Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 4)

     Bekka stood bolt upright from the mirror lying on the bathroom sink, tossing down a straw.  I'd cut her a mix, combining meth and cocaine in one line.  And I'd made it big for her.  She'd been out late last night, drinking with a couple of other performers in various bars.  The last one --- where her car still remained --- was in Oceanside, and populated by Marines.  She had simultaneously titillated and horrified a handful of jarheads by first explaining what she, Elspeth, and Jackie did for a living, then making out with Jackie (who liked girls, a lot) on top of their table.

     A cab had brought her home.  The reason she was awake at this hour was so I could drive her to Oceanside to retrieve her car.  Otherwise she'd have slept until noon.  My snortable hangover remedy made life bearable.  She leaned on the sink and stared into the mirror, muttering, "Pour me coffee, I'll be down in a couple minutes."
     I went downstairs and poured us mugs of hazelnut/Sumatra blend.  She came downstairs and dropped bread in the toaster.  We remained silent.  When her toast popped up, she spread peanut butter on it, chucked it on a plate, and sat down at the dining room table with me, where I chewed on a bagel.  She finally spoke, simply asking, "So how was it?"
     "Very nice," I said.  "Not at all what I was expecting.  I can't think of her as a little girl anymore, that's for sure."
     "Why not?" asked Bekka with a cocked eyebrow.  "She still is."
     "Oh no she's not.  Not with the skills, talents, and abilities she has, not to mention what she wants.  No, she's a grown woman trapped in a sixteen year old girl's body.  And that is a woman's body, too."
     "So I take it you managed to satisfy her?" Bekka asked.
     I smiled.  "We satisfied each other.  She wanted to be submissive, to totally give herself up to me, so we ran with that.  She likes some strange roleplaying, too.  In her own words, she wants to be my fuck toy, heavy on the toy.  She liked being told what to do, like I said, submissive for me.  I think this was something that she had a hangup about with me in particular.  I can't imagine her playing the same games with Lance, or anyone else her own age.  She wanted me in particular as the master.  And I learned that she is not insatiable."
     "How did you learn this?" asked Bekka over the rim of her mug.
     "To be frank?  By fucking her until she begged me to stop.  She'd come hard enough, often enough, and having an adult male's dick up in her all that time had her feeling a little tender.  We both finished one more time, then she cuddled up against me and we went to sleep.  Never even knew when you got home.  We were out."
     "You've never done that to me," Bekka scowled.
     I sighed.  "That's because fucking you sore isn't nice.  You want me to do that, and make your work days a real drag?  Come on."
     Bekka set down her mug.  "Lenny, I am trying to be really open-minded about this.  Reminding me that I have other men fuck me for a living isn't the best approach right now.  I just had a teenage girl use my husband for his body, and I want to get mad about it, and I can't, because that would make me a hypocrite.  Just answer me honestly: did you have fun?"
     "Honestly?  Yes."
     I ran my fingers through my hair.  "Because....  First of all, she has an awesome body on her, that can't be denied.  Also, her attitude was that every action should be about pleasing me.  She really wanted to devote herself to my pleasure.  She is a submissive for me.  And like I said, she's a grown woman in her skills and abilities.  Dammit, the girl could make a dead man come."
     Bekka stared at me and said, "Wow."
     "Wow indeed.  Our little girl is all grown up, and we didn't know it."
     She coldly asked, "So are you looking forward to your next rendezvous?"
     I knocked back the rest of my coffee, and stared at my half-finished bagel.  "I don't know.  Shit, it's not even scheduled yet, I've left that up to you two.  I don't mind scheduling sex, plenty of couples do that, just not under these circumstances.  You asked me if I liked it, and I said yes.  It was good, it was different than what we do.  But what we do is mutual.
     "Look, you saw this agreement as you loaning out your husband.  I was supposed to service Jane.  But that's not what she wanted, she wanted to service me.  She gave herself up to me to take as I saw fit.  All she wants to do is please me.  In her own words, she is my fuck toy, a pussy and mouth and hands that are there to make me happy.  If I told her I wanted to fuck her ass, she'd say yes.  I can't help it, that level of submission turns me on.  I've got this hot bodied little teenage girl who wants to live to please my dick.  It's scary on several levels, but it's also a turn-on in many ways.  So I guess, yeah, I am looking forward to being with her again.  Do you understand?"
