Sunday, February 26, 2017

Senior (Part 12)

     People began arriving right at seven, ready to party.  There didn't seem to be a trend of "fashionably late" arrivals: the feeling seemed to be that being late might mean you may miss something interesting.  By eight the house and patio were crowded with people talking, laughing, drinking keg beer, and generally socializing.  Bekka and I had taken it upon ourselves to hand out hits of Ecstasy to every new arrival we saw, and only had a few people refuse.

     Jane's fellow campus losers from the smoking area were particularly intrigued by this offer.  They all seemed to know what Smiley Ecstasy was, but regarded the chance to try it as realistic as getting behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.  Nobody knew anyone who could even afford it, much less where to find it.  And now it's being handed to them for free?  Jane assured plenty of her former Carlsbad colleagues that yes, it was the real thing, and oh yes, it is fucking awesome, so knock it down.
     Emboldened by the Ecstasy and beer, the Carlsbad High kids seemed to gravitate towards two different groups, based on gender.  The male punks and headbangers were, of course, interested in striking up conversations with the Inana girls.  In general, they were fairly smooth in starting up a bit of chat: hey, you're (Inana girl), I loved you in (feature), glad to meet you, so uh, how did you start doing, uh, what you do?  Many already knew Feather, she'd been a year ahead of them at school.  Sue, Jolene ("Missy Liscio"), Gayla, and of course Bekka always seemed to have several guys around them.  The vatos who showed up were drawn to Rita: a homegirl from Logan Heights who was now a porn star?  Dios mio!  Sue also seemed to attract the attention of the computer club geeks, she was like a Marvel superhero come to life, I guess.
      The girls from Carlsbad were interested in the Hell's Angels and, to a lesser extent, the studs.  Roach, being Roach, never had fewer than five girls around him.  He was young, he was a Hell's Angel, the girls knew what he had in his pants, and his natural charm couldn't be discounted.  It didn't matter he had his arm around Dawn, the girls just wanted to..... get to know him.  Chip and Dale flummoxed many girls, as they were known for their performances in Inana's movies, but were standing there holding hands: they'd pretty much come out of the closet by osmosis.  Everyone at Inana knew they were a couple, and they stopped being coy about it a while back.  Chip and Dale's monogamy was a bit of a surprise to the Carlsbad kids, it defied a pretty routine stereotype about queers.  Chip and Dale were fiercely loyal to each other, they didn't cruise, they didn't hit the bars, and they didn't party it up.
     Several more H.A. had shown up: Mutt (the chapter prez), Spike (Sargent-at-Arms and Inana security), Hinge, Scarecrow, and Soda Pop from Berdoo.  This last one was hours late, we'd expected him at the ceremony.  He explained things really weren't going right for him that day.  First, he'd snapped his chain on an I-15 on ramp.  "I'm just lucky it happened on a ramp, I was able to track down the broken pieces of link and get them back together with a couple pairs of pliers."  Then, once he was in the general area, he realized he'd forgotten his directions to the school and the studio.  He'd been to our house before, but by the time he rolled in, we'd already left to get things ready for the party.  His only hope was to ride all the way down to the Hi-Lo in National City, and hope someone there knew where the party was.  He'd caught the crew heading up just as they were about to leave.  After telling them about the mishap with the chain, Mutt insisted they head over to King's auto dismantling place and find a newer one.  "Fuck it, you're already late, you may as well make sure you'll get all the way there," Mutt told him.
     Smiley, Jane's boyfriend from Carlsbad High, was aware of Soda Pop's existence, and vice versa.  However, they'd never met.  When Jane introduced them, Smiley was definitely feeling the effects of the Ecstasy, and was so warm and friendly Soda Pop thought it was a put-on.  Then he realized everyone was being warm and friendly.  And, about thirty-five minutes later, his own dose kicked in, and he too became warm and friendly.  Both him and Smiley were total wrench-heads, they hit it off, and became good buddies very quickly, engaging in heavy tech talk and debating hot rods.
