Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 3)

     I was in my office at Inana on Monday afternoon when Jane came in.  She dropped her helmet and gloves on the sofa, then flopped down and put her feet up on my desk.  "How you doing, stud?" she asked.
     "Same old shit around here," I said.  "Where's Lance?"
     "He's got a track meet at another school.  I'm not sure where Escondido is, and I didn't feel like following the bus there.  Where's Bekka?"
     "Home, organizing her sewing scraps.  She's only here on Mondays if I ask her to be or we're working on a feature."

     Jane stood up and peeled off her leather, then marched around to my side of the desk and sat down in my lap.  She had her I'm-so-naughty smile on her face.  "Hi, Lenny," she said.
     "Jumping the gun, aren't we?" I asked.  "I thought we agreed Wednesday night was when I'd spend the first night with you."
     "I thought maybe I could give you a preview," she said in my ear.  Then she slid off my lap and onto the floor, kneeling in front of me.  She began stroking my crotch through my pants, her naughty smile still in place.
     "I want a man's cock to suck," Jane said.  "Not a boy's, but a man's.  And I thought of you.  Lance won't do, I need a man's cock."
     I was reacting to her attentions.  I could feel myself swelling.  Jane found it and began kneading and stroking it through my pants leg.  I had a full-fledged hard-on going at the hands of a sixteen year old little girl.  God help me, I thought, and stood up in front of her.  She began tugging at my belt with one hand, so I saved her the trouble and dropped my pants and boxers, my cock springing out in front of her.
     She looked at it with her mouth open, her pupils dilated.  "Oh god Lenny, it's fucking beautiful," she breathed, then she grabbed it at the base and began aggressively licking the entire length.  She was looking up at me the whole time she did this.
     "You wanted a man's cock to suck," I growled.  "There it is.  So suck it."
     She followed instructions well.  She took it in her mouth and began sucking, bobbing her head up and down on it, her drool coating the shaft.  She paused for a couple seconds to strip off her t-shirt and then was back on it.  Using her drool as lube, she began firmly stroking it with one hand while she worked on the head with her lips and tongue.  Drool was running down her chin.
    She was a better cocksucker than Bekka.
     Bekka, whose employment was based on her abilities to suck cock, was outclassed by this sixteen year old girl.  The little girl on her knees in front of me took my cock out of her mouth, looked up at me, and smiled.  "Am I doing okay?" she asked.
     "You're doing fantastic.  Lemme move, I gotta lean on my desk, you're making me go weak in the knees."
     Jane giggled and followed me to my new position, never letting go of my cock.  She sucked it again briefly, then stopped to look up at me and say, "Wednesday is gonna rule.  I can't wait to get fucked with this thing."  Then she buried it in her mouth again, lips sliding up and down the shaft, head nodding, fucking her mouth with my cock.
     She stopped to lick it some more and ask, "Am I gonna make you come?"
     I chuckled.  "Sucking it the way you do, there's no doubt.  You want warning?"
     "Yeah.  Gimme two seconds.  I wanna make you come as hard as I can."
     She went back to work.  Drool was now glistening on her breasts.  She had tilted her head back so I could watch her mouth sliding up and down on my cock.  She looked pretty like that.  A little blue-haired punk rock girl, covered in her own drool, working her mouth on my cock like a stamp press.
     The urge to come was building.  I was holding off, because she was a fantastic little cocksucker and it felt so damn good.  But Jane was working on me with the very specific goal of making me come.  When she'd stop briefly for air, she'd still be stroking my drool-slicked cock with her hand, never letting me not have stimulation.  Then she'd go back to fucking her sweet mouth with my cock.
     I couldn't hold out any longer.  I put my hand on her shoulder and just said, "Now."  She took her mouth off of it and began pumping it with her hand, aiming it at her own face, her mouth open and her tongue out.  I came explosively.  Four, five, six blasts of cum shot out of my cock and splashed all over her face.  She moaned "Oh yeah" as I drenched her.  Then she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked out the remaining cum.  It ran down her breasts and onto her alligator-skin pants.  She looked up at me in all her sticky glory and smiled.
     "Feeling better, Lenny?" she asked.
     "Yes.  Holy shit.  My god.  How are you feeling?"
     "I feel fantastic.  I've needed to do that for a long time."
     I was confused.  "Wait a minute, what about Lance?"