     Bekka looked at me with damp eyes.  "Lenny, I love you.  I can please you any way you want.  Is that what you want?"
     "I never knew I wanted it until I was with Jane," I said, shaking my head.
     She slid off her chair onto her knees in front of me, and slid her hand into my boxer shorts.  She began toying with my cock, making me hard.  I slid my shorts down to my ankles. She continued stroking me.
     She said, "Lenny, the woman who loves you is on her knees in front of you, and she wants to make you happy.  I'll do anything to make you happy.  Can I show you?"
     I said, "Show me.  I want to see how much you love me."
     Bekka got my cock in her mouth and began sucking, whipping her head back and forth.  It was like she read the psychic imprint of Jane's cocksucking skills and wanted to match them, if not better them.  She slurped noisily as she sucked, drooling more than I ever remembered.  Her drool carelessly imprinted on her night shirt.  She worked away, bringing me closer to orgasm.
     After not too much time of such administrations, I gasped, "Baby, I gotta come, look out."  Instead of sitting back, she clamped down, bobbing her head hard enough to give herself whiplash.  I couldn't hold back, and I came, forcing my hips forward to her mouth.  She gave off a muffled moan and took my load, swallowing every last drop.  I slumped in my chair, feeling spent.
     My beautiful wife looked up at me with a wet mouth and a smile.  "So did Jane make you come like that?" she asked.
     I decided to not bring up Monday.  "No.  She used her hand, and aimed it at her mouth.  She got sticky, and got a mouthful.  Oh baby, that was exquisite, that was awesome."
     "Remember, I love you, and when you doubt that, I'm always willing to show you how much I love you.  I'm gonna go up and shower now.  What are your plans?"
     I chuckled down at her.  "First, I need to catch my breath.  Then I need to shower and get to work, see what new crises have come up in my absence.  What do you have planned for the day?"
     Bekka stared into the middle distance.  "After I get my car back, I'm coming back here and switching to the iron horse.  I'm going for a ride, maybe up Mount Palomar.  I need to do some thinking, and could use the solitude."
     "What do you need to think about?" I asked.
     "How I'm going to handle losing my husband to a teenage girl," she replied tearfully.
     I held her by the arms.  "Hey, you're not losing me.  I'm right here.  I'm not going anywhere.  Jane isn't taking me away."
     "I feel like I can't compete with her.  She wants to be yours alone, to be your slave, your fuck toy.  You'll always have to share me as long as I'm working.  You're loyal to me, and I don't deserve it.  Why should you have me, when you can have her, all you want?"
     "Because I love you," I answered.
     "Do you love her?"
     I paused.  "Yes, I do.  And so do you."
     Bekka wiped her eyes.  "I know.  That's what makes this so hard.  This is just...."  She shook her head and went up the stairs to shower.

     That afternoon I was in my office working on my latest script, an office comedy titled Temporary Pleasures.  It was about a temp worker who keeps getting promoted upward at a company despite raging incompetence.  We'd be renting a lot of equipment and furniture for this one.  I was hoping to find someplace to lease office space for a month, so we weren't trying to redress the sound stage to look like an office.
     Bekka came in the office, dropping her helmet and gloves.  She slid out of her leather, then plopped herself in my lap sideways.  She had a concerned look on her face, wary and cautious.
     "Something on your mind?" I asked, stroking her hair.
     "A lot," she said.  Her voice was rough, as though she'd been crying.  "I don't know if I can express everything that's been going through my head, so I'll get the big important thing out of the way.  I want to share you with Jane on a permanent basis.  If you're willing."
     My jaw dropped.  I said, "For god's sake, why?"
     "Because it would be unfair and selfish for me to refuse you two.  I constantly share my body with other men, and the only requirement is they've passed a blood test.  Jane loves you, and has that massive crush on you.  You love her.  You also said you had a good time with her, in a way you and I never have.  Shit, you two have better connection than I do with the men who routinely fuck me.  Eddie, Dale, Chip, or the other rent-a-studs we have at Inana.  Why should I deny you your pleasures?"