     Jane and I had picked up a graduation present for Smiley, a 1966 Pontiac GTO.  It was in somewhat rough condition, but had never been in a wreck and the 389 motor had good cylinder compression.  It would be a project, and one Smiley would love.  We'd lucked out: the transmission was the wide-ratio four speed,  The interior was in good condition, but the body had several minor blemishes and desperately needed paint.  Smiley nearly burst into tears when we showed it to him, he was so happy.  Unfortunately, he couldn't take it for a spin, as it was sitting in the garage, and the driveway was clogged with cars and motorcycles.  After he and Soda Pop hit it off, the both of them went to the garage to start exploring under the hood.  Soon word of Smiley's new toy spread through the males at the party, and all drifted out to take a gander at some point.  Fatso commented, "My high school graduation present was a copy of the classified ads, with various listings for employment already circled.  Thanks, Dad."
     A little past eleven those on the patio heard a Harley pull up and stop.  Okay, Jane had made an open invite to the entire Dago chapter, someone decided to swing by and see what was happening.  The late arrival turned out to be....  Short Nick.  And he was well-plastered, I was amazed anyone would even attempt to ride a motorcycle in his condition.
     Jane had been naked except for her boots and graduation cap the entire party, and everyone had adjusted.  Also, by this time, six or seven of the Inana girls were bare, along with a handful of Carlsbad High punks, headbangers (male and female), and a couple Inana studs.  Hey, folks felt like getting in the spas, and didn't bother putting clothes back on when they got out.  This was pretty much taken in stride, one punk (still clothed) pointing at his friend's dick and saying, "Hey, I didn't know your family was Catholic!"  The friend responded, "I'm gonna get circumcised, but it's gonna be sort of a zig-zag pattern, so my crank will look like Jughead's hat."   ("Oh, just get the damn thing pierced," said Sue.)
      Short Nick followed the noise and walked through the gate and onto the patio.  He was utterly flummoxed by what he was seeing: people standing in small groups, talking animatedly, sipping from red plastic cups and smoking cigarettes, music playing....  And naked people interspersed among the crowd, who no one seemed to be paying attention to.  Fucker (Roach) is standing there, still damp from the pool, bare-ass naked.  Pint Size (Dawn) is naked except for Fucker's denim vest.  They seem to be holding court with about five high school girls, one of whom is also naked.  Nick recognized several of the Inana girls just by looking at their tits.  And there's the guest of honor, in the company of a young Angel (Soda Pop) and a couple headbangers.  Other Dago Angels are in different groups, all sorts of people in conversation with each other.  Jesus, Big Ugly is talking with a couple teenage nerds, total pencil-necks, and all three of them are roaring with laughter.  (They were reenacting the "Constitutional Peasant" sketch from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail.")
     Nick aimed for Big Ugly, as he was standing close to the kegs.  Big Ugly saw him coming and raised a hand in greeting, then asked one of the nerds, "Who is your lord?"
     "We don't have a lord!" the nerd responded gleefully.
     The other nerd announced, "We told you, we're an anarcho-syndicalist commune, we take it in turns to act as sort of an executive officer for the week...."
     Big Ugly cut in, "Hold on, hold on.  Hey Nick, what's up.  Didn't expect to see you here."
     Nick glared at the three of them and said, "What the fuck are guys talking about?  Who the fuck are these little dweebs?"
     "This is Matt and Ollie.  They just graduated high school today with Jane.  We're seeing if we can pull off the entire 'Political Peasant' sketch from 'Holy Grail.'"
     "The what?" Nick queried, utterly lost.
     Rolling his eyes and grinning, Big Ugly said, "It's from a movie, don't worry about it...."
     "Why are you hanging around these fuckin' pencil-necks for, anyway?"
     "Hey, it's nice to run into people who like Monty Python, you know?  They're both some smart motherfuckers, too, honor roll dudes, like Jane.  So what brought you by, Nick?"
