Saturday, May 2, 2015

Honeymoon (Postscript)

     I was welcomed back to Inana like the prodigal son.  Frankie didn't understand how I got everything done in one day, and the crew and performers were happy with an administrator who didn't insist on watching all the shoots.  For his part, Frankie had kept up on the bookkeeping so I didn't have to play catch-up.

     I re-interviewed the two girls Frankie suggested, gave them tests, and found them superb.  They could act, they weren't shy with their bodies, and they had good attitudes.  They would be working their way up to lead roles very quickly.  Bekka may find herself with more downtime.
     Our faceless benefactor in Florida was very pleased with our gift to him.  So much so that he wanted to figure out how to get five pounds a week shipped out there.  I got him and Boss in connection and let them sort things out for themselves.
     Lastly, Squeak adapted to the life of a house cat in a hot second.  He would wander outside briefly, but come in within five minutes.  He's an affectionate cat who likes to sleep on the arm of the sofa, getting up to chase flies and eat.  All three of us are lucky we found him.

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