Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cadillac (Part 2)

     As much fun as we were having at Knott's having g-forces applied to us, I was secretly looking forward to the drive home.  I wanted to spend some time behind the wheel of my new ride.  From what little time I'd driven it so far, I was guessing it would be our usual vehicle, replacing the Fury when it came to us all going somewhere together.

     We ate at the park restaurant when we were done with the thrill rides, then headed home.  Both Bekka and Jane wanted a chance at the wheel, but I put the nix on that.  I'd been looking forward to cruising my new toy too much.
     I said to Jane, "Tell you what, you can drive it to school sometime this coming week.  How's that?"
     "That's great....  But it doesn't have a parking permit."
     "Do they really check that closely?" I asked.
     Jane shrugged.  "I don't know.  I dunno what happens if you don't have a permit, if they tow you or ticket you or what."
     I thought about it and said, "Get parking permits for the Fleetwood and the Plymouth.  That way you can drive whatever to school."
     "Okay....  But I really like my Cutlass."
     "I like your Cutlass too, and might want to use it when I do shots up to LA.  Getting permits on all three cars leaves us with options."
     The Fleetwood silently made a blur of the road.  It was quiet, it was comfortable, and with the Police Interceptor package under the hood, it had power.  I felt better and better about my purchase decision.  It would never match the Acura for flingability, but I was confident it would do what it was told, even with all that weight.
     We arrived back at the mansion around 9:30, still feeling a bit amped up from the Ecstasy.  I suggested we hit the bong, then change into our suits and get some spa time in.
     After we finished smoking we went down to the pool and got in one of the spas.  We passed the time lazily, talking over the highlights of the day.
     During a lull in the talk,  Jane said, "Bekka, I have a problem."
     "What's that?"
     "I really want to fuck your husband and I don't know what to do about it."
     Bekka crossed to where Jane was sitting and kissed her gently.  Then she slapped her across the face.  "No, pet.  Never," Bekka said, giving a small smile.
     Jane seemed unfazed by the slap.  "I know.  Lenny already said he won't.  But I feel like I'm going crazy.  It seemed like it was so much easier to find boys back in Gainesville.  I'm ready to bust."
     "Do you want a boyfriend, or do you just want to get laid?" Bekka asked.
     "Both, I guess.  I don't know."
     "I can tell you what you can't do.  You can't start fucking your way through the male population of your school, looking for mister right.  That will get you in trouble, and it will get us in trouble.  You'll get a reputation as a slut, and you don't want that in the social scene that is high school.  And while we're not your legal guardians, Lenny and I are still the adults in your life.  We'll be expected to answer for your actions.  Understand?"
     I chipped in with, "As far as your sex life goes, my advice is to find a guy you genuinely like and train him.  I'd hate to see you dating an asshole just because he's good in bed.  Any guy can be good in bed, they just need practice.  And high school boys haven't had much practice.  I suggested it before: find a member of the computer club you think is cute.  Geeky boys are more appreciative, more attentive, and will treat you like royalty.  They're also smart, which can never be a bad thing."
     With a snide grin in my direction, Jane said, "Are you sure the male performers for Inana are off limits?"
     "Listen jailbait, they are very far out of limits.  I don't mind the light flirting like you were doing with Eddie, but I don't think any of them would find it acceptable to boff the little girl who's living with their boss.  That's another thing.  In your search for a lover, you have to stay in your age bracket.  It's one thing if two sixteen year olds get caught screwing, it's a whole different thing if you got together with a guy my age.  I know you've already mentally calculated just how much room there is in the back seat of that Cutlass, but don't invite anyone back there who isn't your age."
     Bekka said, "Make you a deal.  I'm gonna do two things for you.  The first is I'm buying you a vibrator, so you're not feeling so pent up.  Who knows, you might like it better than boys.  The second is I'm giving you permission to have boys in your room, and me and Lenny won't interfere.  You should have your privacy, and bringing a boy home is much safer than being parked at the beach.  My hope is that you're bringing the same boy home, over and over.  Does that work for you, Lenny?"
     "Sounds good," I said.  "My own request is that you don't hide your boys from us.  Let us meet them.  That way we can put a face to a name.  Okay?"
