Monday, February 13, 2017

Preacher (Part 6)

     At about 6:30 the next evening I'm leaning against the trunk of the Falcon having my dick sucked by Jane.  We're on a dirt track that runs through hundreds of acres of iceberg lettuce, far from pavement.  I can make out shapes in the distance --- buildings of some sort --- but it's hard to tell.  Between the three hits of Ecstasy, the Johnnie Walker, the meth, and the handful of mushrooms, trying to define the shapes is a little difficult.  Whatever, I have a seventeen year old cum-slut sucking my dick, that's the important thing at the moment.  She's wearing a pair of Bekka's devil horns, a red pair, and watching the trail of color as she bobs back and forth is fascinating.

     Jane is in the same frame of mind, but she has a job to do, dammit, and she's working like a punch press to get it done, mostly.  I'm so high it's taking a while to get me off.  She'll stop to take a swig off the Pepsi at her side every now and then.  She stops again and looks up at me with an insane grin.  "Your cock keeps changing flavor!" she tells me.
     "What's the current flavor?" I ask.
     "Um....  Well, it tastes like your dick....  It always does....  But it keeps changing flavor, I can't explain it...."
     "Keep working, little toy, I'm getting closer."
     I became aware of headlights coming from one side, from my right.  They turned down towards us. Fucking tourists, I thought.  Wanna show, I guess.  Fine, little fuck toy likes to be watched.  I don't mind myself.   The headlights are now pointing at the front of the Falcon and getting closer.  Jane stops sucking, stands up and looks at the headlights, then gets back to work.  "They're not cops," she notes before getting my dick back in her mouth.
     I hear car doors slam, then some cracker voice twang, "The hell are you doing out here?"
     Honesty is the best policy, so I reply, "Getting a blowjob.  Why?"
     Two figures approach, on both sides of the Falcon.  One is a scrawny white guy in a stained t-shirt, a tiny dribble of tobacco juice running down his face.  The other is a chunky campesino, who has a very nervous look.  The cracker has a spotlight and shines it at us....  Then jumps back.  Jane has interrupted her sucking to see who it is shining a light on her....  A girl with spiky blue hair, red devil horns, and the most psychotic makeup you can imagine, she looks like an imp.
     Jane turns to look at the campesino, who has his own cheap flashlight.  Her eyes are huge, and she's showing a lot of teeth when she smiles.  He gets a look of horror and announces, "Ella es malvada!"
     I tell him, "Joven, malvado y muy travieso.  Ella se destruirá, tanto su mente como su alma."
     Jane got my dick back in her mouth and continued working.  The cracker exclaimed, "You're a couple of them Satanist people, aren't ya?  I heard about you on Geraldo!"
     Jane stopped sucking long enough to say, "No we're not," then got back at it.
     "Oh fucking shit," I grunted.  "Almost there....  Face, fuck toy, face...."
     She got her mouth off of me and jacked, aiming, her mouth open and tongue out.  I came, splattering her face.  She laughed and giggled while I did so.  I relaxed against the trunk, Jane standing up.  She smiled and said, "Do I look pretty now, master?"
     "You're beautiful, fuck toy."  To the cracker I said, "Doesn't she look beautiful like that?  Isn't she a pretty little girl?"
     The cracker and the campesino were both slack-jawed, as Jane turned towards each of them for a better view, still giggling.  They'd seen this in the dirty magazines and videos, both of them had certainly asked women to do the same thing, and had been told "Like hell you are."  Now they're in the presence of an almost naked girl, obviously still in her teens, who seemed to love it.  She began using a finger to scoop cum off her chin and suck it down.
     I gestured at their truck and said, "Move that wreck so I can get turned around.  Is this different from your normal evening?"
     The two stalked back to the truck, the cracker saying, "I ever see you again, I'm calling the sheriffs on you."
     "Ooh, a bigger audience," giggled Jane.  We got back in the Falcon and fired up.  I suggested dinner was probably a good idea.  Jane started to reach for a towel in the back seat, but I cut her off.  "Leave it.  Let people wonder."  I put Voivod into the stereo and cranked it, I swore I could hear it echoing off the Superstition Mountains to the west.  The truck began backing up, so I got in gear and went forward, keeping our noses a foot from each other.  The truck began moving faster, and I kept pace.  We reached a cross-track, where I spun the wheel and laid into the throttle, spinning the Falcon into a dirt-chucking 180 and heading back where we'd come from.  We hit pavement and I opened it up, first going east, then south at the next crossroad.  Jane was still giggling and seeing how far she could get her tongue out to lick up my cum.