     "But what you do is just performance."
     "And I couldn't do what I do if I didn't enjoy it.  I get fucked all day by various men, while you're down here wading through paperwork.  Then we go home and you finally get a chance to fuck your own wife.  You should be fucking more than you do, and since I'm already occupied, you should be able to fuck another person.  Hell, other people, if you want.  Seduce that goth girl Sue sometime, she's always complaining about what a short fuse her boyfriend has.  Rail her out on your desk.  And I know Jane will never say no to you."
     "So how do we arrange all this?" I asked.
     "I don't know," Bekka replied.
     "Does Jane start sharing our bed with us?  Do I switch off nights between you two?  How are you going to explain this to her?"
     "Lenny, I don't know.  I'm going to talk to her as soon as we get home, even if I have to pull Lance off of her to do it.  The three of us will go out to dinner and we can sort things out as we eat and drink.  I'll let her know you're cool with all this.  You are cool, right?"
     "Yeah, I'm cool.  I'm flattered you have such confidence in my skills and energy levels.  I hope I can keep up with the both of you."
     Bekka kissed me.  She said, "You're twenty-two, quite heterosexual, and capable of exhausting me.  Your speed habit doesn't hurt, either.  If you're not in the damn mood, just say so.  You'll be fine."
     I kissed her back and said, "Well....  Let me save what I've written to disk and we can get out of here."  Bekka got off my lap, and I grabbed a floppy disk and shoved it in the front of the Macintosh.  The machine wrote to the disk and I popped it back out, slapping on a sticker noting what it was.
     We headed for home, me at the wheel of my Fleetwood, Bekka on her purple Sportster.  As a rider she had gained confidence, riding aggressively through traffic.  I didn't try to keep up.  She was at the door waiting when I pulled up.  We went up into the house together, heading for Jane's room.  Bekka knocked on her door and got a response.  Bekka said, "As soon as you two are done, take Lance home.  I need to talk to you alone."  We went back downstairs and switched on the TV.
     Jane and Lance popped out ten minutes later, heading straight down the stairs towards Jane's Cutlass.  She was back fifteen minutes later, nervously walking into the living room.  "Am I in trouble?" she asked, sitting on the love seat.
     "No you're not," said Bekka.  "I wanted to let you know I've made an important decision, and it affects you closely.  Jane, I'm willing to share my husband with you.  Would you like that?"
     Jane looked surprised.  "You mean, like....  What we did last night?  You're okay with that happening?  One a more regular basis?"
     "Yes, it's fine.  You've expressed your interest in Lenny constantly, and I will no longer refuse you.  You love him, and you love me, so I can't think how you could hurt us.  That said, you don't get to take him away from me.  I want my time with him too.  But if you want to fuck Lenny sometimes, you have my approval."
     Jane ran her fingers through her spiked hair.  She said, "I'm blown away.  How come this is okay now?"
     Bekka said with a small smile, "I did some thinking today up on Mount Palomar.  Given what it is I do for a living, it's selfish and hypocritical of me to demand he remain physically loyal to me.  I fuck men who are relative strangers to me, why shouldn't Lenny fuck a close friend who loves him, and vice versa?"
     "So it's okay if I sit in Lenny's lap sometimes?"
     "Be my guest.  Now, if you wish."
     Jane sprang off the love seat and hugged Bekka.  "Thank you so much," she said.  Then she came over to me and settled in my lap, wrapping her arms around my neck.  "Hi, daddy," she said.
     I said, "That's one thing I'm going to insist changes.  Don't call me daddy any more, it creeps me out.  You didn't seem to mind calling me master...."
     "I like calling you master.  Should I tell Bekka what you call me?"
     Bekka snickered and said, "Fuck toy."
     "I can't help it, I want to be his fuck toy.  He can do anything he wants with me."
     This time Bekka laughed out loud.  "And I'll bet he will.  From what he mentioned, the two of you are on a different wavelength than he and I are.  I'm sure Lenny won't mind having the variety in his lovers.  Although something crossed my mind...."
     "What's that?"
     "The next time you two fuck, I want to watch."
     Jane and I looked at each other.  "Doesn't bother me," I said.
     "When?" asked Jane.
     "What the hell, no time like the present."