     Looking around, Nick said, "Looks like I got here just in time, I guess the pussy is being served right about now.  Holy shit, that's goddamn Skye Tyler right there, tits out!  I guess the party is really starting to happen!  A fuckin' buffet of snatch!"
     Genuinely confused, Big Ugly said, "What are you on about?"
     "What the fuck is wrong with you?  There's fuckin' naked bitches all over the place!  We gotta get a few of them someplace quiet and give 'em a good time....  What, are you going faggot on us?"
     A naked headbanger chick loped up, holding a plate full of deep-fried ravioli from the food line in the kitchen.  She said to Ollie and Matt, "Hey, the Binary Brothers!  Want some of these, they're really awesome.  Are you guys gonna hit the pool?"
     Ollie replied, "Hey, Morgan, thanks.  Yeah, we're gonna jump in one of the spas in a little while.  So you were saying earlier your dad has a 386, but needs to install a modem?  Call me tomorrow, I've actually got a spare one I'll let go for cheap, a 14.4, good and fast...."
     Nick horned in with, "Hey, little doll, what's happening?  Ditch these dorks, I got a nice fat joint we can smoke together, we'll find someplace out of the way...."
     "Oh, no thanks," said Morgan.  "I'm really enjoying the Ecstasy high right now, I don't want to derail it.  Besides, Jane said she'd set me up with a line of coke if I start to droop later.  You know Jane, right?"
     "Me and Jane go way back, we're tight.  Come on, little doll, let's burn this bomber I got and get to know each other, someplace quiet....  So you don't mind being naked at a party?  I like that...."
     Big Ugly scoffed and retorted, "Yeah Nick, you and Jane are tight.  Sure.  That's why you always talk shit about her.  You need to check yourself."
     Morgan wandered off to hand out more food.  Short Nick whacked Big Ugly and said, "What the fuck is up with you?  A ripe piece of pussy like that walks up and you don't care?  She needs to pull a train, get a real thrill...."
     Matt said, "Uh, she's here with her boyfriend.  He's the naked guy she's standing next to right now."
     Ollie added, "Anyone who feels like getting in the pool or one of the spas just strips down and gets in.  It's no biggie.  And there's no sense in getting dressed if you're gonna get in again."
     "Did I tell either of you two little dorks you're allowed to talk to me?" snarled Nick.  He gave Matt a shove and said, "Get lost, I don't associate with pencil-necks."
     Matt laughed and crowed, "Help!  Help!  I'm being repressed!"
     "Bloody peasant!" Ollie hooted.
     Short Nick turned towards the kids, raising a fist.  Big Ugly grabbed him by the collar and pulled backwards. He said, "Nick, I don't know what the fuck sort of scene you think this is, but you're wrong.  Everyone here is being casual, we're all having a good time.  This may come as a surprise to you, but I'm here with Betty.  You know, my old lady?  Yeah, there's naked chicks around.  Deal with it.  They're not looking for action, they just don't have any clothes on, and it's no big fuckin' deal, okay?"
     Before Nick could respond, Roach walked up with Dawn.  He was trailing several girls behind him like baby ducks.  "I thought I heard your voice, Nick," Roach said.  "I am very, very surprised to see you here, you and Jane aren't the closest of friends."  He waited a moment, then continued, "Uh, Nick?  Don't stare at Pint Size's crotch like that, it's not polite."
     "Oh, the king of pussy is here," growled Nick.  "And of course you've got your dick out.  Jesus, you've got a whole flock of bitches following you around!  One of 'em already has her clothes off, ready to go!  Tell ya what, Valentino, looks like you've got five to work with, fresh stuff too.  Lemme take Pint Size someplace secluded, and you can work your fuckin' magic with these little bitches.  C'mon, help out of of your brothers from the chapter."
     Big Ugly leaned down and said, "Once again, Nick, you're beginning to tax my patience."
     With a cool grin, Roach said, "Hey Nick, has it ever occurred to you that maybe showing a little class would get you farther in life?  Shit man, even the mamas shoot you down.  You sow what you reap, you treat women like dirt and then wonder why you never get any play, much less find a chick who'll stick around...."