      Tomaso's Cantina in El Centro was on Ross Ave. and offered valet parking, which demonstrated the place might have more to offer than a taqueria or a drive-thru.  Thirty-five minutes of desert driving had dried the cum on Jane's face to a strange translucent film, the splatters still very visible.  Besides having to freshen her lipstick, Jane's makeup was still in place.  On the drive there, first we'd smoked half a joint, then decided it was slowing us down too much, so we hit the meth pipe, Jane holding the wheel like a pro while I took my hits.  The music switched from Voivod to Fear Factory as we entered El Centro, at an ear-splitting volume.
     We were third back in line to check the car, which worried me at first.  Then I realized the "valet" service was one guy, and he didn't seem to be in a hurry to do anything.  Parking one car took him five minutes.  He was giving us dirty looks, which confused me: we hadn't done anything wrong yet.  Then I figured out the song "New Breed" by Fear Factory was being played at about 125 decibels from the Falcon's stereo, and Jane and I had been communicating through mime for the last forty minutes, since there was no way we could hear each other.  I turned the stereo down, to Jane's annoyance.  She looked at me with a deranged smile and said, "Put your sunglasses on."
     "You look fucking psychotic.  There's no color left in your eyes, all I can see is pupil."
     I cackled with laughter.  "You'd better take you own advice, kitten.  You look so twisted it's not funny."
     "We're gonna fuck with people just by being here, aren't we?" Jane giggled.
     "Oh, kitten....  Probably so.  But that can't be helped.  We need some food, and this place looks like it won't suck.  Remember, we have to find a motel after we're done here, and I know we're going to have trouble pulling that off.  How high are you?"
     More giggles from Jane.  "I'm seeing square out of one eye, and round out of the other.  I am so incredibly entertained just sitting here right now....  Fuck Lenny, I am gone.  This is so fucking awesome.  Lemme suck your dick some more while we wait, that'll give me focus."
     I frowned.  "Uh....  Is it me, or is everything kind of hazy?"
     "Yeah....  Oh!  Shit!  We've had the windows up all this time!"
     We had pretty much hot-boxed the Falcon with cigarette smoke, marijuana, and meth.  I pulled up to the valet, a skinny older guy who looked like the Dark Specter of Parking, and we both rolled down the windows.  Smoke and vapor roiled out.  The valet frowned and wrinkled his nose, I wondered which odors he recognized.  I looked down and grabbed the glass pipe, which was resting the ashtray, just as the valet was opening the door for Jane.  She got out, and was given a look like she was wearing a Nazi SS uniform.
     We sort of wandered through the front doors, sunglasses in place.  Jane sneered and said, "What's this disco shit we're listening to in here?"
     I replied, "Fuck you, little girl.  This is 'Blue Monday' by New Order.  I've played this for you before."
     "Oh....  Yeah.  It just sounds different at the moment.  Weird."
     The hostess kept her professional smile on when I approached her and requested a table for two.  She said it would be a few minutes.  No problem.  I looked over to Jane.  She was staring back at eight kids her age, boys and girls, who were in formal wear and sitting on a bench.  The girls had corsages.  She had her head tilted far to one side, nearly resting her ear on her shoulder.  I stood next to her and helped stare, then moved my own head into the same position.  "They look the same from any angle," I commented.
     Jane finally addressed one of the boys, saying, "Wedding?"
     The young man looked a bit shocked that this....  female....  was speaking to him.  He worked his jaw a couple times and said, "Huh?"
     Tilting her head to the opposite side, Jane said, "You're all dressed really weird.  Were you at a wedding?"
     "Um, no, it's Homecoming at our high school, we're having dinner, then going to the dance."
     A girl's voice said, "We're the ones dressed weird?"
     "Yes you are," Jane said sweetly.  "This is the desert.  Not being Bedouins, I'd think having as little as possible on makes more sense."