     Jane said, "That works.  In fact that's really cool.  I promise I'll be in control, and won't slut it up."  She giggled.  "Yay, I get to have boys in my room.  No way would my parents have consented to this.  Thank you."
     Bekka said, "Look, it's obvious you have a strong sex drive.  It would be hypocritical of me and Lenny to stand in your way.  We just want you to be safe, and use good judgement.  I like Lenny's advice: find a nerdy boy and train him.  You'll be happier with a geek than you would be with some jock."
     "Okay, I'll try that route.  I don't know, the geeky guys back in Gainesville were all really unappealing."
     "There's gotta be a few decent looking nerds around a school that big," I said.
     Jane sighed.  "I'll keep my eyes open.  I'll work my way into the good graces of the computer club and see if there are any viable candidates there."
     "Atta girl," said Bekka.
     "Bekka, um....  How soon do you think you can get me that vibrator?"
     Bekka smiled.  "We're going to the gun range tomorrow --- you'll be learning how to use Lenny's Beretta, by the way --- and there's an adult book store half a block up.  I can go buy you one while Lenny gives you his safety training."
     "Can't I go shopping with you?" Jane pouted.
     "They won't let you in," said Bekka.  "Like it or not, you still look sixteen.  There's no doubt they'll card you."
      "Just don't get anything too monstrous.  I wanna get off, not challenge myself."
     Bekka laughed.  "Got it."
     I asked Jane, "Have you ever shot a gun before?"
     She said, "A few times.  My dad had a revolver he kept in his bedside table, and he showed me how to use it out in the swamps.  He also felt it was okay to bring a twelve pack with us on those outings, so you're gonna need to review safe handling with me."
     "Great.  Beer and guns, that's a hell of a mix."

     Jane got her sex toy on Sunday, and spent the evening alone in her room.  I made a mental note to keep stocked up on AA batteries.
     On Tuesday I let her drive the Fleetwood to school.  She was just late enough coming home in the afternoon to get me starting to worry.  She came in the office and gave me a kiss, dropping the keys on the desk.
     "You're later than usual, everything okay?" I asked.
     "I gave rides home to a couple people from drama class.  They were talking about how much taking the bus sucks, and I have this big comfy car, so...."
     "That's fine," I said.  "How did things go today?"
     Jane rolled her eyes.  "Well, the people in the office aren't happy about one student having three parking permits issued.  I got one in the Cadillac now, and I guess I should drive Bekka's car to school tomorrow so I can get one for it.  I explained to them that I could be driving one of three cars to school, but they still weren't happy.  They've never had that problem before."
     "I guess they'll have to adjust to the blue-haired girl who drives a lot of hot rods.  How was school otherwise?"
     "Smooth.  There's a cute boy in drama class who I'm getting to know better.  Is it okay if I invite him back here to hang out in the spa sometime?"
     "That's fine," I said.  "What's he like?"
     "He's a few inches taller than me, and he has the most beautiful blue eyes.  Almost as nice as yours.  He's really into Shakespeare comedies, he wants to put on a production of 'Taming Of The Shrew' with the drama club."
     "Good looking and smart.  Set the hook, girl.  As long as you're circumspect about why the second floor of this place is off-limits, bring him on over."
     Jane smiled at me.  "I'll be as tactful as possible.  It's hard to explain that people fuck for money where you live."
     I laughed at this.  "Remember, it's not fucking, it's performance.  It only looks like fucking.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but do you plan on bagging this dude?"
     "It's crossed my mind," Jane said with a shy smile.  "What if he's a virgin?"
     "Then you get to have a lot of fun showing him the ropes.  Break him in gently, don't pounce the first time you get him alone in your room."
     "Yeah....  No sense in scaring him.  But it's been too long since I've been with a boy.  The toy Bekka bought me is great, I love it, but it doesn't beat the real thing."
     Jane stood and stretched.  "I'm gonna knock out my homework, then Bekka is gonna teach me how to make lasagna.  You be up soon?"
     I pointed at the invoices on my desk.  "As soon as I take care of this mess.  I'll see you in a little while, Gator Bait."
     She gave me another kiss and turned towards the door.  "Don't be long, Lenny."