     Jane chuckled.  "I told you, I needed a man's cock.  Besides, Lance only gets to come in my face when he's a good boy.  Like when he helps me with homework, or makes me come during sex.  I won't lie, I use it as bait.  I really get off on having a guy come on my face, and I know guys dig it, and most girls hate it.  So I'll use the fact that I'll do it as leverage.  Did you like coming in my face?"
     "It was unexpected.  Tell you what girl, you took it like a pro.  Don't tell Bekka I'm saying this, but when you turn eighteen, you should be in front of a camera with a porn stud's dick in your mouth.  You're better than a lot of pros out there."
     "How do I compare to Bekka?" Jane asked.
     "No comment," I replied.
     "Aw, come on...."
     "You want the truth?  Girl, at the age of sixteen you are a better cocksucker than a twenty-eight year old porno queen.  I think you just gave me the best blowjob I've ever had in my life.  And if you tell Bekka I said that, I will kill you.  I will literally murder you.  I have the mafia connections, I can get away with it.  You'll end up being dumped at sea off of Angel's yacht."
     Jane wandered out into the hallway to the laundry rack and grabbed a couple clean towels.  She began wiping herself off.  Her makeup would need massive adjustment.  She said, "Actually, I was thinking it would be better if we didn't mention any of this to Bekka at all.  It's our secret.  Bekka wouldn't understand that you were just helping me out, and that I wanted to do something nice for you at the same time."
     "No, Bekka would definitely not understand," I said.  "I'm not sure I understand myself.  But if I haven't said it already, thank you.  That was wonderful."  I kissed her on the cheek.
     I carried the dirty towels to the hamper.  Jane was lighting a Newport as I walked back in the office.  We both sat on the sofa, my arm around Jane, her cuddling against me.  I said, "I've gotta ask you something, though.  You're sixteen, and you have unbelievable talents.  You really are better than Bekka.  When the hell did you learn how?"
     Jane smiled and said, "I was thirteen.  I was out in the swamps when I came across this girl I knew who was a year older, and she was sucking her sixteen year old boyfriend's cock.  I asked if I could learn, so she taught me how.  I thought it was easy and fun.
     "The next time my dad snuck in my room at night, I asked him if he minded if I tried it on him.  He thought it was a great idea, and didn't ask how I'd learned to begin with.  He coached me more and gave me pointers.  It's the only thing he wanted me to do for, like, two months straight.  He's the one who taught me about taking a facial.  Somewhere there's some Polaroids of me at thirteen with my dad's cum all over my face.
     "And when I started pursuing boys for my own fun, I learned real quick that when you have a boy's cock in your mouth, he's under your complete control.  He's putty in your hands.  It was a win/win situation for me: I really liked sucking cock, and sucking cock made boys very attentive of me.  Are there any men who don't like having their cocks sucked?"
     "None that I know of," I answered.  "I think it's a universal thing."
     Jane rubbed up closer to me.  She lazily dropped one hand onto my crotch.  "I was thinking....  You're here by yourself on Mondays.  No one around.  I don't think we'd hurt anything if I was to come here after school and make you come with my mouth.  I could get a weekly dose of man cock.  Does that work?"
     I left her hand where it was, but told her, "No way to count on me being alone.  And I really do have work to do.  No, let's play it by ear.  You swing by on Mondays and if the circumstances are right, great.  If not, you just dropped by to say hi."
     Jane looked up at me.  "Are you glad you let this happen?"
     "Yes and no," I sighed.  "As a sexual experience, it was earth-moving. No joke.  You rocked my world, little girl.  And I feel closer to you now that it's happened.  We have a bond no one knows about, something private and special.  That said, I'm unhappy with myself that I cheated on Bekka, especially with you.  She could probably handle it better if I got blown by one of the other performers.  But with you, it would be like a slap in the face.  Bekka cheated on me, and it tore my heart out.  Okay, you and I didn't fuck, but still.  I promised myself that I would never hurt her in the same way, and here I am fooling around with you, one of her closest friends.  What happens between us stays between us, okay?"
     "It'll be just you and me, our private little thing," said Jane.  "Heh, back in Gainesville it would be hard to resist bragging to certain friends of mine about the totally awesome cock I got to suck, but they'd just want me to share.  No.  You're my private pleasure."
     I stood up from the sofa with a grunt and went to my side of the desk.  "I still have some stuff to finish up.  If you don't mind waiting, we can ride home together."
