Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 10)

     After lunch we dropped off Rico back at the dealership.  He collected another hug from Sue, had me promise I'd drop off what he'd asked for by the end of the week, and made his way back inside.  His band of thieves had an assignment, collecting twenty late-model Acuras destined for Peru.  His South American buyers tended to wear military garb and would pay with suitcases full of cash.  Dealing with them wasn't his favorite thing, but had to be done.  All in a day's work.

     "So you have to drop off more Ecstasy to Rico?" asked Bekka.
     "Nope," I replied.
     Bekka shot me an annoyed look.  "Well, what then?"
     I paused, then said, "Tapes.  He wants to see Sue in action."
     Sue chuckled at this.  "Yeah, I was getting the feeling he was into me.  If you want, Lenny, I'll deliver them myself."
     "You don't mind?  You're being lusted after by a fat wop car thief who can't wait to see what you get up to in a soundstage."
     "It's rather flattering.  Besides, Rico is a sweet guy."
     "Who hasn't mentioned Mrs. Carelli so far," I pointed out.
     "I saw his wedding band," said Sue.  "Not a situation I've ever had to deal with before.  I've stolen a couple boyfriends, but not a husband.  And I wouldn't steal him, I'd just borrow him.  It's rather flattering, having a successful man after me."
     "So you'd actually go with Rico?" I asked.
     "Like I said, he's a sweetie.  Other than having an enraged mafia wife after me, I can't see any downside in me spending some time with him.  It could turn out to be quite beneficial, you know?"
     "Cynic," I replied.
     Sue scoffed.  "You're in no position to criticize, Lenny.  You're married, and you're getting your piece on the side."
     "Two pieces.  You, and Jane.  And both of those were arranged by my wife, so it's a bit of a different situation.  I don't think Rachel, Rico's wife, would be as happy with the situation as Bekka is.  We're on a whole different wavelength."
     "We'll have to live and learn then, won't we?"  Sue cracked a window, lit a cigarette, and settled back in the cushions of the back seat.  She had a small smile on her face, one usually associated with Bond villains.
     At the wheel, I shook my head.  I said, "Just....  Be at your spookiest when you see him.  I think that's a lot of the appeal for him."
     Sue laughed.  "Mafia ties or not, I think I can thrill an Orange County businessman just by being in the room.  So what tapes of mine did he want?"
     "He didn't specify, he's never seen any of them.  He just knows you're one of my performers, and wants to see you in action."
     Bekka said, "I have an idea, a little make-work project for Small Steve.  Have him cut loops Sue has been in into one or two tapes.  Sort of like what they did with my early stuff for re-release.  That would make Rico very happy: he'd get to see what he wants, and wouldn't be lugging around a bunch of tapes."
     "Good idea," I said.  "I'll lay some bread on him on top of his usual, and he can do it tomorrow afternoon.  Eight half hour loops onto two tapes, Rico will be overjoyed."
     "And I can deliver them on Thursday," said Sue.  "I'm not on the board, so I could go up in the late morning.  Maybe he'll buy me lunch again."
     "You know, I'll bet he'll do just that," I leered into the back seat.
     I slowly piloted us through heavy traffic.  We stopped at a gas station around Irvine to use the bathroom and smoke a joint behind their building.  Sue didn't smoke weed very often, and was caught a bit unawares by what we were smoking.  She flopped herself into the back seat, gazing out the window at other motorists with a glazed smile on her face.  I made a note to chop her a line of something when we got back to our place, so she wouldn't be too foggy-headed for her drive home.
     We arrived back home and headed upstairs, me in the lead.  Reaching the living room, I was greeted by sort of a tableau.  Jane was on her knees in front of a sofa, missing her t-shirt and bra.  In front of her was Lance, with his pants around his ankles.  He was red-faced and was covering his crotch with a throw pillow.  He began trying to pull his pants up with one hand while remaining seated.  Jane wiped her mouth on her hand and said, "You're home sooner than I expected."
     Bekka burst out into laughter.  Sue began to giggle.  I merely grinned and headed towards the kitchen, beer on my mind.  Sue walked over to Lance, hand out, saying, "Hello, I'm Sue.  You must be Jane's boyfriend."  Lance, still red, shook hands.
     Still laughing, Bekka followed me into the kitchen, relieving me of two beers and uncapping them.  She handed one to Sue, who was smiling down at Lance and asking him, "So how was school today?"
     "Um, fine.  How, uh, how are you?" Lance asked, still trying to get his pants up one-handed.
     "Oh, I'm wonderful.  I just ordered a brand new Cadillac, it'll be ready in three weeks.  I can't wait."
     Bekka stuck her head into the living room.  "Hey Jane, do you want a beer, or are you two going to go up to your room and finish what you started?"
     "We're going to my room," said Jane.  "Lance, just let her see your cock and stand up, we're going upstairs."
     "I'm a hard woman to embarrass," said Sue.
     Lance got off the sofa, dropped the pillow, and hoisted up his pants all in one motion.  Still glowing, he followed Jane up the stairs.  I hit STOP on the video player, turning off Dangerous Desires midstream.  I'd written the damn movie, so I knew how it ended.  Sue had been watching with blank fascination, and seemed annoyed that I'd cut it off.
