Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Abductors (Part 4)

     Angel finally returned, bearing food.  He had reconsidered and foregone the bakery, instead opting for hitting up a deli for roast beef sandwiches, cole slaw, and potato salad.  The food was seized upon with gusto, a respite from the snacks we'd been picking at.  The performers stayed on the floor as they ate, welcoming fans as they drew near.  After a twenty minute break, Bewitched started playing on the TVs, to the joy of the crowd.  All the chairs were full, plus guys standing at the back and sides, and a few sitting on the floor at the very front.  Bewitched drew a broad base of fan loyalty.

     Just before two almost all the girls (Sue not included) gathered and sat down at the two long tables to begin the signing.  Guys were lined up all the way down the pathway to get autographs.  Angel and Bud stationed themselves to act as security, Lou hanging around in the display racks.  I stood behind the tables, for two reasons: partially as more security, but also to gauge which performers were being asked for autographs, and which ones weren't.  Obviously Bekka was the source of constant congestion, but Elspeth was the come-from-behind winner.  Younger fans seemed to flip for her; she signed a lot of copies of Rocker Girls, the one where she had a mohawk.  The guys signed some inserts too.  Eddie was recognized for his two memorable fuck scenes in Dangerous Desires, and had men asking him what he'd done to make his dick so big.  "I angered a vengeful god," he would reply.  "Having nine inches isn't all that great.  I'll never know what it feels like to go completely inside a woman."
     Bekka got marriage proposals.  She signed video inserts both new and old, copies of Penthouse, Hustler, and Gallery, and more underwear.  The few men who proposed were invariably distressed to learn that not only was she married, but to that punk rock idiot standing a few feet away.  And they didn't want Bekka's autograph, they wanted Bekka.  Angel would tolerate a brief delay, then usher them along, as they were slowing things down and it was only a ninety minute signing.  They would shuffle away, and go buy a copy of Young Becky.
     We ran a few minutes over, to accommodate the last few guys in line.  Then all the girls announced the need for a cigarette, and headed for the lounge.  The Inana booth would be a sausage fest in their absence.  Angel sidled up next to me and said, "We may not have enough tapes to make it through tomorrow."
     "Any chance of getting in the warehouse tonight?" I asked.  "You and me could load up our cars and bring them back here by midnight."
     "Problem," he said.  "I drained the warehouse of every extra copy to get what we have here.  Everything at this point has to come from the press, and completed packaged videos would take a couple days, not a couple hours."
     "Ouch.  Well, we'll go home secure in the knowledge that we were a sellout."
     "Fair enough.  Hell, we'll even run out of copies of 'Rocker Girls.'  I noticed a lot of young guys buying that one and always having Elspeth sign 'em."
     I chuckled.  "She's their punk rock sex goddess fantasy.  They were probably disappointed when they saw her that she doesn't have the mohawk any more.  See, Angel?  Punk chicks do have a draw.  I'm going to be having Sue do some work while in her regular hair and makeup.  Savage sells."
     "Oh god Lenny," said Angel, "you're not thinking of doing another rock and roll movie, are you?"
     "No.  It would be too derivative of the first one.  Besides, if I was going to do that, I'd want to shoot it in the Bay Area, using their musical talents.  I'd be proposing an expensive project that would have mediocre sales.  Don't worry, I'm not about to do that."
     "So how goes the new script?" asked Angel.
     I put my face in my hands.  "I'm not happy with what I'm coming up with.  I like my outline and the plot, but nothing is coming out funny, and I don't know dick about what I'm writing about.  I'm considering having Eddie co-write it with me.  He's funny, and he's held office jobs.  He knows the culture, would be able to hit soft spots I didn't even know were there."
     "Make it happen.  You have a three week window to be in read-through and pre-production.  That reminds me, you wanted to rent actual office space to film in, right?  Do you know a place called Sorrento Valley?"
     "Intimately familiar."
     Angel smiled.  "You're getting a full floor to work with in one of those glass box buildings.  The place is owned by a member of the family from back East, and he just lost tenants who had three floors occupied.  He wants to do some refurbishing, but will let us use one floor while he works on the other two.  He wants Bekka's autograph, that's the only stipulation."