     After dinner and dishes, we settled in the conversation pit with the bong and the remote control.  During a commercial break, Jane asked Bekka, "When you were in high school, how did you hook a boy you liked?"
     Bekka smiled and said, "I put out."
     "But you guys are encouraging me to not do that.  I already know that works."
     "I know, I'm teasing.  Seriously?  Be interested in whatever he's talking about.  Keep him engaged by asking questions.  Act like he's the smartest person you've ever met."
     "Then put out," I suggested.
     Jane punched me in the arm, giggling.  She said, "That should be easy enough.  Like I told Lenny before, he's heavy into Shakespeare, so all I need to do is ask him about that.  I'll learn something, and we'll form a common bond.  Then I'll put out."
     "There you go, pet," Bekka tittered.
     "Seriously, I have no idea on how to gauge this.  Back in Gainesville, it was easy.  The white trash out there had started fucking their cousins around the age of twelve, so they at least knew the mechanics of it.  I get the impression things are different around here.  I don't want to scare this guy off by coming on too strong.  Is that possible?"
     "Hell yeah," I said.  "If he's still fairly innocent, you getting naked in front of him won't produce lust, but terror.  He won't know what to do.  Start easy, and build up.  You're gonna feel frustrated, but he won't be running away in fear.  Just make out with him some the first time you two are alone.  You've got all the time in the world."
     Bekka said, "Get him in the spa and let him feel you up.  Assist him, if need be.  You can be his masturbation fantasy that night, if you aren't already.  Go into it easy, girl.  Trust me, he'll wait.  Especially after he gets his hands on those tits of yours."
     Jane giggled and grabbed her tits.  "I do have a decent set, right?  Tomorrow I'm gonna accidentally rub up against him.  Is it okay if I invite him over tomorrow afternoon?"
     "Go for it."
     I said, "I'm going up to Anaheim tomorrow to drop off that Ecstasy for Rico.  You said you want to drive the Fury to school tomorrow, so you can get a parking permit on it?  Bekka, are you okay driving the Cutlass if you need to go out?"
     "Yeah, that's fine with me," said Bekka.
     Jane said, "I'll be piloting yet another hot rod to school.  Hee hee, I'll have the boys flocking around me again!"
     Bekka leaned back and said, "Yeah, my Fury is a show-stopper.  It's one mean looking car, no doubt."
     I asked Jane, "How is the Cutlass behaving?  No problems?"
     She said, "It's a dream.  Fires right up, needs thirty seconds of warm-up time, and does everything I tell it to.  I can't lie, when I go out at lunch I show off in it. Thad damn thing launches so fast without burning rubber I leave the school parking lot like it was a bag full of ugly, and put everyone else in the dust.  Even the rich kids, who all drive the BMWs their parents gave them."
     I laughed at this.  "Smoke 'em, girl.  Show 'em what real horsepower is all about."
     Jane smiled serenely.  "I'm getting known on campus, I'm pretty sure.  I'm that punk rock chick with the hot rod.  I guess I'll be the punk rock chick with three hot rods in a while.  Once they get to know me, I'll probably still get known as Gator Bait, though.  I can't deny my past."
     "Never forget your roots," Bekka said.  "That's what built you."
     "It's weird," Jane said, "guys around here are more laid back.  I mean, not a single guy has hooted at me at school, not even on Monday when I was wearing that half shirt.  Are California guys just more laid back, or what?"
     "More mannerly, is more like it," I said.  "Here in the San Diego area, we grew up seeing hot women on the beach in bikinis.  A half shirt doesn't phase us, although we do appreciate it.  We just don't make a big deal out of it.  Now, those alligator skin pants of yours, they do impress....  But we'll look, and not comment."
     "And if you were to comment, what would you say about my gator pants?"
     "Girl, I wanna chew those off of you."
     "Over my dead body," said Bekka.
     "I'm just making an example," I explained.
     Jane smiled and settled back further into the sofa.  She said, "I think I'm the only girl in the school in leather pants.  That's weird.  I'm used to girls who are dressed to breed, y'know?  I come out here and all the other girls are in Levis that aren't even that tight.  Damn, do high school girls in California even fuck?"