     Keep in mind Jane is wearing a pair of black ballet slippers, a black ribbed wife-beater which has been chopped off so high everyone gets a good under-boob shot, and one of Bekka's red "skirts" from "Good Girl/Bad Girl," sort of a Betty Rubble skirt.  It's essentially a strategically-arranged rag.  No bra, no panties.  ("For better molestation purposes," she explained.)  Her blue hair is spiked to its fullest, she's wearing deep purple lipstick, black blusher, and she'd spent a while tweaking out on her eyes with eyeliner pencil, putting flowing designs leading out.  She also has Becky Page eye shadow, but you can't see it behind her wraparound sunglasses.  The designs are partially visible.  And she has a gold hoop in her left nostril, two weeks old.  This being 1991, facial piercings are a bit of an oddity.  My own ten-gauge septum ring does seem to attract attention.  It's certainly attracted attention here.
     With an amazed, open-mouthed smile, Jane leans forward and says, "Wow, are you all descended from the Bedouin?  That is so cool!"
     "What the hell is a Bedouin?" another male voice asked.
     Jane stood straight up and orated like a college lecturer, "The Bedouin are the nomadic tribes which inhabit North Africa, the Arab peninsula, Egypt, and the Middle Eastern deserts.  They are viewed as the original Arabs, they thrived where others could not.  The Bedouins, as a tribe, are diminishing, but they're still out there.  They're some tough motherfuckers.  Didn't you learn that in school?"
     Silence greeted her.  A girl's voice asked, "Where the hell are you from?"
     "Currently, the town of Encinitas.  Originally, the Florida swamps.  That's why I prefer as little clothing as possible.  Here at least, you don't have the humidity.  When it's 90 degrees and matching humidity, clothing is a burden.  Shit, I consider clothing a burden anyway, we only hide when we have clothes on, we're showing we have shame of who we are.  Nudity should be the norm, not an aberration.  Stop wearing clothes, you'll feel better about yourself.  Well, wear shoes, they do help."  Jane giggled.  "And it makes it easier for your master to molest you whenever he wants."  She wrapped a leg around mine and began grinding.
     "Naughty little toy," I muttered, getting a hand under her skirt to grope an ass cheek.
     Another girl's voice, this one dripping with a sneer, said, "Oh my God, you're, like, a total sex freak."
     Jane jumped away from me to the girl who had spoken, shining a beaming smile at her.  "Yes I am!  And so are you!  All of you are, you just haven't figured out how yet."
     I said, "Jane loves role-playing, and is a bit of a domme....  Except with me.  With me, she's a submissive, it's kinda strange.  I don't need to tie her up, she'll do exactly what I want, all I have to do is tell her."
     Pointing in the girl's face, Jane said, "See, you're going to find your kink, or bend, or twist..  All of you will.  This guy here wants to suck his date's toes.  This girl wants complex rope bondage and spanking.  This girl wants to engage in serious genital torture with every guy, she wants to use bootlaces to strangle their cocks and keep them on the edge of coming for a half hour.  You?  You want handcuffs, you're a total sub role-player.  This guy here is going to discover he likes guys as well as girls, so he'll only be happy with bisexual three-ways.  This guy...."
      The accuser, a bottle blonde with an admittedly impressive rack, said, "You are, like, so totally gross.  Is that all you think about, sex?  Weird sex?  How old are you?"
     I started laughing.  Jane said, "I'm seventeen, I'm a senior at my high school.  Of course I think about other things, sweetie!  There's my motorcycle, and drugs, and music, and school too.  But sex dominates us as a species, you can't deny that.  Like right now, in the back of your mind you're wondering how long my nipples get when I'm hot and bothered.  You're thinking about how much cum your date shoots at once, and how big his dick would get if he wore a cock ring, and---"
     "Lenny, party of two," came the call from behind us.
     "That's us, pet, let's go eat," I said to Jane.  "You kids have a good night."  The eight students looked at us.  The four girls had the socially-required expressions of revulsion on their faces.  A glance showed the boys all had raging hard-ons inside their dress slacks.  As we walked away, I heard a girl say to her date, "Oh my God, you don't think she's hot, do you?"
     "Then what's that?  You fucking purve!"