     "You've never seen that one?" I asked.
     "No, what was it?" Sue asked.
     "That was 'Dangerous Desires,' the last major feature Inana put out.  It was a murder mystery, a lot of fun to write and produce.  You want to see it?"
     "Yeah.  I've never seen one of your full movies before."
     From the kitchen, Bekka quietly called, "Lines are ready!"
     Sue and I went into the kitchen and over to the stove top, where Bekka had put down three lines of meth.  She handed the straw to Sue, who stared at the lines and said, "Do I have to do the whole thing?  Your stuff is really powerful, and I don't want to be up all night."
     "Do up what you like," I said.  "Bekka and I are addicts, so we're used to hitting large."
     Sue bent down and did up half of one of the lines, then danced a little jig around the kitchen.  "Dammit, that stuff has what I've been getting beat out the door.  Where does it come from?"
     "A lab in the desert," Bekka replied, doing up her own line, plus half of what was left from Sue's line.  "We're lucky, we're intimately acquainted with both the lab and the people who make our speed and our Ecstasy.  We get it all factory fresh."
     Sue looked astounded.  "Wait, you know the people who make the Smiley Ecstasy?  That stuff is so sought after at the clubs it's not funny.  Dealers can't keep it in stock, everybody wants Smiley."
     I smiled and said, "Yeah, it's all run by a guy who lives out in Santee.  He formulated it, and it all gets made at a compound out in the desert near the Arizona border, off I-40.  We've watched it being made.  They take their job seriously, nobody's allowed to be tweaking when they work."
     "Wow....  What are the people like?"
     "Bikers and white trash of that ilk.  Generally they're people who have experience operating meth labs, and making Ecstasy is sort of the same process, they're both methamphetamine products.  They're not the sort of people you'd expect to be cranking out stuff as groovy as the Smiley Ecstasy, but they do.  The whole operation was funded by the mafia.  It's a good business arrangement they have going on."
     Sue considered this.  "So that's how you can afford to give the stuff away for free the way you do.  Regular goes for twenty bucks, Smiley goes for twenty-five.  You really get it that easy?"
     I reached in the stash drawer and pulled out a zip-loc bag packed with yellow pills, and handed it to Sue.  All the pills had a smiley face imprinted on them.  There were probably three hundred in the bag.  Sue held the bag and stared at it, wide-eyed.  "Oh my god...." she breathed.
     "Our friend cranks out over forty thousand of those little suckers a week," I explained.  "I say over forty thousand, because he has plenty of extras.  He's always giving the stuff to us, you can see the backlog we have, and we give it away ourselves.  That there is on top of what Inana gets for performer use.  That's just someone being friendly to me and Bekka.  We pay $900 an ounce for our speed, a good deal, and one we're lucky to get, since the guy usually won't move less than a pound at a time.  But I've known him for several years now, and he's happy to help out a friend.  He'd stop making speed and concentrate entirely on the Ecstasy, but the thirty or so pounds a week he puts out really covers his overhead.  Thirty pounds a week, at ten grand per pound, it's too easy of money.  Excuse me...."
     I snorted up what was left on the glass, wiped up the powder still there, and wiped my hand on my pants.  I unrolled the bill and handed it back to Bekka, who tucked it back in her wallet, which went back in her purse.  Sue continued to hold onto the plastic bag, staring with a lust-filled look.  I think her hands were shaking slightly.
     Sue handed the back.  "Don't let people know you have that.  I can't believe I just held that much Smiley at once.  And you know the guy who makes it?"
     Bekka said, "Well, yeah.  He's a monstrous biker named Boss.  You're sure to meet him at some point.  He's good people, he just puts people off because of his size and appearance.  In boots he's, like, six foot eight.  We'll have to introduce you.  He's a good guy."
     "And he's responsible for making Smiley."
     "Him and the mafia, yeah."
     Sue giggled.  "Do you know how many new friends you could make with that bag?"
     I laughed.  "Oh, I know.  We have fun by getting yuppies high, and seeing how they react.  Like our neighbors we saw on Friday.  Jane always says Ecstasy is a warrior's high.  I think I understand what she means, that it's only a truly positive high if you're sharp of mind and instinct.  Jane loves the stuff, but she's good at asking permission before taking it.  She won't touch the bag without asking us first.  She gets high on weekends....  Oh!  On Friday she came home and painted her leather.  It came out really good.  She did end up painting 'Machine Snatch' across the back.  I might have her do my leather for me, she's got some talent."
     "What are you putting on yours?" asked Bekka.
     "I want a portrait of Raymond Chandler on the back.  I don't know if Jane can pull that off, though.  I want her to put roses on my sleeve, though.  She did it to hers and it looks great."
     "I'm putting a field of expressionist flowers all over the back of mine," said Bekka.  "I'm not sure about the sleeves."
     We cracked fresh beers and went into the living room to watch Dangerous Desires.  Sue asked, "So will this movie make me compulsively masturbate?"
