Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Abductors (Part 9)

"I guess they know
I'm not no company man
But I can pull on a rope
I can kill a cow
As well as any other fucker can."
     Those were the words which woke me around three on Monday afternoon, the song "Cables" by Big Black bursting from the big stereo downstairs and up into my room.  I'd gone to bed around eight the previous night, not shifting until ten the next morning when I got up to piss.  Then I collapsed back in bed, figuring I'd be there for another forty-five minutes or so, then jump into the day.  What a laugh.  My body was deprived of the drugs it expected for me to be mobile.  I lay back down and stayed there until Jane woke me up by playing Big Black at a healthy volume.
     "Jane! Girare quella merda giĆ¹!"
     "Turn that shit down!  Or better yet, off!  Hear me, girl?"
     The music faded away to nearly nothing.  I belly-crawled out of bed and dragged myself to the edge of the stairs, listening to the music.  When the time came, I hollered the word "Cables!" down the stairs.  Four times, in keeping with the music.  I heard Bekka's voice say, "Dannazione, he's awake.  Silly girl."
     Footsteps came up the stairs, and then Jane was standing in front of me.  She peered at me with a curious look and said, "Lenny?  Are you sick?"
     "Depends on who you ask," I replied.
     "'Cos you went to bed around eight last night, and I come home from school, and you're still asleep, and I'm worried...."
     I chuckled.  "Don't worry about me, girl.  I'm just catching up on some long overdue sleep.  About five years worth, by my guess.  It's been a long time."
     Jane knelt down beside me.  I was still on my stomach at the top of the stairs.  "A long time since what?" she asked.
     "Since I slept for as long as I felt.  Not even hospital stays count, since they're always prodding you awake to draw blood or take your temperature or other random shit.  I've been woken up to be asked if I feel relaxed.  Well, I did, asshole, then I was woken up."  I went to sit up, but pain in my neck and shoulders pushed me back into the carpet.  I groaned and flopped like a fish.
     "You're stiff from being in bed so long," said Jane.  "Get back on the bed, face down, and I'll work on you some."
     I did as she asked, literally crawling across the floor and onto the bed.  Jane took away the pillows and told me to lie face-down with my arms by my side.  I did as instructed.  I heard her zipper and the swish of her leather pants sliding off, then she straddled me, using my ass as a cushion to sit on.  She began working on my shoulders and neck with her hands, muttering, "All you do is think about breathing.  You keep your breath steady, okay?"
     "Can do," I replied.
     She worked on me like that for ten minutes straight, then moved down onto the rest of my back.  After another fifteen minutes of this I was nearly comatose.  She worked a little while longer, then hopped off of me and asked, "How are you feeling?"
     "Wonderful," I told her.  "That was fantastic."
     "Roll on your back, and I'll try to continue that fantastic feeling."
     I did as she asked.  I felt her hand at the base of my cock, then her mouth envelop me, gently tugging and sucking.  I began to respond, then pushed at her head, trying to dislodge her.
     "Oh honey," I said, "you're barking up the wrong tree.  I'm still too tired to get into any action right now."
     Jane said, "No action.  I'm gonna try to render you unconscious again.  This is all on me."  She went back to work.
     After a few minutes Bekka came upstairs, curious as to where Jane had disappeared to.  She stood in the doorway watching.  I said, "Hey hon, my massage has progressed into something entirely different."
     Bekka walked over and gently grabbed Jane by the neck.  "Sucking my husband's dick, I see."
     "Mm Hmm...." replied Jane.
     "Nasty little girl, you haven't learned to share.  Get off of him," said Bekka, pulling Jane forcefully off of me.  "You sit there on the floor, it's my turn for a while.  Don't forget who gets first access to this dick, pet."
     Bekka got on the bed and straddled my legs, putting me into her mouth.  She began bobbing up and down aggressively, sucking noisily.  Jane knelt by the side of the bed with a look that portrayed both lust and deprivation on her face.  I realized she was rubbing herself while she watched.
     After another five or so minutes of this I tapped Bekka and said, "Ten second warning."  Bekka brought her head up and grabbed Jane by the neck, forcing her to my dick.  "Come here, cum dumpster," said Bekka.  "Take it, take it all.  Work on the head until he comes."
     Between Bekka using her hand and Jane's mouth, there wasn't a long wait.  I gasped and went off.  Jane, eyes watering, tried to get me further into her mouth but kept on getting knocked in the chin by Bekka's fist.  My cum was running down Jane's cheeks and chin.  When I stopped, Bekka grabbed Jane by the head and said, "Share," and began licking Jane's face.  Jane let more run out of her mouth.  Bekka sucked it up.  I lay there and observed this wonderfully lewd behavior.
     "Thank you," I said.  "I needed that.  Now I need food.  What have I missed so far today, anyway?"