      "Oh, shut the fuck up, Valentino!" Nick yelled.  "I don't wanna hear it from you!  You're neck deep in pussy, and you act like it's no big deal!  You fuck hot bitches for a living, your old lady's a hottie, you've got those cunts at the strip bars hanging all over you....  Shut your fucking mouth, you ugly asshole!  I'm sick of being around you, they oughta strip you of the colors!  You spend so much time around pussy, you turned into one!  Fuck off, Valentino!  What do you got that I ain't?"
     "He has the good manners to not call women he doesn't know bitches and cunts," said Dawn.  "That's helped."
     Nick looked at Dawn and said, "I don't wanna hear nothing from some bitch who sucks dick for a living.  Fucker should donate you to the club, you ought to be a fuckin' mama."
      "Okay, I am officially fed up," seethed Roach.  He started to step towards Nick....
     .... And was blocked off by Spike.  He and Mutt were standing there.  Everyone looked at the two of them.  Mutt said, "Pardon us, Fucker."  He turned to Short Nick and stated, "I've been listening to you for the last few minutes.  This isn't an Angel party, we're guests here.  The people throwing this little hootenanny may not hold patches, but they're respected.  They've helped out members of the chapter, and the chapter itself.  They've earned our respect.  No H.A. is gonna disrespect them on their own turf, not if I'm around anyway.  You need to get out, fire up, and go the hell home, you're harshing an otherwise good scene.  Nobody is in the mood for your bullshit, Nick.  Least of all me.  Now get out."
     Nick stared balefully at Mutt, then hollered, "You're all turning into a bunch of pussies!  This chapter is turning into shit!"
     Spike calmly responded, "Well Nick, if you feel that strongly, surrender your patch.  Nobody's making you stay part of Dago.  Remember though, if you decided to move, membership doesn't transfer.  You'll just be another hang-around if you go to another town.  Where do you think you'd like it better?"
     "Fuckin' Oakland!  Oakland knows how to kick ass and take names!"
     Mutt chuckled lightly at this.  "To be honest, Nick, I don't think Oakland would find much use for you.  Let's just say holding a patch with Oakland means you're tough, yeah, but you also have some, ah, business acumen.  Nick, you couldn't run a fucking lemonade stand."
     "Goodnight, Nick," Spike said pointedly.
     Nick glared around unsteadily, then muttered, "Fuck you guys," and began heading for the gate.  Big Ugly said, "I'm gonna tag along, make sure he doesn't decide to get into any mischief between here and his putt."  Big Ugly followed Nick at a distance.
     "I swear, his attitude is getting worse," said Roach.  "You think he'll really bug out for Oakland?"
     "He's wasting his time if he does," replied Mutt.  "Yeah, the brothers in Oakland can be pretty ruthless, but at the same time....  Shit, Nick is a hothead.  He'd be teeing off on people, and Oakland doesn't want that attitude.  They've got too many business arrangements going to have a member who'd be attracting the attention of the cops.  Oakland H.A. can be damn vicious, but they think, then they act.  A noisy bastard like Nick would cause them headaches."
     Dawn commented, "He's got plenty of other chapters to choose from...."
     "..... All of whom are gonna call me and ask why there was a rift between him and Dago.  If he leaves Dago, he's gotta forfeit his colors.  Every other chapter will want to know what the situation was that made Nick do that.  Okay, Nick will tell people in a new town that Dago is a bunch of pussies.  But when they call, I'll tell Nick's new town he's a noisy prick who doesn't show respect when and where it's due, he's got an attitude problem.  Dammit, I'm the prez in Dago, my words are gonna carry more weight than his."
     "Think he'd try to change clubs?" asked Roach.
     "Nah.  Other clubs would dismiss him as an asshole right off the bat.  And they'd be damn curious why he shucked his colors with H.A., too.  And sooner or later some emissary from another club would pay a friendly visit, hat in hand, and ask us for our personal feelings about a guy named Short Nick who's been a hang-around of theirs for a while."