     "We're subtle about it," said Bekka.  "When we're fucking a guy, we're very low-key about it.  Nobody advertises."
     "In Gainesville, there were virgins and sluts, no middle ground.  If you were a slut, you were out in the swamps having fun with boys, and if you were a virgin, you were at home watching TV with your folks.  But nobody cared if you were a slut.  If you said you were with some guy, you'd get left alone.  You were that guy's slut.  The virgins didn't pass too much judgement on you at school, either.  You were either fuckin' or you weren't."
     "Too wild," I said.  "No, things are different out here.  Getting called a slut in California carries a heavy burden.  It could mean you had three boyfriends in one semester, or it could mean you took on the whole varsity football team one afternoon.  But being known as a slut in California means you give up your pussy at the drop of a hat, no thinking twice."
     "It's funny," said Bekka.  "Two girls got pregnant in my junior year.  Both were what you described as virgins, Jane.  It's like the slutty girls knew how to take care of themselves and not get pregnant, even if they did have a lot of sex.  The virgins were too naive to take precautions when they finally did give up the pussy."
     "Same at my school," I said.  "The last girls you'd ever imagine were the ones walking around in maternity clothes before they dropped out."
     "Damn, I don't want no kids," said Jane.  "I'll stay on the pill, I'll even use condoms if I have to.  In a way, I'm hoping this one boy is a virgin.  It means there's no risk of disease, so him and I could fuck bareback and not worry.  First time should be bareback anyway."
     "What's his name, anyway?" I asked.
     "Lance," Jane said.  "Lance Grisham."
     "We get to meet Lance Grisham, right?"
     "Absolutely.  It's okay if I bring him into the office to meet you, right?"
     "Not a problem.  You come in first, just to make sure I don't have a performer in their underwear sitting around.  No sense in freaking this kid out."
     "I still don't know why the performers have to have clothes on just because I'm around," Jane grumbled.  "I like seeing naked people."
     Bekka said, "And after you're eighteen, we'll let you see all of them that you want.  You can look at naked people until you're sick of it.  But until that birthday rolls around, we're covering up our performers because of you.  No sense in having too much legal risk, we already are drinking beer and getting high with you. Do you know how much trouble we could get in just for sharing our Ecstasy?"
     "Yeah, I know," Jane sighed.  "I'd hope me being emancipated would take away some of that risk."
     "Nope," I said.  "If that was the case, we'd put you to work and you could find out just what a drag making porn actually is."
     Jane took a pull off her beer.  "I still think I'd be good at it."
     "On your eighteenth birthday," Bekka said, "you can sit in on a shoot.  You can see exactly how everything is done.  On that day, the magic will be lost for you.  Trust me, pet, I've been doing this for seven years.  I've seen girls come and go.  I've seen girls who were hornier than you not make it a week as a performer.  Making porn is not something just anyone can do.  Not good porn, at least.  Please, don't be planning on becoming a performer when you're eighteen.  The industry always needs fresh new faces, which it chews up and spits away.  We want you to go to college for a reason.  You're too smart for porn."
     "But you're smart, and you do porn," Jane said, with a shocked look.
     Bekka picked up the bong and began loading it again.  "It's what I know," she said.  "There's something in my personality or psyche that makes me weather the bullshit in this industry without being affected.  It's a rare quality.  Maybe you do have it, who knows.  But you're too precious to me to want to find out firsthand.  Just let it go."
     "Can't I at least try?" asked Jane.
     I said, "Tell you what.  When you're eighteen, you can produce a loop with us.  You know what?  I think you'll find it to be the most humiliating experience of your life.  You'll see it's not got anything to do with what shows up on the screen, it's a debasing chore.  Then you'll understand, and see why we kept fucking telling you that it was a bad idea.  You'll see."
     "What if I'm good at it?" Jane challenged.
     Bekka said, "Then you can work for us when you're not busy with your college classes.  We'll welcome you aboard.  You can come down, cut loops over the weekend, and be back at college on Monday morning.  Fair enough?"
     "I can hack that," Jane chirped.  Ah, the positive outlook of youth.  Someone should bottle it up and sell it, they'd make a mint.


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