     Bekka wiped her mouth and smiled.  "I'll make you a couple ham sandwiches.  You missed a couple calls, I handled them.  Angel was glad to hear you're taking it easy, and will talk to you tomorrow at the mansion.  And I spent a half hour or so talking to Lois Ayres, she got our number from Angel.  You know I'm older than her?  I got the impression she was happy talking to me instead of you.  I felt like I was being interviewed, or debriefed.  She's curious as to why a man who can kill like you do would also have three lovers.  My suspicion is that she thinks we're danger junkies.  I tried to explain what a warm person you are, that she's only seen you at your worst, with a gun in your hand.  She wants to talk to you tomorrow.  I got her number, you can call her from the office."
     "Think she'd work with Inana?" I asked.
     "Not any time soon.  She's under contract with Hustler Video right now, so she couldn't if she wanted to.  No, just stick with being friends with her.  She's still amazed at your age."
     "She's the one you rescued?" asked Jane.
     "She's the one," I replied.  "I've had a thing for her since I was seventeen, I finally get to meet her, and she watches me kill a man.  I did it to save her life, but she's still pretty freaked out by me.  Like most people, she'd never been witness to a violent death.  She coped with it well, but in her mind all I am is a killer.  I hope she can get past that.  It's hard to convince a woman you're a nice guy when the second time you meet, you shoot a man to death."
     "She can talk to me," Jane suggested.  "I live with you, I'd know if you were a creep.  Have her call me."
     "As a matter of fact, she does want to talk to you," said Bekka.  "You're enamored of Lenny, and she wants to learn his appeal.  She wants to talk to Sue, too.  Find out what the attraction is."
     "Hey, I'm a nice guy," I said.  "And I treat women well without being walked on.  I'm even good to horny little brats."  I leaned forward and tickled Jane, who giggled and jumped out of reach.
     "I just hope she doesn't plan on making you a notch in her bedpost.  I'd have a hard time coping with it if you two became lovers."
     "Don't worry, just friends.  Given the fantasies I used to have about her, there's no way real life could match up.  I'd be disappointed.  Besides, she's in LA, and a four hour round trip for nookie, well....  It would have to be spectacular."
     Bekka asked, "So do you want a couple sandwiches?  Tide you over until dinner?"
     "That would be great," I replied.  "I'll be down in a couple minutes, I'm gonna shave.  I itch."
     "Can I watch you shave?" asked Jane.
     "Yeah, no problem.  Why?"
     "I just like watching a man shave.  There's something sexy and macho about it."
     "Knock yourself out."
     After I shaved I pulled on boxers and Jane and I went downstairs.  Jane started prepping for dinner while I ate my sandwiches.  We were having stuffed baked potatoes and sauteed squash.  Comfort food.  I wondered if Bekka put Jane up to it, making food designed to soothe.  Jane knocked out her homework while the potatoes were in the oven, and we started on the bong early, before we even had eaten dinner.  Afterwards dishes took no time at all, so we settled back in the living room with the bong.  I was bleary-eyed by nine or so.  I gave the girls a kiss and dragged myself up to bed.
     Lying there, drifting off, I wondered if it was a defense mechanism of my brain that made me want to sleep so much.  Okay, I had no drugs in my system, but this was ridiculous.  I'd done the same thing after the first time I'd killed: shoot two men on Friday night, then spent Saturday and Sunday napping and stuffing my face.  I'd had no appetite for drugs then either, just a craving to be asleep.  I'd make a shitty soldier.  After every successful battle, I'd need to snooze for thirty-six hours before I was useful again.  At least Bekka and Jane were more accommodating, and more pleasant on the eyes, than other dog-faces.
     I drifted off and slept the sleep of the dead.

     Tuesday afternoon found me in my office knocking the phone back and forth like an air hockey puck on the glass surface of my desk.  Just call her, just call her, she asked you to call, it's not a big deal.  She's expecting you to call.  You're not a fucking teenager any more, she's going to be a friend, not a lover.  She's a colleague in a strange industry, you met at an industry event.  Call her.
     I picked up the handset and dialed the number.  Ring once, ring twice.... "Hello?"
     "Yes, Ms. Ayres?  This is Lenny."
     Her voice sounded relieved.  "Lenny!  I'm glad to hear from you!  How are you doing?  Did you have a good rest?"
     "Ms. Ayres, it was wonderful.  I did nothing but sleep and eat for about thirty-six hours.  I needed it."
     "And how are you feeling?"
     I grinned confidently down the line.  "I'm all caught up on my paperwork, the numbers add up, I get to go home early and go swimming at the beach.  I'm great."
     "But....  How are you feeling otherwise, Lenny?" Lois asked, with a prod in her voice.