     Big Ugly returned a few minutes later with a grin.  He told everyone, "You know that young dude, Soda Pop from Berdoo?  Him and Jane's boyfriend are in the garage, tweaking around with that GTO.  Nick saw him and yells, 'Hey, are Berdoo H.A. a bunch of pussies?'  Soda Pop says no, and what the fuck sort of question is that.  Nick starts going off on how he needs to relocate, Dago are turning into pussies, and fuck this party, and fuck the blue-haired cunt that put it on, and blah blah blah.  Soda Pop says, 'You got a problem with Jane?'  Nick says something about how he ought to choke her to death with his dick.  Soda Pop and Jane's boyfriend, Smiley, look at each other, then start heading towards Nick.  That dude Smiley was pretty righteous, he's all, 'You dumb motherfucker, you don't talk shit like that about my fuckin' girl.'  Nick realized he had two guys coming to stomp him, so he took off, but quick."
     And while riding home, Short Nick got pulled over by CHP for erratic behavior, he was bobbing around in his lane.  Nick almost immediately failed the attitude test, and was breathalyzed by the officers.  He blew a .19, over double the legal limit.  This would be his fourth DUI in six years.  His bike was impounded, naturally, and when it was, they found two things which intrigued them.  The first was that the VIN on his registration did not match what was on the frame of his putt.  That number matched a motorcycle which had been stolen in Lake Elsinore fourteen months previously.  The other was blood spatters on the front rim, forks, and lower front frame of the putt.  Analysis showed it was human blood, relatively fresh.  And investigation into emergency room admissions found a fourteen year old girl, living eight blocks away from Short Nick, had been run down by a Harley-Davidson earlier that night.  The girl was on the sidewalk at the time, she said the rider drove up onto the sidewalk to aim for her.
     Plenty of outlaws have done time for doing dumb shit.  Short Nick would be doing time for shit that was both dumb and mean.

    Around 1:30 a passel of us finished passing around a glass pipe in my office, and headed back into the fray.  I stepped outside to get a fresh cup of beer.  Idly gazing around while I pumped the handle on the keg tapper, I noticed movement on the far side of the gate.  Someone was peeping through at the party.  There were two of them, and they seemed a bit loath to come on in.  Fresh beer in hand, I went to see who it was.
     The mystery guests had moved to the far side of the camera truck, away from the gate.  I could hear them talking, young voices rough with alcohol.  One said, "No way, those Hell's Angels dudes are still around, they gotta be...."
     "So?  They don't know us, why would they say anything?"
     "An' what about that guy she lives with, the psycho?"
     "C'mon, everybody here is gonna be totally high on drugs.  They don't recognize themselves right now, I know how she parties."
     A pause, then, "Man, I do want a piece of her.  I hope you're right."
     "Dude, at this hour, she's gonna be totally gone on drugs, she'll think it sounds like an awesome idea.  Fuckin' crazy nympho bitch."
     "Yeah....  She owes you, too."
     I stepped around the corner of the camera truck and wasn't entirely surprised to see Lance standing there, with another guy his age.  It wasn't Vance, but probably another track team crony.  Judging by his arms and shoulders, I'd located Carlsbad High's now-former pole vault champion.  They looked at me in surprise and confusion, no real fear.  I said, "Hello, Lance.  I wasn't expecting to see you here, ever again, for any reason.  Not at this time of night.  What the fuck are you doing here?"
     Lance tried to give me a used car salesman's smile and said, "Hey, Lenny.  We just wanted to say hi and congratulations to Jane, you know?  I didn't get a chance to talk to her after the ceremony this afternoon."
     "Uh huh.  A bit late to be dropping in, even if the party is still going strong.  I can't help but wonder what Encinitas PD, or juvenile court, would say about you showing up here.  I used to give you more credit for brains, but now you do dumb shit like this.  So who's your friend?"
     "Oh, this is Benny, from track," Lance said, gesturing.