     Tomaso's had damn good carne asada steaks.  Both of us forsook beer in favor of milk, our stomachs didn't need more abuse after the 'shrooms we'd eaten.  Both of us were winding down from the psilocybin, but were still high as shit from the meth and Ecstasy and weed.  We each had three glasses of milk with our dinners.  Jane said, Enough mushrooms for the day, but she wouldn't mind another hit of Smiley, and more puffs off the glass pipe, and maybe more weed, and another few shots of Johnnie Walker.  I told her to wait until we got to a motel before we started the drug abuse again.
     The Villa Motel was on Imperial Ave., and they knew me well.  That had been our headquarters when we were filming "Succubus," the pornographic post-apocalypse adventure Inana had released the previous spring.  I knew their rooms would be clean, have good beds, unlimited hot water, a nice pool if we wanted to stay over, and pay-per-view video if we were in the mood for porn.  Jane was always in the mood for porn, although we'd spoiled her: she expected all porn to look as good as Inana's stuff, and was often disappointed.
     It was Jane's announced intention to stay awake for at least three days.  She'd only pulled one-nighters up until now, and wanted to experience the sort of mental trauma inflicted by extended sleep deprivation.  We were in our room.  I told her if she was gonna ride the snake, she was with a good snake-wrangler, so let's keep smoking.  Around one a.m. we opened the door to let some of the fog out, cigarette and meth and weed billowing through.  We stood in the doorway, chuckling at the cloud escaping the room.  The TV was showing PPV porn, muted, and the tape deck had Skinny Puppy playing at a relatively low volume.  Then we were interrupted by the sound of footsteps and intoxicated voices.
     One of the voices, a female, was saying, "We'll just get some of the coffee in the room into them, they'll be okay in an hour or so, they can get home."
     At the top of the stairs appeared four high school students, who I recognized.  They'd been at the restaurant earlier.  All four were fairly tanked, two more than the others.  These two were being supported by the other two.  They approached us, seemingly unaware of our presence.  They got closer, so I put in my two cents.  "Give 'em coffee, they'll still be drunk, they'll just be drunk and awake."
     The more sober boy and girl looked at me in surprise.  The other two also looked at me, but weren't really registering who Jane and I were.  I continued, "You want them sobered up, you need to get some food in them.  Rice is best, but french fries also do the trick."
     Jane held up the glass pipe and said, "We could also jump-start them."
     "That could work, but I'll leave that up to their discretion."
     The more sober girl was a dark-haired thing, obviously half-Mexican.  She said, "You two were at Tomaso's earlier.  You're the sex freaks.  Oh my God, what are you doing here?"
     "Hanging out, getting high, kicking back," said Jane.  "We were high as shit when you saw us earlier, we were both cartooned on mushrooms.  Now it's just weed and dope and Ecstasy.  Wanna get high?  We got plenty.  In fact, it looks like a few good puffs of dope would do those two right, that would snap them back into reality.  Where's your room?"
     The more sober guy said, "Uh....  Right next to yours, it looks like.  What are you two up to?"
     "You're looking at it.  Here, guide these two in here, we'll get them alert, then we'll get some food in them, they'll be right as rain in forty-five minutes."
      All four came in the room.  They were immediately transfixed by the TV, which was showing a two-girl blowjob on some big-dicked bastard.  Total show-job, too, no real stimulation.  The sort of shit that looks great on video but wouldn't keep a guy interested in real life.  Jane looked at it and announced, "Fuckin' bullshit.  Stupid bitches, get the damn thing in your mouth."
     Jane grabbed the bag of meth and loaded the pipe while I changed tapes from Skinny Puppy to the Bad Town Boys.  Straight rock and roll made more sense at the moment.  Jane melted it in and got good smoke going, took a hit, then pressed the pipe against the lips of the drunk girl....  Who I realized was the blonde accuser from earlier.  Jane said, "Start sucking, gently, and keep sucking until I say to stop.  Then exhale."  She kept flame on the bowl, rolling it back and forth, then cut the flame.  I could see the smoke in the bowl being drawn in.  The blonde obeyed, sucking in meth smoke until Jane said to stop.  Then the blonde blew a plume of smoke out.