     "I'd like that," she smiled.
     I sat down in my chair, trying to remember where the hell I'd left off.  I looked across to Jane and said, "You know something?"
     "What's that?"
     "You're pretty when you're on your knees."
     Jane giggled and said, "I'll go down on my knees for you at any opportunity."

     On Wednesday after dinner Bekka went out drinking with Jackie and Elspeth.  She said she wanted us to have privacy, and wouldn't feel comfortable in the house anyway, knowing what was going on in Jane's room.  She promised that she wouldn't come home drunk and attack us with the baseball bat, or stand at the door yelling abuse.  She'd shared me before, I shared her constantly, this was just another event in our lives.
      I'd just started the dishwasher when Jane came downstairs and into the kitchen.  She was wearing the barest scrap of a t-shirt and white french-cut panties.  Dressed like that, it was hard to think of her as a girl.  She was definitely a woman.
     "I have a surprise for you," she announced.
     "You shaved your pussy," I said.
     Jane's jaw dropped in surprise and annoyance.  "How did you know?"
     "It was an inspired guess," I said.  "You disappeared into your bathroom for, like, half an hour, and I didn't hear the shower running, just the sink.  Sure you won't scare the hell out of Lance with a bald pussy?"
     "He's very adaptable.  I'm not worried.  Lenny, can I have a scotch?  A big one?"
     "Sure.  I'll join you.  Why do you want scotch on a school night?"
     She looked a bit pink.  "I'm nervous.  Something I've wanted to happen since I was fourteen is going to happen, and it's a little overwhelming."
     I poured us our drinks, handed Jane hers, and put an arm around her shoulders.  "Hey," I said, "relax.  I'm still Lenny, the punk you've been living with all these months.  Besides, you got to know part of me very well on Monday.  A lot of mystery has been removed, at least for you.  Me, I'm flying blind still.  Although I must say, you're dressed to impress."
     We settled on a sofa, Jane landing in her favorite spot, in my lap.  She said, "I wanted to dress like a fuck toy.  That's what I want to be, is your fuck toy.  Use me any nasty way you want, Lenny."
     I put down half my scotch and said, "You want to be dominated."
     "Yeah....  I think so.  I want you to tell me what to do, make me like it."
     The rest of my scotch went down.  Now or never.  I said, "Then turn around and face me.  Straddle me."
     She did as she was told.  I grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly lifted.  A pair of full, perky breasts appeared.  I leaned forward and licked an already swollen pink nipple, then sucked on it.  A sharp gasp came from the nipple's owner.  I leaned back and let my hands roam over Jane's body, rubbing her tits, her back, her thighs, her ass.  She smiled down at me in approval.
     "You know, I can see into the future," I told Jane.  "Wanna know what's going to happen in the future?"
     "In the near future, you'll be getting fucked crosseyed.  And later in the future, the same thing will happen.  There's nothing you can do about it, either."
     "Now get off me.  I'm wearing too many clothes.  Stay on that spot of the sofa, and don't move."
     I stripped down to my boxers, then stood above Jane, staring down at her.  Her eyes betrayed the slightest tinge of nervousness.  I scooped her up and bodily carried her upstairs, holding her at my side like lumber.  We got to her room, and I walked in and tossed her onto the bed.  She squeaked when she realized she was airborne, landing mostly on her back.  I climbed on top of her, staring down into her eyes.
     I said, "I've got this pretty little package that was a gift.  I need to unwrap it and see how I can use it."
     I grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and peeled it up.  She assisted me in getting it off.  Then I slid down and began tugging on her underwear.  She lifted her ass up so it would come off.  I peeled the panties off her ankles, then grabbed her knees and spread them far apart.  Looking at her crotch confirmed that she had totally and completely shaved.  Damp labia winked up at me.  The sight and the scent was making me hard.
     "Oh look, it's just what I wanted," I said, and went mouth-first into Jane's bare pussy.  I spread her labia and located her clit, already looking red with anticipation.  My tongue and lips found their mark, and within moments I had Jane gasping and panting and thrusting her hips upward.  Not even two minutes in Jane let out a sustained moan, thrust her crotch skyward, and began shaking.  There was a taste of thick salty fluid in my mouth, Jane's girl-cum flooding out of her pussy.  Her head dropped back on the pillow and she began gasping for breath.  I knelt on the mattress beside her.  When she opened her eyes, I was the first thing she saw.