     "So, Benny, who do you want a piece of?" I asked.  "And which piece?"
     Benny looked shocked.  "Uh...."
     I told him, "What you're going to do is go back to whatever car you got here in, and sit down inside.  Lance will join you shortly."  Benny trotted down the driveway, glancing back at me a few times as he did.
     Once he was out of sight I grabbed Lance by the collar with my left hand and slammed him backwards into the camera truck.  I pulled my Beretta out with my other hand and jammed it into his neck.  I hissed, "Okay, fucko, I know you turned eighteen about two weeks ago.  That means you're legally an adult.  Sure, I'll get popped for an assault charge if I stomp you, but the penalty won't be nearly as high as it would be if you were still a minor.
     "But what has even more appeal is getting rid of you completely.  Like I alluded to, you seem to have gotten stupider over the last year. I have this terrible hunch you're gonna be a bad penny for Jane, you're gonna keep popping up, even though you're not wanted.  Blowing you away makes a lot of sense."
     Lance actually got a bit defiant.  He said, "No way are you gonna kill me right here.  There's no way you could get away with it."
     I smiled and said, "Right here?  No.  Too much noise, too much mess.  No, I'll take you up into one of the sound stages.  Think about how well soundproofed they are.  Nobody would pay any attention to the shot, and I could clean up the mess at my leisure.  Your body will be dumped into the ocean about fifteen miles out from Malibu, weighted down.  You'll be fish food, and no one will ever find you.  And yes, I can make that happen, it would take one phone call."
     Still defiant, Lance asked, "So how are you gonna get me through this place while it's full of people?  Somebody's gonna wonder why you're walking me at gunpoint through the house."
     "I won't do it right now.  Here, let me show you...."  Still holding on to his shirt, I put the Beretta away and pulled my keys out of my pocket.  I unlocked the rear rolling door of the camera truck and opened it, then forcefully guided Lance inside.  Finding the interior light switch, I pulled the door shut again, then reached into a bin and grabbed a roll of duct tape.  I told him, "Down on your knees, and clasp your hands behind your back."
     Lance hesitated, then did as he was told after I cuffed him in the head.  First I wrapped a long length around his face, gagging him.  Then I secured his hands.  After that, I knocked him sideways, grabbed his legs, and hog-tied him at the ankles and calves.  I grabbed a zip tie and looped it around one of his wrists, then around one of the legs of the racks we'd had installed.  I told him to keep still, nobody would hear him anyway if he started kicking.  Finally, I went out of the truck (a former UPS truck, one of the big Grumman box vans) through the front.
     Inside, I collected Bekka, Jane, Roach, and Mutt, telling them I had one hell of a surprise inside the camera truck.  We all crowded in.  The other four looked down at Lance while I explained what went down, and that his buddy was still around somewhere.  "So," I said.  "What shall we do with him?"
     "If we off him, we've gotta off his bro, then get rid of the car," said Roach.  "A little complex, but doable."
     With a vicious grin, Bekka said, "Let's give him to Dawn for a while.  Just him, her, and a Buck knife.  You know how she feels about rapists."
     "Fuck it, let's just have a few of the boys stomp him, then cut him loose," suggested Mutt.  "Let him cry to the cops about how he showed up at the same place as the girl he tried to rape was and got a bad reception.  He'd have more sense to drop a dime, I'd hope."
     "Let's just drag him down to wherever he's parked by the ankles, and let his buddy deal with him," pondered Roach.  "He'll be getting off light, but I'd like to think he'd have learned a lesson."
     "He didn't learn from all that time he spent in juvenile court," I pointed out.
     After a few moments silence, Jane said, "I want to call Officer Ross and Vicky, and tell them where to collect their son.  Tomorrow, we'll go to Encinitas PD and file a report on what happened, and make sure a copy gets to the juvie judge that heard the case.  As much as I'd love to watch him get stomped by Big Ugly and Spike --- or better yet, see his brains splattered around inside one of the sound stages --- we need to play this clean.  I don't want the risk of executing him, and if we stomp him, you know Ross will just start raising pity for him, bitching about 'vigilante justice' or some shit."