     The effect was palpable.  Blondie's eyes got bigger as the rush hit her, and she stopped leaning against the girl on her other side.  "Whoa.  What the hell..."  Jane turned to her date and heated the bowl, taking a quick puff, then did the same thing.  He also snapped awake.  The other two watched this warily.  The dark girl said, "What is that?"
     "Good old fashioned methamphetamine," I said.  "Pharmaceutical quality, too, it's not crank."  Blondie asked if she could have another hit.  I told her, "A maximum of three, you're a lightweight, that's all you need.  Then we get some food in you."
     "Can I try it?" asked the more sober guy, who I'd named Biff.  He had football player shoulders and a crew cut.
     "Why not," said Jane.  "You saw how I was firing the bowl.  You don't need to keep it flamed, it continues to smoke once it gets to a certain temperature.  And don't tilt the pipe up, unless you want a mouthful of boiling hot chemicals."
     "Lemme give another demo," I said, taking the pipe.  Biff and the dark girl (I named her Lupe)  watched closely while I took a hit.  Lupe asked, "Is it like smoking coke?  I did that once."
     I said, "No.  Smoking rock is a serious head-kick, right?  Then it's over with in twenty minutes and you have a hellish jones for more.  No, this will pick you up, but it's not a thrill ride like freebasing.  It lasts longer, and doesn't drop you in the miserable way coke does."
     Biff took his hit.  He followed by example and did well.  Exhaling, he said, "Hey.  Damn.  That's really nice, I'm feeling way better.  So how long does it last for?"
     "Depends on how much you smoke," said Jane.  "If you and your friends just take a few hits now, you'll all be ready for bed in about twenty-four hours.  Heh, and you'll be amazed at just how much you accomplish in that time!  You're room is probably gonna end up cleaner than it has been in years.  That's why we're holding you guys to just three hits, otherwise you'll be out vacuuming that lawn when you get home."  Jane glanced at the TV, as it was holding the interest of the other high school kids.  The two girls watched with interest, and the guys watched with joy.  It was another show-job scene;  All of them had their three hits, and handed the pipe back.
     "Jesus!" said Jane.  "None of these girls could suck a dick to save their lives!"
     All four looked vaguely confused.  "Uh....  What's she doing wrong?" asked Blondie.
     "It's called a show-job," I said.  "Yeah, it looks incredibly sexy, that's the idea.  But she'll never get the guy off like that."
      Raising her eyebrows, Jane said, "Come on, fellow chicks, I can't be the only cocksucker in the room."  The guys glanced at their dates, the girls stared at their shoes.  Jane sighed.  "Look, sucking cock is easy and fun.  You're giving an incredible amount of pleasure to a guy, and I personally really get off on that.  There's also a bit of a control kick, too, he's totally under your power.  It's simple.  Get the damn thing in your mouth, suck on it like you're trying to suck a golf ball through a garden hose, and bob your head back and forth.  Basically, fuck the guy's cock with your mouth, and don't stop sucking."  Jane paused, then looked at me with a smile.  "Hey Lenny, can I give a demonstration for a minute?"
     I frowned.  "So you want me to pull my dick out in front of four people who are almost certainly not of legal age yet."
     "You've already given them hard drugs.  What's one more felony?"  Jane stepped close and started rubbing my crotch.
     After a bit of thought, I said, "Okay.  But fair is fair.  I want to show these two dudes how to go down on a girl.  Do you mind being the crash test dummy?"
     "Have I ever minded?" Jane tittered, stroking and squeezing me into a hard-on.
     Sighing, I pulled my dick out, telling Jane it would just be a short demonstration, don't worry about making me come.  Jane motioned me into a position standing where the four could easily see us.  Then she dropped to her knees and grabbed my dick at the base.  "Easiest thing in the world," she said.  "Watch."
     Jane got my dick in her mouth and went to work.  I gently stroked her head as she blew me.  Looking over at the four sitting on the bed observing us, I saw we had their rapt attention.  I figured Blondie would be disgusted, but she was as interested as her friends.  Speaking to the guys, I said, "By the way?  It's incredibly rude to grab the girl's head.  Don't believe everything you see in porn.  In fact, believe damn little of it."
     Jane stopped for a moment and said, "If a girl likes it rough, she'll tell you.  I like it when Lenny face-fucks me, but only when Lenny does it.  Every other guy I've been with, if he grabbed my head, I'd bite down as a bit of warning."
