Do you play Twister to see who can suppress orgasm best?  Or do you just make out so hard you end up with callouses on your tongues?  And is anyone helping Tyler get his load out besides Tyler?"
     Ellen said, "We kissed a lot.   Almost no tongue."
     "Damn girl, no wonder you were so frustrated!  I wouldn't blame you for rubbing a couple out while driving home!" said Bekka.
     "I did," said Ellen
     "Atta girl!"
     "What are you two talking about?" asked Chelsea.
     "Well, I would be in such need of physical release, I would masturbate as I drove while heading home from Tyler's house.  I don't think you told anyone that, since I never told you.  That's a freebie, Chelsea, you can tell anyone you want:Ellen 'Skye Tyler' McPherson would play with herself while she drove.  You've always pushed the idea of me being sex-obsessed, wrecking my friendships at the church and in town and having my parents think poorly of me.  There, positive proof.  Care to hear about what I do at work?  You can tell everyone all the different positions I use and how much time I spend sucking men --- and also women --- and oh yeah,how I was on drugs when you saw me.  Didn't mention that, did I?  I'm high on Ecstasy right now.   Would you like to try some?"
     "I'll double you up, honey," I said, "so that you're in love with the world.  There's nothing like good clean Ecstasy.  Want to visit heaven?"

     Chelsea sat there with a pouty frown.  She attempted staring us all down, but we were too busy smiling at her.  She finally said, "Most people never have the experience of sitting and talking with the hell-bound, people who openly embrace the ways of Satan.  You---- "
     Bekka said, "You're still not.  You've got a Methodist, a couple Congregationalists, a Unitarian, and.... Agnostic, Dutch?"
     "Thinking you can condemn us because you don't like our lifestyles is foolish and arrogant.  And you can't condemn souls any more than you can save them.  That is Christ's job, and no one else's.  Shall we discuss your urge to use Christ as a tool of revenge?"
     "The lord will seek revenge on all of you, for the lives of... of...."
     "Debauchery?" said Tawny.
     "Yes, debauchery, thank you, that you lead lives of.  I still have a hard time not believing this is a sick prank on Ellen's part.  I refuse to believe Ellen is making dirty movies."
     I said, "It's been offered to show you proof.  What is it about porn that bothers you so much?  And you're not allowed to mention God or Jesus in your answer."
     "The activities disgust me.  Anyone doing such things in front of a camera is horrible."
     "I see.  Watched  a lot of porn, have you?"
     "No!  An ex-boyfriend made me watch it once.  It made me sick."
     "Wow, musta been some real bad loops," said Dutch.  The rest of the table laughed.
     "Unless he was showing  you scat video, what could have made you sick?" asked Tawny.  "I mean, ultimately porn is still ultimately just suck and fuck.  Please don't tell me that basic sexual contact got you ill.  You're in for a surprise when you finally get popped, sweetie."
     Ellen said, "That's the thing, Chelsea.  You're going through life terrified of what is literally the most natural thing you can do with someone.  You're going to reconsider your attitude sooner or later, unless you plan on having a very short marriage.... Or be married to a eunuch."
     Chip said, "and real sex isn't much at all like porn sex.  Real sex is way better.  That's why.... Uh...."
     "Go ahead and tell her, babe," said Ellen.
     "Ellen and I are lovers.  We have sex together because we like each other and we trust each other and it's fun.  Sex doesn't have to be a big deal, it can be something two friends do because they enjoy it."
     "Damn right!  Me and Tawny get busy because we like it and trust each other.  Yeah, there's caring, but just like in a friendship, y'know?"
     Bekka said, "Lenny and I are the same way.  We have sex because we're friends, not the other way around."
     Chelsea raised her voice and said, "None of you get it!  You're all living in self-deception!  How can you not recognize that sex is evil!?"

     l gaped at her.  "You're a woman who is truly convinced that sex, outside the bonds of marriage, is a sure-fire ticket to hell.... And maybe according to parts of the Bible it is, but the Bible also has slavery as being an okay gig, not to mention animal sacrifice and polygamy.  I won't lie, lady, I cherry-pick the Bible, grabbing what makes sense and dumping the garbage.  Shall I ask your views on slavery?"
     "That's a childish argument and I refuse to take part."
     "No, it's childish to be dismissive of the entire Bible because of what it says in some places.  My argument is that the Bible is a living document, and that it should not be set in stone.  That would be childish.  A good comparison would be the number of times 'Hamlet' has been restructured into modern language and settings.  The strength is never lost, merely reinterpreted.  Why shouldn't the Bible be treated the same?"
     Bekka added, "If anything, modern religion should condone, not condemn, modern pornography.  Would you say that lust is a big no-no in religion?"
     "Yes, which is why ---- "
     "Please let me finish.  Lust, both physical and in the heart, is frowned upon for some stupid reason by religion.  Pornography helps to remove the lust people feel!  Men, and women, watch porn, and relieve themselves --- physically, if nothing else --- of their lust.  They are sated, and no longer feel the burden of their desires.  Their minds are clear and they're happy, and go through the day un-distracted.  The alternative is to deny the existence of lust, which is about as sane as denying the need for food: self-destructive and silly.  Do you follow me?"
     "So you see sexual lust as a common element, one that can't be ignored or controlled."
     Bekka smiled.  "Exactly!"
     Chelsea bared her teeth and said, "I think you're sick.  I think you live a life without morals, and you intellectualize your way out of having them."
     "Did you just say.... I have no morals?"  Oh shit.
     Bekka began going across the table at Chelsea with damage on her mind.  Me and Dutch each grabbed a shoulder on Bekka to keep her from her goal; I said, "Lady, go in the arcade or the water slides  or somewhere that you won't get hurt, like, now."   She was assisted by Ellen, who clamped a hand around her shoulder and walked her into the arcade and snack bar and put her rather forcefully into a booth.  Dutch and I calmed Bekka down by pointing out it ain't worth it, you know she's a cop-caller, you know you could take her so why bother....


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