     I said, "Ask him what his favorite Becky Page movie is.  We'll provide him with an autographed copy.  Although I'm gonna guess that it's 'Dangerous Desires.'"
     "Why do you say that?" asked Angel.
     "Because that's the one with all the action and crime, and Bekka has four fuck scenes in it.  I guarantee you this guy got to know Bekka from either her loops or 'The Wedding Party' and has seen all her others.  Both as a movie and as a Becky Page vehicle, 'Dangerous Desires' comes out on top."
     "Think about this shit much, Lenny?"
     "Only with the front of my brain," I said.  "The rest of it is absorbed with how long it's taking those dames to smoke a cigarette, because I want one myself.  She's a nice girl, but I'm not leaving Gina in charge of three human hard-ons and Bud and Lou.  I want the girls back before I smoke."
     On cue, Elspeth and Sue returned to the booth.  Angel waved me forward, saying, "Go.  Who knows, you may be able to speak privately with your wife while you're there.  I'll ask of the details you wish, but you're probably right."
     "Cool.  And remind him that Becky is married to a jealous man."
     I headed towards the lounge, vacantly taking in the booths I passed.  On the far side of the opposite walkway I saw the Hustler logo glowing in pink neon.  Damn, everybody was out for this shindig.  I'd have to check them out after I finished smoking.
     The girls were occupying two sofas and were cackling about something.  Bekka saw me and waved me off: this was girl time.  I wandered to a different sector and lit up.  I was tucking my cigarettes into my jacket when I felt tugging on my sleeve.  I looked down and there was a tiny brunette smiling up at me.
     "You're Lenny, aren't you?" she asked.
     "Yeah, that's me."
     She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed.  "That's for getting me high, baby.  And this is for being so awesome about it."  She grabbed my head and augured her tongue into my mouth.  I briefly responded out of instinct, then pulled away.  She grinned up at me.
     I told her, "I'm glad you like my drugs, but I'm married to a jealous woman.  She's sitting about sixty feet away.  You want to meet her?"
     "Sure," said Tiny.  "Who is she?"
     "Becky Page.  Bettie bangs, shaved-down pussy, and an attitude.  The woman I love.  Sure you want to meet her?"
     "For real?  You're married to Becky Page?  Take me to her."
     "No problem," I said, and tucked Tiny under one arm and carried her towards where Bekka was sitting.  She squealed and laughed and waved her arms and legs.  I transported her over to the sofas.
     We reached where the girls were sitting, Tiny's squeals attracting their attention.  I stood in front of Bekka with the girl under one arm.  Bekka gave me an amused and questioning look.
     "Hello dear," I said.  "This is one of Vivid's girls.  She is very happy that I got her high.  I believe she wants to demonstrate her appreciation.  Do you have any opinions or feelings about this?"
     "Set her down," said Bekka.  I did.  "So what's your interest in my husband, dear?  What would you have of him?"
     Tiny said, "Would you mind if I just sucked him off?  No big deal in the grand scheme of things, right?  He got me good and high, I thought I'd make him feel good too."
     Bekka stared at Tiny briefly, then said, "Okay.  Suck my husband's dick.  But you have to do it right here, so we can watch.  Get on your knees, bitch.  Lenny, pull your cock out.  And girly, you better make him come hard."
     "Wait, right here?" I asked.
     Tiny giggled.  "It's a porn convention, they better expect some lewd behavior.  Wait until the dance tonight.  Whip it out, baby."
      I shrugged and pulled my cock out of my fly.  Tiny grabbed it and got it in her mouth, sucking it hard, then working on it like a true professional.  Her head whipped back and forth.  I stood there, alternately enjoying it and giving Bekka confused looks.  She smirked up at me, enjoying my predicament.  Passersby would watch briefly and continue on their way.  Apparently I wasn't the first person to get some head in the lounge at this yearly event.  The tiny brunette latched onto my cock was going to have to work for it: I was feeling rather distracted and self-conscious.  Bekka said in a loud voice, "Remember, girly, you can't just make him come.  You've gotta make him come hard."
     We were picking up an audience.  People of both sexes were stopping and watching.  I wasn't used to having that many people looking at my cock at once.  Tiny kept working tirelessly, getting drool on the front of my pants.