     "Oh.  About that.  I don't think about it.  At least not during daylight hours.  Around 3:30 in the morning I can come awake, and ponder about who I hurt, however indirectly.  Wonder about the sort of people they really were, did they have kids, were they close to their parents, that sort of shit.  Fucking ugly thoughts that you don't like in your head in a dark room.  I squeeze my wife like she's a plush toy until she pushes me away, then I hide under the blankets.  If I'm having a really bad night I go down and have a couple belts, enough to get fuzzy-headed, then head back to bed.  Or I'll fire the bong until I can't remember my own name while watching a bad movie on channel six.  I wait until I'm laughing at the dialogue and then go back to bed.  It's a system I have down."
     "You run from yourself."
     I chuckled at this.  "No more than any other man runs.  And I have things to run away from.  Ms. Ayres, I--- "
     She interrupted me.  "Lenny, call me Lois.  Just Lois.  Or Sondra.  Either is fine."
     "I'll stick with Lois.  You know my biggest fear?  It's that I'm a coward.  That I find my answers to problems through the barrel of a gun, because I'm too big of a coward to find better solutions.  I've never killed anyone who wasn't trying to kill me, but I can't help but wonder if there was a better way out.  Where nobody needed to die.  If I didn't have my Beretta, would I walk so tall?  Would I fear more?"
     A pause on her end, then, "I was there when you killed two men.  I heard you give at least one of them a damn fair chance: throw down his weapon and walk away.  He used his chances, Lenny.  No, you're not a coward.  You face down armed men, with no one to back you up.  Never call yourself a coward.  You do what needs to be done."
     "Thank you, Lois."
     At which point a naked goth girl came into my office, planted herself upon me, and stuck her tongue in my ear.  I said into the phone, "Lois, you wouldn't believe the distraction I just got."
     "What's that?" she asked.
     "A naked goth girl just landed in my lap and started macking on me.  I usually like to expect these things to happen.  No, this was a total surprise.  Naked goth with a surfer's body, in my lap.  Outta nowhere."
     Lois asked, "Would this be Sue?  Your wife tried to explain her to me.  Is it her?"
     I felt teeth on my neck and said, "Yeah, definitely her.  No doubt."
     "May I speak with her?"
     "Feel free."
     I handed the receiver to Sue, saying, "Lois Ayres wants a word."
     Sue said into the phone, "Hello Ms. Ayres, this is Sue....  Yes I am, we met on Sunday briefly.  I'm the gothic bitch....  Yes we are....  No, his wife arranged it, believe it or not.  I'm happy it happened....  Seriously?  Well, he's a sweet guy, no denying that, and he's got a nice dick that he knows how to use.  He's generous and giving, and he's fun to be around.  He takes care of everyone around him....  What?  No, of course not!  Yeah, he carries that thing, but it doesn't bother me.  I got the impression that his bosses want him to wear it....  Oh you should.  And you should meet Jane sometime, too.  Did Bekka tell you about her?  She's this little teenage punk rock girl who's obsessed with sex, motorcycles, and Ecstasy....  Okay, good.  And ignore her if she starts bugging you about how to get into the industry.  By the time she's old enough, Bekka and Lenny will have put her in college....  She wants to go to Berkeley, she gets the grades for it....  Of course....  Yes....  Ooh, that's a good idea!  Suggest it....  Okay....  Good talking to you too.  Here's Lenny."
     Sue handed the phone back to me.  I greeted Lois again.  She said, "Sue seems impressed with you.  So when do I meet this girl Jane?  She sounds interesting."
     "How about dinner Saturday night?" I suggested.  "I know a great Italian place in Century City.  Me, Jane, Sue, and Bekka can drive up, I can have dinner surrounded by beautiful women.  We'll drink wine and talk and eat.  Does that work for you?"
     Lois said, "That sounds very nice, seven o'clock works for me.  Wait....  Are you talking about 5110 Century Park West?  That ritzy trattoria?  There's a two month wait for reservations.  How do you propose to get us seated in there this coming Saturday night?  Or will we sit across the street, eating pizza in the car and spotting celebrities?"
     "No, we show up and get seated, and on the patio.  I'm a close personal friend of the owner.  I get afforded every courtesy when I show up there.  We'll be seated within three minutes of me talking to the maitre'd.  Don't worry, I've eaten there plenty of times.  Hell, you've met the owner, he's my boss, Angel.  You talked to him on Sunday."
     "Tall lanky Italian dude?  Fiddles with his watch band when he's nervous?"
     "That's him," I said.  "That's his place, and he's made it clear to his staff that me and anyone who's with me are to be shown the best of service.  A patio table for five is not a problem.  Don't worry about it.  Bring your appetite, their food is fantastic, best around."
     "You sound confident this will happen," said Lois.  "Lenny, you will have either gained a lot of traction by 7:05 Saturday or I'll be learning another lesson in trusting people.  I'll wait and see, and keep my stomach adjusted for Denny's food just in case."