     "That was our goal when we produced it," I said.  "Have at, we've got lube upstairs if you need it."
     I landed on the love seat, remote in hand.  Bekka landed beside me, on my left.  Sue stood above us, and gestured for me to scoot over so she could be on my right.  I was lucky I didn't hang around with wide-butted women.  I rewound the tape and hit play.  We were just getting through the opening credits (no cold opening on this one) when Jane and Lance came downstairs, so Jane could drive him home.  I hit pause.
     "So you're off?  I hope everything came out okay," said Sue.
     "Things came out just fine," giggled Jane.  "I'm gonna get Lance home, then I'll be back to make dinner.  Sue, are you eating with us?  I'm making stuffed baked potatoes and salad."
     "Please, join us," said Bekka.
     Sue said, "Sure.  Beats the hell out of the TV dinner I was planning on.  Lance, the next time I see you, you'll have to give me a better view of your dick, okay?"
     Lance went all red again and moved towards the stairs without replying.  Jane smirked at Sue and followed.  I hit PLAY and we settled back to watch the movie.  Sue asked me, "So, were you planning on jerking off while you watch?"
     I said, "No.  I watched all this being made, and I've seen all the fuck scenes ad nauseum while we did the editing.  The thrill is gone."
     Sue leaned over and asked Bekka, "Do you mind if I play with your husband's dick while we watch this?"
     Bekka replied, "Check yourself, girly.  That's my job.  I'll let you help."  She suddenly sprang off the love seat, ran upstairs, and returned with a bottle of lube and a towel.  "If we're gonna do it, we may as well do it right," she said.
     "I don't suppose I have any say in this," I said.
     Bekka said, "Nope.  You're going to have two women stroking your cock while you watch porn.  Surely you don't have objections."
     "You know how you were talking about girl trouble up in Anaheim?  To me this counts as girl trouble.  This is not the sort of thing most men have to deal with."
     "You have unusual problems for a man," said Sue.  "Most men don't have their wives setting them up with teenage lovers, or arranging for them to fuck a goth girl's ass a few times a week.  I'd say you're in a unique position."
     We watched the movie.  The first few minutes were drama, establishing the murder without giving away the culprit.  Then it launched into a scene with Dale and Bekka on top of and against a desk in Dale's office.  Bekka was his assistant.  I felt two hands in my lap, feeling around.  Bekka undid my belt and began fumbling with the top button of my Levis.  I sighed and undid my pants, sliding my pants down to my knees.  My cock, which didn't have the same moral fiber as my brain, was already mostly hard.  Bekka got a handful of lube and began working on me.  Sue split her time between staring at the screen and watching Bekka work.  Then she gingerly reached over and began using her fingertips to tease me, playing with the head and my sack.  I reached for their crotches and got both hands swatted away, Sue scolding me, "I told you, not just anyone gets access to that.  I've got to know you longer, then maybe."
     "What about you?" I asked Bekka.
     She shooed my hand away again and said, "No.  This is all on me."
     I forced myself to relax and watched the movie.  As it went on, Bekka and I filled in comments on various scenes for Sue's benefit.  She was duly impressed by the shoot-outs and by the car chase, including the highly illegal freeway chase we'd filmed.  Jane came home, saw what was happening, and begged to help.  Bekka told her to sit on the floor and assist from there.  Now I had three women stroking my cock.  I told myself to not come:  dammit, this was their game, and if they wanted me to come, they'd have to earn it.
     I made it to nearly the end of the movie before I couldn't take it any more and let loose.  Jane, greedy girl, got her mouth over the head and took down the last of my load.  Bekka and Sue rather stickily high-fived over Jane's head.  I fell back against the cushions and watched the closing credits spool up the screen.  Sue and Bekka wiped their hands on the towel, then got up to wash.  From between my knees, Jane smiled up at me and asked how I was doing.
     "I've got girl trouble," I said.
     "Oh really?" said Bekka, coming into the room again.
     "Yeah.  You three.  You're all trouble."
     "And how is that?" asked Sue with a smile.
     I wiped myself down and got my pants up.  "You're all either going to kill me or drive me insane.  Hell of a way to go, though."
     Sue sat down next to me and kissed my cheek.  Bekka sat on my other side and did the same.  Jane sat on my lap and deep-kissed me.  Sue said, "You're getting to live how every guy your age thinks he wants to live.  You've got three women of various ages all interested in servicing your dick.  My advice is to relax and go with the flow.  Odds are you're creating memories that will last until you're on your death bed.  Have them be happy memories.  I certainly won't soon forget you."
     Jane sprang up and exclaimed, "Shit!  I forgot to start the potatoes!"
     I said, "Fuck it, let's go to Evelyn's.  I need to replace a lot of protein, so an order of their ribs sounds good.  You three up for ribs or steak?"
     All three girls said that sounded fine with them.  We left the house and piled into the Fleetwood, four horribly oversexed individuals, still reeking of cum and lube.  I was living out a pornographic fantasy, something out of the Penthouse Forum letters.  I didn't know whether to be smug....  Or terrified.
     Oh well, I'd learn to adapt.


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