     After ten minutes I was getting close.  I pulled Tiny off my dick and asked her, "You want me to give you some warning?"
     She smiled up at me and said, "Go ahead and let loose.  I can take it.  You're healthy, right?"
     "I sure am.  You better get back to work, we've got people watching."
     "Like a day at work," she said, and got my cock back in her mouth.
     Another four minutes and I couldn't hold back any longer.  I stroked her head and said, "Baby, I gotta come, look out."  I shot off in her mouth.  She took it, letting it pour out of her mouth and down her chin, all over her t-shirt.  When it was clear I was done she got my cock out of her mouth and smiled up at me.
     "How was that?" asked Tiny.
     "Very nice," I replied.  "Thank you."
     "Did she make you come good and hard?" asked Bekka.
     "Yeah, she did.  That was a good one.  Tell me, what if it had only been mediocre?  What would have happened?"
     Bekka gave a steely smile and said, "Right now I'd be beating the shit out of the little bitch.  Bashing her darling face into the floor, caving in her ribs with my boots.  I'd be hospitalizing her."
     Tiny stood in front of Bekka and said, "Ms. Page, thanks for letting me do that.  I really loved you in 'Bad Babysitter.'"
     Bekka replied, "Thanks, girly.  Always happy to meet a fan.  By the way, you've still got cum all over your mouth and chin, and what are you going to do about your shirt?"
     Tiny giggled and said, "I'm leaving it all there.  The sex tourists we're here to entertain think they're getting their money's worth with shit like this.  And they'll think Vivid girls are the raunchiest in the world."
     "An interesting strategy.  What if I was to fuck Lenny here in our booth, where everyone could see?"
     "Naw, that would just get you thrown out.  No action out in public,  You've got to imply it, make the guests wonder about the freaky shit that happens around here."
    Bekka chuckled.  "You mean like sucking off a total stranger in the lounge?"
     Tiny said, "Hey, your husband is an awesome guy!  He got me good and high, and he never grabbed the back of my head while I was doing him!  I feel like I know him already."
     "So what's his name?"
     "Um....  You just said it...."
     I said, "To be fair, I have no idea who she is either.  She's a Vivid booth girl, that's all I know."
     Bekka said, "We should probably be getting back to the booth, Angel will be wondering.  You're really going back to your booth like that, girly?"
     "Raunch sells," said Tiny as she giggled.
     "Fascinating," said Bekka.  The other girls got off the sofa and followed Bekka's lead.  I got alongside Bekka and held her hand.  She gave me a pleased smile and we walked hand in hand back to the booth.  Tiny trotted off to do whatever was assigned to her.  Who knows, maybe I was her assignment.  Blow the punk that runs Inana.  Not sure what they'd gain, unless they wanted to create marital strife for me.  They didn't know Bekka very well, if that was the goal.
     "So where have you all been?" Angel asked as we walked in.
     "Lenny was getting a blowjob," Bekka casually answered.  "See?  He's got drool all over the front of his pants."
     "What?  You're kidding, right?"
     I said, "Nope.  One of Vivid's girls did me in the lounge.  I'm not used to having an audience, so it took me a while to come.  Angel, I don't know why I bother with drugs.  My days are strange enough without them."
     Angel gawked at us.  He said, "At some point I want to hear this full story.  For now I'm letting it slide.  Bekka, go be friendly.  Lenny, check to see what titles need restocking."
     I was reloading shelves with copies of Bewitched when a young woman's voice said behind me, "Lenny, right?  I have something for you."  I straightened and turned, and was immediately hugged by a girl with bobbed brown hair.  I hugged back.
     She held onto my arms.  She asked, "So Joann blew you, huh?"
     "Is that her name?" I asked.  "We never introduced ourselves."
     "She says Becky Page is one intimidating woman.  That's really your wife?"
     "Sure is.  She's standing right over there, if you don't believe me.  Me and Becky have been married for a couple years now, much to the frustration of some of her fans.  Tell me, is Joann always that friendly, or just when she's on drugs?"
     The girl tittered.  "Joann is rather friendly, but the drugs certainly helped in your situation.  She took friendliness to the extreme."
     "It nearly got her head caved in.  My wife can be a bit jealous.  So how are you feeling?"