     I licked her neck and said, "Stand up and take all your clothes off.... Fuck toy."
     Jane stood and slowly peeled off her t-shirt.  I kicked off my engineers and slid my pants off, then my own shirt.  I was sitting naked on the sofa while Jane was still unhooking her bra.  Her Chuck Taylors went next, then her leather pants and undies, leaving her standing naked in front of me and Bekka.  She was completely unselfconscious, allowing herself to be coolly appraised by the two adults in the living room.
     I got up and stood next to her, running my hands all over her body.  "Isn't my fuck toy a pretty little thing?" I asked Bekka.  "And she's such fun to play with."
     I kissed Jane deeply, then bent down and got a nipple in my mouth.  She gasped and began stroking my cock.  I rubbed her pussy, feeling how damp she already was.  Her breath became stronger and rhythmic.  I straightened up and said, "Get on your knees, little toy."
     She did.  I held my cock, pointing it at her, and said, "Suck it, fuck toy, suck your master's dick for him."
     Once again she stuffed my cock in her mouth like it was the cure for cancer, sucking and bobbing her head and drooling.  I glanced over at Bekka.  Her lips were parted, and she had one hand shoved down the front of her jeans, rubbing away.
     After several minutes of this, I pushed Jane's head back and said, "That's enough for now.  Time to fuck my little toy."  I grabbed Jane by the chin. "You like being fucked, don't you?"  She silently nodded.  "Then get down on your hands and knees, just like how I showed you."
     Jane turned around and stuck her firm athletic butt up in the air, her pussy exposed from behind.  I knelt down behind her and rubbed the head of my cock between her lips.  She was soaked.  I slid it in with a single motion, going all the way in.  Jane let out an involuntary moan.  And from the sofa I heard Bekka whisper, "Oh yesss...."
     I began fucking Jane, firmly, adjusting my angle to where I knew she'd like it the most.  She began panting and grunting in time with my thrusts.  It didn't take her long.  She shoved her forehead into the carpet and began to emit a long sustained moan.  I could feel her kegels clenching around my cock, so I began pounding it into her even harder.  Then her whole body went through tremors and she howled, and collapsed forward.
     I let her catch her breath, gently sliding in and out of her.  I looked over at Bekka, who was chewing on her bottom lip and doing some heavy breathing of her own, still rubbing away at her own pussy.  "My little fuck toy likes to come.  Want to see how she makes a man come?"
     Bekka panted, "Fuck yes.  Come on, fuck toy, make your master come."
     I said to Jane, "You know how I want to come.  Make me get you all sticky."
     Jane positioned herself in front of me and began working on my cock with her mouth and hand, sucking and stroking, bringing me closer and closer.  After a couple minutes of this I gasped at Jane, "Coming...."  She got it out of her mouth, jerking it while keeping it aimed at her face and mouth.  I shot off in her face, cum dripping off her chin and onto her boobs.  Once again she got it in her mouth at the end to drain that last of my fluid.  I collapsed backwards onto the love seat.  Bekka let out a soft moan as she made herself come.  And Jane knelt there on the floor, scooping cum off her face and into her mouth with her fingers.
     I went upstairs and grabbed a towel, wiping myself down and taking it down to Jane.  She thanked me and began cleaning up, settling in my lap as I sat down on the sofa next to Bekka, who was buttoning up the front of her Levis.  Jane snuggled up against me and said, "How was I, master?"
     "Stellar, little fuck toy," I replied.
     "You don't talk when you fuck?" asked Bekka of Jane.
     "Toys can't talk.  We can only perform," Jane replied.
     Bekka giggled, "And make noises.  Lots of noises."
     Jane giggled back, "I can't help it.  Lenny fucks too good to be quiet."
     I said, "So, what about dinner?  I'm starving.  I vote for Boll Weevil down in La Jolla.  Burgers and onion rings and a pitcher or two of beer."  I started pulling on my clothes.
     "Sounds good to me," said Jane.  "They have pinball machines there."
     "Up for a few games?" asked Bekka.
     "Hell yes.  Wonderful things seem to result when I play pinball against you two."
     "No bets," I said.  "I'm afraid to see how much more weird my life will get if you girls set up another bet involving me."


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