     After another ninety seconds, Jane pulled away again and said, "Okay, all the licking and stroking you saw in the video?  If your jaw or neck get tired, do that for a little while.  Boys are very visually oriented, so they love watching a girl do that, even though the physical sensations are pretty low-key.  Once you've had a rest, get back to work."
     Lupe asked me, "Does it really feel that good?"
     "It feels fucking incredible," I said.  "If you give good head, every guy you date who you do that for will be at your beck and call.  Especially at your ages, you can totally own a guy, you know?"
     "That sounds cynical, but it's true," giggled Jane.
     Blondie said, "What about when the guy, you know, finishes?  Isn't that totally gross?"
     Jane stopped again and said, "Not really.  Not personally.  Cum is pretty bland, it's a little salty, and that's it.  If you really don't want to come in your mouth, tell him to give you a three second warning, then just jack him....  Like this...."
     The other guy (named Dexter) said, "Uh....  Do girls like it when guys come on their faces?  You see that all the time in porn."
     Jane and I both laughed.  I answered, "That is a little conceit from porn.  Guys love to do that.  In your life, maybe eight percent of the women you're with actually get off on taking a facial.  You'll run into another ten or fifteen percent who are willing to do it because they know guys get off on it so much.  And the rest of the women you're with are going to have a response of 'Don't you fucking dare!' when the subject comes up."
     "I'm in the eight percent," said Jane.  "It makes me feel very sexy.  I mean, it's cum, not battery acid.  It's a couple tablespoons worth of warm sticky fluid.  Girls?  If you're blowing a guy, and you tell him you want him to come on your face, and you look like you love it when he does, you could ask him for the pink slip to his car and he'd give it to you."
     "It makes it sound like we're advising these two on how to manipulate dudes through oral sex," I said.  "All we're saying is that a combination of skill and raunchiness will impress the hell out of a guy.  That's enough for now, pet."  I stepped back and wrestled my dick back into my pants."
     "Aww...." Jane said, and pouted cartoonishly.  "Well, okay, my turn anyway."  She stood up and slid out of her Betty Rubble skirt, kicking off her slippers.  "How should we do this?"
     All four were staring at Jane's crotch, which had been freshly waxed that morning.  The two girls looked a bit uncomfortable.  Lupe said, "Uh, do you, um, shave yourself?"
     "I have it waxed," Jane explained.  "It stays smoother for longer.  And being hairless feels incredibly sensual."
     "Damn, this is too crazy," said Biff.  "I wasn't expecting shit like this to happen tonight."
     "Carpe diem, dude," I said.  "Okay, uh....  Pet, I guess just lie in the middle of the bed, they can be on either side.  Girls, is this going to make you uncomfortable?  If so, feel free to change channels on the TV and crank the volume.  You don't have to watch if you don't want."
     "It's the same equipment you both have, nothing to be scared of," said Jane.  "Look at it this way: there will be two fewer boys in the world who are totally lost when it comes to the proper operation of a pussy.  Boys, take front row seats on either side."
     Jane brought her legs up and wide, fully exposing herself.  The guys sat on either side of the bed, staring at what may be their first live pussy. I got down between Jane's thighs.  A quick glance showed the girls standing at either side, curiosity on their faces.  I parted Jane's upper labia with a couple fingers.
     "Okay, there is the clitoral hood.  And right underneath....  is the happiest spot on a girl.  The clit has no other function than to provide pleasure, that is its only purpose."
     "That, and the ability to have multiple orgasms, help to make up for the downsides of being a woman," smiled Jane.  "Menstruation?  Childbirth?  Menopause?  Shit.  If men were the ones who gave birth, homosexuality wouldn't be an aberration, it would be an art form."  She paused and said, "Rule one.  Okay, now you know where to find it.  Don't attack it!  Lenny, move your hands for a second."
     I did.  Jane said, "When girls play with themselves, we don't actually rub our clits.  We actually rub above it, pressing on the cervical bone, like this....  Here, give me your hand."  She took Dexter's hand and placed in on her mons, then guided him with her own hand.  "There, like that....  Oh yes...."
     Dexter asked, "You really want me pushing down this hard?"