     "I feel fantastic.  Thanks again."
     "No problem.  See you at the party tonight."
     The girl walked off.  Bekka came up and stood next to me, eating from one of the cups of potato salad.  "Another satisfied customer?" she asked.
     I gestured and said, "Yeah.  Vivid is theoretically our competition, but their performers love me.  Too bad they work under contract, otherwise I'd take the opportunity to try and poach some of them.  Oh, and I'll sleep better tonight."
     "Really?  Why?"
     "My new friend?  The one from the lounge?  Her name is Joann.  I'm more comfortable if I do two things with someone I have a sexual experience with: kiss them, and know their name.  She kissed me, but never told me who she was.  I just learned it from that last girl.  Probably why I never found hookers appealing.  You can't kiss them, and you'll never know their real name."
     Bekka shot me an amused look.  "You weren't bothered by the short amount of time between meeting and getting busy, though.  And you did quite well, for your first time in front of an audience of strangers."
     "What strangers?" I asked.  "It was you and the girls."
     "And the crowd of about twenty-five people to your left, watching.  You kept people entertained with your dick, pally.  I think you should do performance."
     "Shit no," I laughed.  "I'd be too self-conscious.  I'll leave that to the professional erections I hire.  No, I'm more useful behind the cameras."
     Some schlub was standing off a ways, watching us.  He had a bag over one shoulder.  Sensing the pause in our conversation, he approached.  There was an awe-struck look on his face.  He said, "Excuse me, you're Becky Page, aren't you?"
     Bekka went into fan-service mode, displaying a dazzling smile and saying, "Yes I am, who are you, honey?"
     "Hi, I'm Harry, I'm your biggest fan."  He stuck out a paw and Bekka shook it.  When he took it back, he looked his hand over with a glance, as if checking for traces of fairy dust.  He opened his bag and extracted a copy of Hustler, the one with Bekka in the centerfold.  Then he whipped out a Sharpie from somewhere.
     "Would you please sign my centerfold?  It would mean a lot to me."
     "Sure, let's go over here, so I have a flat surface," said Bekka.  We went to the tables where she opened the magazine to the centerfold and wrote, "For my biggest fan, Harry.  XXX  Kisses from Becky Page!"
     Harry positively swooned when he read it.  He said, "This is just too awesome.  I was so stoked when I learned you'd be here.  Um, listen, I know this great little Japanese place in Culver City.  I'd be honored if you'd have dinner with me."
     Bekka beamed another bright smile and said, "I'm sorry, but I'll be eating and working here.  Besides, my husband can be a jealous man, and you wouldn't want to give him the wrong impression, would you?"
     The dude locked up.  "Your h-husband?  But it says in here that you're single.  Here, look...."  He turned to the bio page, and pointed at the entry for status.  "See?  You're single."
     "Hustler lied to you.  So did the other magazines.  They print what sounds good.  It also says I'm twenty-two.  If that was true, it would mean I started in this business at the age of fourteen.  I'm twenty-eight.  AVN is the only magazine to give me accurate bio information."
     Harry got a surprisingly confident look on his face.  "I still want to have dinner with you.  We can do it tomorrow night.  We just won't tell your husband.  Two hours with you, that's all I ask."
     Bekka chuckled and said, "Your little subterfuge won't work, since he's listening to everything we say."
     "What do you mean?"
     "Who do you think this guy is?" Bekka asked, pointing at me with her thumb.  I gave a tolerant smile.
     Harry blanched.  "I thought he was your muscle, your bodyguard.  You're married to him?"  He looked genuinely upset, for a second I thought he was going to swing on me.  He barked, "Tough guy, you better treat her like the goddess she is!"
     "Oh, I do, I do.  I make her as happy as any punk rock criminal can," I said.
     He continued, shouting, "Becky Page is a goddess!  Treat her like one!"
     Bekka rested a hand on Harry's arm and said, "But I'm not a goddess.  I'm a woman, just a normal woman in a strange industry.  I snore, I fart, I'm a real bitch when I'm menstruating.  Don't put me on a pedestal.  I'm just a woman who happens to make dirty movies."
     "The farting thing is true," I assured Harry.  "When we have Indian food,  Becky sleeps on the couch that night."