     "Don't worry about it," I told her.  "They'll be glad I'm showing up with four hot babes and not my friend Boss.  He tends to put the other customers off."
     "Who is Boss?" asked Lois
     I laughed.  "Boss is six foot seven, about 270 pounds, and a biker straight out of central casting.  Rides a Harley, full beard, oily jeans, the whole nine yards.  He loves the trattoria.  Hell, before he ate there, the only Italian food he'd ever eaten was courtesy of Chef Boyardee.  Me and Angel have expanded his horizons, he's a big fan of the eggplant.  And the tortellini.  And the lasagna.  Sometimes all at the same sitting.  He's a big guy.  Hopefully you'll meet him at some point, he's a great guy."
     Lois said, "Intriguing.  I like characters, and he sounds like one.  Maybe that's why I'm interested in pursuing a friendship with you."
     "I thought it was because of my riveting sexual draw," I said.
     Peals of laughter came out of the phone.  "Oh Lenny, you only fulfill half of my requirements.  You've got the brains, I'll give you that.  But I like burly dudes, guys who can bench-press me one-handed.  You're not in bad shape, but I want a serious muscle man, you know?"
     I considered this.  "So you want a gym bunny with a brain.  I'm gonna guess heterosexuality is also a requirement?"
     Lois sighed.  "Yes it is.  No steroid monsters, either.  Now that you know my requirements, you understand why I didn't have to check my calendar to see if Saturday was free.  I'm picky.  Maybe too much so."
     I paused, then said what came to mind.  "Princess, you're out kissing a lot of frogs, hoping for Prince Charming.  Maybe you should enjoy a frog or two in the meantime."
     Silence down the line.  Then, "One of the things I'm going to have to remember about you is that you're brutally honest.  Also that you hit the nail on the head too much of the time.  The combination of those two in one man makes me wonder how you have any women in your life at all.  I am more intrigued than ever to meet the women in your life.  Even if it's over burgers at a Denny's, it's a meal I will not forget, I'm certain of that."
     "Bekka only bites when she's paid to, you're safe."
     Sue had left my lap, sitting on the sofa and smoking one of my Marlboros.  She mouthed the words "Where is the cocaine?" at me.  I plopped the bag on the desk and gestured for her to set up lines for both us.  I tossed my bank card at her so she'd have something to work with.
     Lois said, "So, seven o'clock at 5110 Century Park West.  I'll be there.  I'll turn my car over to the valets and everything.  You can pay them off if we get thrown out, okay?  I'm counting on good Italian food Saturday."
     "You have no worries," I assured her.  "And you're getting the wive's menu."
     "What do you mean?"
     "You're getting a menu with no prices on it.  That way you order what you want, without worrying about the cost.  Better yet, you decide what you want by looking at the nightly specials.  Those are priced by attitude, I think.  But you will have a good time, I promise you.  Okay?  If nothing else, there will be five of us, so that accounts for three bottles of wine."
     "What about that teenage girl you'll have with you?" Lois asked.
     "Oh, they serve her," I assured.  "Have since the first day they laid eyes on her, I'm not about to start worrying about it now.  You want to make friends with my little Gator Bait?  Bring a pint of Wild Turkey with you and sit in the car with her for a while.  You'll talk, and she'll absorb more than her fair share.  She gets all Southern when she drinks, it's really funny."
     Lois said, "I'll have to experience it.  So seven o'clock on Saturday in Century City?  You'll be there?"
     "I will, no problem.  You have a good rest of your day, Lois."
     "Goodbye, Lenny."
     "Bye now."
     As I hung up, Sue plopped herself down in my lap and gestured for a tube.  I grabbed a particular pen out of the jar and dismantled it, and handed it to her.  She asked, "So that was the Lois Ayres?  The porn star?"
     "That was her," I assured.  "I hope you don't mind, I've booked you for dinner on Saturday up in LA.  Don't worry, we'll be back in San Diego by midnight, and that's when your parties start.  I'd show up to one if I didn't find non-surfing goths to be so irritating.  That's okay, right?"
     Sue snorted up her line.  "Yeah, my Saturday is clear, no plans.  I heard something about Italian food?"
     I did up my own line.  "Up in LA.  You, me, and the girls will drive up for dinner at a place owned by Angel in Century City.  Their food is exquisite, and the service is five star.  Sometime I'll have to take you up for lunch, just you and me.  If you're a good girl.  Are you a good girl?"
     "Fuck no.  I'm a very bad girl.  I like to look in the eyes of men while they die.  I take drugs, I take waves, I take corners too fast, and I take it in the ass.  I'm an animal that kills for pleasure.  How bad do you want me?"
     "As bad as you'll take it," I said.
     I laid her on the desk and began to make love to her.
     Back in the saddle.
     On top.


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