     "Oh yes.  You're not hurting me, think about how tight you hold your cock when you jack off.  Okay, your turn...."  Biff reached over and tried to stick a couple fingers up inside Jane, and was blocked off.  "No.  If a girl wants to be fingered, she'll tell you.  I'm giving you the basic technique for getting a girl off with your hand, and it's pretty much universal.  Just rub like this....  There you go...  Okay, good enough, now you both know what you're feeling for.  And don't be shy, ask a girl for a bit of guidance."
     I glanced over at Lupe and Blondie.  They were both squirming slightly, I realized they were both rubbing their thighs together and trying to be subtle about it.  No big surprise, both dudes had raging hard-ons.  I said to Jane, "Shall I?"
     "What the hell, why not."
     I parted her labia, exposing her clit.  I said, "Simplest thing in the world.  Lick it, and suck at it.  Keep your tongue moving, and in different directions."
     Jane giggled, "An old trick is to spell the alphabet with your tongue, and keep track of which letters seems to get the best response."
     "Jane here is a big fan of the capital T."  I got to work.  Jane drew in air and thrust her hips toward my face.  I tilted my head to one side, then the other, so the guys could see how I was working.  After a couple minutes, Jane was humping and squirming, so I grabbed her hip bones to hold her in position.  And a minute later, she threw her arm over her face and moaned out her orgasm.
     Then there was another moan.  We all glanced over to see Blondie looking rather flushed and unsteady, her eyes half-closed.  Her hands were at her side, she'd just ripped one from watching.  Jane looked at her and said, "Right on, girl!"
     Blondie looked a bit uncomfortable and quietly said, "I can't believe that just happened."
     I gave a reassuring smile.  "Hey, no biggie. Go you.  Look at it this way, Jane just came in front of a room full of strangers.  At least you know these other three, they're friends, right?"
     Jane got up on her knees in the middle of the bed (I'd stood up) and said, "Damn, I'm envious.  I've never had that happen hands-free.  Have you done that before?"
     Pink but smiling, Blondie quietly said, "Yes.  A few times.  I'd, like, be thinking about a guy who was really hot, and uh....  It'd just happen."
     "That's too cool, being able to think yourself to orgasm," grinned Jane, hopping off the bed.  She began pulling her skirt back on.  "Right now, I vote for walking to Denny's for fries and milkshakes, my treat.  Sound good?"
     Dexter was staring open-mouthed at Jane.  He finally said, "You are, like, too incredible.  You just fooled around with a guy while people watched, and you want to go to Denny's?"
     "I'd prefer an IHOP, but Denny's is just a block away,"  Jane put her hand on Dexter's shoulder and said, "This was meant to be educational, not erotic.  Yes, I came --- Lenny always makes me rip one --- but our only intent was to have a couple aspects of sex no longer be a mystery.  Now all four of you have a grasp on how to make a partner happy, you've got the instructions.   We're just trying to be friendly, in our own weird way."
     I said, "Sex is a constant enough thing in our lives we have the ability to be pretty detached, if we need to.  And sex is a constant for our species.  Knowing how to make another person feel good will make your own life more fulfilling.  Okay, you all had sex ed in school, so you know how reproduction works, and about STDs, and shit like that.  Just think of this as a bit of extra tutoring, okay?"
     Jane forsook her slippers for her ten-hole Doc Martens, sitting down on the bed to lace them.  As she laced, she said, "So, the two of you who were pretty buzzed earlier.  How are you feeling now?"
     Dexter and Blondie said they were doing fine, right as rain, they'd join us at Denny's and head home afterward.  Blondie said, "Look, um, I'm sorry I was being a bitch when I saw you at the restaurant earlier.  You gotta admit, though, you were being kind of a weirdo...."
     "Sorry about that.  We'd eaten a bunch of magic mushrooms earlier, so we were really out of our heads right then.  And remember, I agreed with you, I am a sex freak.  Sex is a very dominant part of my life.  I'm aggressive with every boy I get together with, except this one.  I'm his sex slave, I'm a total submissive for Lenny.  It's just how I feel about him in particular.  He's my master."  She finished lacing.  "So, what's your kink?"
     "Tell me over fries.  I'll get your name, too."

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