     Trying to derail the line of conversation, Bekka said, "I'm guessing you've seen all my features?  If you need a copy of one, we have them all here except for 'Wedding Party.'  We've also got a new tape out, it's a compilation of some of my loops from when I was twenty and twenty-one.  I'm a little embarrassed by it, I thought I was terrible back then, but AVN gave it four stars, and they usually hate compilations.  Have you seen it?"
     Harry was still busy glowering at me.  I just smiled back.  Unless he pulled a gun, I wasn't worried about him, I had five inches and forty pounds on the guy.  He allowed himself to be distracted by what Bekka was saying, and led over to the rack full of tapes of Young Becky.  This proved to be a sufficient distraction to improve his mood drastically.  He held up one of the tapes with a smile.  The front cover was a shoulders-up glamour shot of Bekka, taken when she was twenty.  The back was stills from loops, and glowing quotes about Bekka from movie reviews.
     "You're even more beautiful now," said Harry.  "I haven't seen any of your early stuff.  I'll take this.  Are you sure you can't have dinner with me?  Any time you want.  Just two hours, that's all.  You'll see I can treat you better than that scumbag over there."
     I barked out a laugh at this.  Bekka coolly replied, "See, when you insult my husband, you also insult me.  The implication is that I cannot make proper choices, or judge people well.  My husband treats me wonderfully, like I am a princess.  I want for nothing, in life or in love.  I love my husband, and him me."
     Harry started to sour again.  "Come on.  He's probably living off what you make.  Look at him!"
     Both Bekka and I laughed at this, although I was getting a little tired of being insulted.  I grabbed a copy of Bewitched and handed it to him, face-down.  I said to him, "You recognize that?"
     He took it and said, "Yeah, it's a copy of 'Bewitched.'  I own one.  What about it?"
     I said, "On the back there are the credits.  Look at the credits for producer and writer.  Found 'em?"
     He looked at the box and said, "Yeah, it's the same guy."
     I pulled out my wallet and extracted my driver's license, then held it up in front of Harry's eyes so he could read it.  "That name look familiar?" I asked.  "You'll find the same name under the producer and writer credits on every box here, except for that compilation you're holding.  For as long as Inana has made full features, I've produced and written them.  I share writing credit with Vinny Morelli on 'Wedding Party' and 'Bad Babysitter,' but the others are all mine."
     Harry went a bit slack-jawed.  "Oh my god, you're really the person who wrote 'Bewitched'?  And 'Dangerous Desires'?"
     "He's the guy," said Bekka.  "Another reason I love him.  He writes and produces wonderful movies for me to be in."
     And then something happened that amazed me.  Harry straightened up in front of me and put his hand out.  We shook.  He said, "I owe you an apology, I didn't mean to insult you.  At first I thought you were Becky's security detail, keeping creeps away from her.  Then I had you pegged as a scumbag who was living off her, taking her money.  I'm sorry I insulted you.  How old are you, anyway?"
     "I turn twenty-three next week," I said.
     "Holy shit....  And you write and produce really great adult films at your age.  Where did you go to school?"
     "I graduated high school.  No, so far as what I do, I received on the job training, learning while I worked.  I started off as Inana's still photographer and got promoted.  When the owners announced we were going to make a full feature, 'Wedding Party,' I was basically told I'd be the producer, with no experience.  Sink or swim.  Producing got easier after that, since I'd learned so much from making 'Wedding Party.'  It's highly stressful fun."
     Bekka said, "He tortures himself when he's writing a script.  He'll work until he's exhausted, literally going face-first into the keyboard.  How many drafts of 'Bewitched' did you write, baby?"
     "Seven," I replied.  "I should have written eight, there are things in the story that didn't come out right.  Okay, dude, you're a fan of 'Bewitched,' right?"
     "Oh yeah," said Harry.  "It's my favorite movie.  It's how I found Becky Page."
     "How mentally stable would you say Ursula, Becky's character, is?"
     Harry thought about that for a few seconds.  "Not very.  Now that you mention it, Ursula was pretty damn nuts, huh?"