     A little more silence, then Mutt said, "Sensible.  People are enjoying this party, and we should too.  Kicking the shit out of this stupid motherfucker will put a damper on my mood, you know?"
     I borrowed Mutt's knife and cut Lance loose from the rack, then sliced through the duct tape on his legs so he would walk.  We pulled him upright and walked him out of the truck, then into the garage, where he was instructed to lean against the front of the GTO.  Jane went in to call the Grisham-Ross household.  Roach walked up the street to locate Benny and tell him Lance's parents were on their way to take Lance.  If Benny felt like sticking around, we didn't give a shit.  He could elaborate to Ross what their plans for Jane were.  Benny drove off.
     Bekka and I waited with Lance.  Jane came out, pulling on Bekka's kimono robe so she wouldn't be naked for Vicky and Ross.  They arrived in ten minutes, pulling up to the front of the driveway in Ross's Caprice wagon.  I stepped forward and gestured them into the garage.  Ross took a look at Lance and demanded, "Why is he gagged?"
     "Because I wasn't in the mood to listen to him," I answered.
     "And why are his wrists bound?"
     "To keep him out of mischief."  I grabbed the end of the tape around Lance's face and began pulling, giving access to his mouth.  Ross used a pocket knife to saw through the tape on Lance's wrists.
     Lance began to blurt, "Me and Benny were just gonna stop by and say hi, you know?  Then Lenny points a gun at me and says he's gonna kill me and ties me up with tape, and...."
     I said loudly, "Lance, I listened to your conversation with your friend.  You were hoping to succeed where you failed months ago, you were hoping to get into Jane's pants.  People who are angry sometimes engage in hyperbole when they speak, so drop the bullshit about me killing you.  If I'd meant what I'd said, your mom and stepdad wouldn't be standing here right now.  Jesus!  I should have left the fucking tape on your face."
     Ross alternated between staring at his stepson and staring at the driveway.  He looked rather deflated.  Finally he said, "You're probably aware, a restraining order was filed automatically after the conviction.  Lance was certainly aware.  Have you contacted the sheriff's department?"
     "We haven't," Bekka said.  "Our plan was to file an incident report with Encinitas PD later today, as they're the ones who initially handled the case.  And we'll also notify Judge Pickett of what happened."
     "Don't do that!" exclaimed Vicky.  "Lance has learned his lesson, he'll--- "
     "No he hasn't, Vicky," said Jane loudly.  "If he had, we all wouldn't be here right now.  I don't owe your son any goddamn favors.  Him and a friend showed up here, at this hour. looking for me.  Doesn't that seem just a bit suspect?  This get-together started at seven, if he wanted to just say hello and good luck he could have done so then.  It would have been a short exchange, but civil.  I'm not sure why, but your little boy has turned into a fucking creep."
     Vicky yelled, "I know why!  You entranced him, somehow!  You used your body to make him obsessed with you, and now all he---"
     My turn to cut Vicky off.  I simply said, "You know, I've got a friend who might have some insight into Lance's behavior, which may calm your nerves, Vicky.  He's a guy named Rizzo, a wise guy from LA.  Maybe I could contact him, get his opinion on the situation."
     Vicky's head snapped towards me, her eyes wide with shock.  She stared, open-mouthed, then shook her head and said, "Let's just go.  Lance, Richard, we're leaving."
     Confused, Ross started to ask what was going on.  Vicky shushed him, grabbed Lance's arm, and began walking down the driveway between all the parked cars and motorcycles.  Ross followed, turning back once to give me a confused frown.  Then they were gone.  The three of us stepped out of the garage, then I pulled the overhead door shut.
     I said, "So.  I vote for a stop at the bong in the living room, then some time in the spa.  Are you with me?"
     That sounded fine to Bekka and Jane.   When we got out to the pool, we found both spas contained multiple couples, engaged in various acts of coitus.  We opted to just play in the pool for a while.

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