     I shook my head.  "My new toy is lacking in discipline.  The master plays with its toys, not the other way around.  I need to find out if my sweet little toy can do what it's told or not.  Kneel down on the floor."
     Jane slid off the bed and got on her knees, looking up at me expectantly.  I took off my boxers and stood in front of her.  I held my half-hard cock and said, "Suck it, little girl."
     She didn't need to be asked twice.  She stuffed her mouth with my cock with the same relish she had on Monday.  She had me rock-hard in five seconds.  I stood there watching her bob up and down on me, drool on her face, cheeks flushed.
     Then I backed off.  She looked at me like I'd taken Christmas away.  I looked down at her and asked, "Tell me, little toy, do you know what fucking is?"
     She mutely shook her head.
     "Then I'm going to show you.  Lie down on the bed and spread your legs high and wide.  I'll show you what fucking is."
     Jane lay on the bed and got her legs in position.  I knelt down between her legs and positioned myself.  Her wet pussy glinted up at me.  I slid the head of my cock into her lips, and pushed forward, going into her pussy in one movement.  She squealed and bucked her hips.  I began fucking her, a hard and steady pace.  I was rewarded with gasps and moans that only became stronger as I went faster.  I'd make Jane come with my cock if it killed me.
     She suddenly tensed up, her eyes shot wide open, and she wrapped her legs around my waist.  A high-pitched squeal filled the room.  Her mouth was a perfect O.  Then she collapsed, panting for air.  Jane had just had a man make her come with his cock.  And she still hadn't spoken a word.
     I slid my cock out of her and smiled down at her.  "My little toy likes fucking," I said.  "My little toy likes to come, too.  I want to see if she knows how to make her master come.  Get down on the floor, beautiful little toy."
     I stood up.  Jane hit the floor on her knees in front of me and immediately tried to get my cock in her mouth.  I grabbed her by the forehead and pushed back.
     "No, little toy.  You're going to use your hands.  Use those soft little hands and make your master come."
     She looked up in my eyes and began jacking me.  Her hand was a blur of motion as she worked my cock.  She stared in seeming fascination at it as she jacked it.  She was leaning forward towards it with her mouth open, as if unable to resist sucking on it.  I grabbed her face and said, "You can suck it, a little.  You keep it wet so you can stroke it, that's all.  Make master come with your hand."
     She nodded mutely and took it in her mouth, drooling like a dog.  She had me soaked in moments.  I pushed her head away and told her to keep stroking.  She obeyed, still staring at my cock like she'd never seen it.  I couldn't hold off any longer.  Jane sensed it and positioned her mouth, tongue out.  I exploded, pumping my cum out in hot spurts.  Jane caught it all with her mouth, cum running down her chin.  When my orgasm was almost complete she leaned forward and sucked on the head.  I let her.  She took the rest of my cum, then looked up at me and smiled.  I smiled back and dropped to my knees in front of her, gathering her in my arms and kissing her forehead.
     "Oh, what a sweet little toy you are," I said.  "Come on, let's get on the bed.  You're capable of making a speedfreak pass out."
     We got up and got in her bed, crawling into the covers for warmth.  The fog was in that night.  I cuddled her in my arms and stroked her head.  Jane finally spoke: "How was I?"
     "You were fantastic.  You had me thrown at first when you didn't speak, but then I got it.  You want to be a fuck toy, and toys don't talk."
     "Sorta like that, yeah.  It's more like I want to be a fucking machine, a machine that can have orgasms.  Like an android that exists for physical pleasure and nothing else, that escaped from its creators and is now running wild in society.  Like Big Black said, a thing of speed and beauty.  Existing to make worthy humans come, no other purpose.  Wouldn't that be a beautiful machine?"
     I kissed her head.  "It would.  You think wild, you know that?"
     Jane laughed.  "Yeah, I know.  I've got journals full of weird stuff.  I've described sexual androids off and on since I was twelve.  It's nothing that I could turn in to an English creative writing section, not without getting in big trouble, but I can use that stuff for inspiration."
     "Wait until you're in college.  Then you can write about sexual androids all you want.  Just don't do it at Carlsbad High."
     Jane laughed.  "No, at school I'm tempted to write a story about sexually abusing my volleyball coach.  Damn stereotype dyke.  A story about tying her to one of the shower posts and having the whole team fuck her with strap-ons would be grand, but I know better than to do that."