     I said, "And if I had a brain, that would have come through a lot more clearly in the script.  Ursula wasn't motivated by a lust for power or control or money, she just wanted to see what would happen with her spells.  But because she's insane, she can't really wrap her mind around the fact that her sex spells cause chaos.  Like at the end where she's laughing while watching the couple fuck on the sidewalk.  She can't grasp that there might be a downside to this, because she's insane.  I wish I'd brought that out more."
     "So were the other members of the coven immune to the spell?" asked Harry.
     "Collectively, they could outpower Ursula.  Individually, who can say.  Remember that Becky's first fuck scene in the movie is a girl/girl, with another witch from the coven who Ursula has cast a spell on, mostly just to prove it works.  The rest of the coven is trying to stop Ursula's spells, defusing them like bombs.  But Ursula had the strength to cast her spells on individual members of the coven, and they'd be powerless.  It simply never occurred to Ursula to do it."
     "Wow.  Too much.  So what's coming next?" asked Harry.
     "Office comedy," I said.  "You know what the Peter Principle is, right?"
     "I think so...."
     "It's the theory than in an organization, individuals are promoted upwards until they reach their level of incompetence.  It's a half-joke that assures people it's not their imagination, the people at the tops of the ladders shouldn't be there.  I figured an incompetent temp worker reaching dizzying heights of power while being incapable of typing a letter would be fun to watch.  Our temp girl isn't fucking her way to the top so much as being passed along up the food chain so nobody gets in trouble for their transgressions.  She's something of a nympho, but is also kind of stupid.  She's not manipulating people with sex into giving her promotions, she honestly can't believe her good luck.  I've chosen my lead, she's a knockout.  You want to meet her?  I haven't told her yet myself."
     Bekka said, "What the hell, no time like the present.  I'll go get her."  She returned a few moments later with Ellen in tow.
     Ellen said, "What's up, Lenny?"
     "I have news for you," I told her.  "The newest feature, the one I'm working on right now?  You're my lead.  You're going to be a busy girl, but you'll have fun.  Do you mind playing a ditzy blonde nympho in an office building?"
     Ellen squealed and wrapped her arms around my neck.  "Too cool, Lenny, thank you!  No, I can play what you need, no problem.  When do we start?"
     "Three weeks.  I have three weeks to complete this damn script, including editing, then we start read-throughs.  We'll be commuting to shoot most of this thing, I've got access to a whole floor of an office building down in Sorrento Valley.  I'll just need to rent some furniture and re-dress things.  Ever been fucked on a running copy machine before?"
     Ellen smirked and said, "Can't say that I have."
     "Well, you'll be having a new experience then.  By the way, this is Harry, he's a fan of 'Bewitched.'"
     Harry said, "I recognize you, you were one of the coven witches, the one with the big staff that had the floating ball in it."
     "That was me," said Ellen.  "You'd be amazed how much time we spent trying to get that gliding walk down, because someone wanted it perfect."  Ellen punched me in the arm.
     "Three someones," I replied.  "Me, Small Steve, and Angel."
     "You guys really take your work seriously," said Harry.
     Bekka stretched and said, "We have to.  We're a small studio from San Diego, so whatever we release had to be perfect.  Even our loops.  If we were slipshod, nobody'd care about us, we would have no audience.  'Bewitched' is a perfect example of why we work so hard.  The hard work was worth it, 'Bewitched' has now outsold 'Deep Throat.'  It's the most popular adult film ever.  I personally am proud that I was involved with it."
     "The bonuses we got as we kept breaking sales records helped, too," laughed Ellen.
     Harry said, "Are you guys gonna be here for a while?"
     "Until ten tonight.  That's when they close down," I answered.
     "Is it okay if I come by again?  I wanna walk around and see the other exhibitors, maybe get a soda."
     Bekka said, "Tell you what, swing by around seven, and you can have pizza with us.  Sound fair?"
     Harry's face brightened.  "Sure.  And um, I'm sorry about the confusion with you being married and stuff...."
     "It is forgotten," said Bekka.
     Harry took off.  I looked at Bekka and said, "Well, he's sort of gonna get his wish."
     "How so?"
     "He'll be eating dinner with his goddess, Becky Page."
     Bekka gave a small smile.  "I'm in porn.  I know all about wish fulfillment."


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