     Lying next to her, I had a breast cupped in my hand.  My other hand was free to explore her legs, ass, tummy, and pussy.  It was having its affect.  I was getting hard again and Jane was squirming against me.  She reached down and felt at me.  "Oh wow, again?  Already?"
     I sat up and said, "Get up on your hands and knees, sweet little toy.  I'll show you a different way to fuck.  Get your knees apart....  Yeah, like that.  Perfect."
     I went into Jane from behind, maxing out.  She moaned but was otherwise mute.  After all, she was my fuck toy.  I held her by her perfect volleyball-playing ass and fucked her smooth and deep.  I could tell by her breathing when she was in range of an orgasm, and pounded at her sweet little teenage pussy to push her over the edge.  She would gasp and moan, but never actually speak.  I did this to her four times, each one making her pound her head into the pillow harder.  I couldn't hold back any longer, and I timed our orgasms: her ripping another as she flopped around on the pillow, me busting my load up her fiery pussy at the same moment.  She finally spoke, begging me to pull out, her pussy couldn't take it any more.
     We cuddled up against each other again.  She weakly giggled and said, "Now I know why Bekka is so possessive of you.  I don't want to give you back."
     "That's part of it," I said.  "That, and you share enough life-threatening events with someone, you get pretty attached.  Maybe at some point we will catalog all the times people were trying to kill us.  So yeah, we're pretty protective of each other.  It's kept us alive."
     "In a twisted way, that's really sweet," said Jane.  "You guys wouldn't be as tight if it weren't for people with guns, huh?"
     "Probably not.  Death hovers around us.  We're the black cats of the Southern California mafia, harbingers of chaos and violence.  Wherever we are, the shit is gonna hit the fan.  My capo calls me a bullet magnet.  So I guess, yeah, Bekka and I will always be linked by our ability to draw violence.  Shit, we're just lucky we've got an organization like the mafia backing us up."
     Jane wrapped her arms around me and said, "I love you, Lenny The Punk.  That's what they call you, right?  Lenny The Punk?"
     "Yeah, that's me."
     "That's cool.  People know who you are by name.  I think you're always gonna be a big player in the mafia.  You're too good of a businessman, you're too smart, and you take care of any business that comes up.  You're a warrior.  You conquer obstacles."
     I laughed.  "Even my capo, the man who recruited me, thinks I'm crazy.  The rest of the family is convinced of it.  No, I'll be at Inana for a long time.  I do a good job there and they can keep an eye on me.  I'll never be a capo."
    "Yes you will," Jane pouted, rubbing her class ten boobs against my chest.  "You're too smart for them to ignore."
     "Maybe," I shrugged.  "I ignore family politics, so it will be a surprise to me."  I gently gnawed on her shoulder blade.  The sensation of touching that hot young body was inspirational.  It was inspiring me into getting another hard-on.
     Jane noticed it pressing against her ass cheek.  "Oh my god, Lenny, again?  I dunno...."
     "Yeah, and worn out.  God, you made me come with your cock, like, five times.  I'm feeling kind of tender, I've never felt like this before.  I never knew I'd say these words, but I don't want to be fucked anymore.  I'm done.  If you really want, I'll suck you off, but please, no more fucking, okay?"
     I smiled at her.  "Ignore that.  It just senses hot women and thinks it's time to go into action.  Looking at the clock, it's time we got some shut-eye anyway.  It's a school night, and I've got work in the morning.  Do you mind being held while you sleep?"
     Jane rolled over and looked me in the eyes.  "I think being held by you will make for some wonderful sleep.  I wanna be held tight by you."
     I gathered her in my arms and snuggled against her.  She snuggled back.  She said, "I have a problem."
     "What's that?"
     "Now I love you even more.  I never want to let you go, I don't want to share you, I want you to be mine.  All mine.  And I know I can't have that."
     "So long as you have that awareness."
     "I'll stop plotting how to kill Bekka, then?"
     I sighed.  "Yeah, that would be a good idea.  Remember, I love you, and I love Bekka.  You wouldn't want to hurt me by taking Bekka away, right?"
     Jane sighed back.  "No, I guess not.  Still want you, though."
     "We'll figure out something.  Make with some sleep, little fuck toy."
     "Good night.  I love you."
     "I love you too."


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