Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 8)

     The Seafarer was a classy place, and we didn't blend in well on a Friday night.  The bar was well packed.  We found a vacant booth and settled in.  The waitress came and took our orders: double Johnnie Walkers on ice for me and Bekka, a Singapore Sling for Sue, and a double Wild Turkey on ice for Jane.  The waitress didn't question Jane's age, she was too busy being nervous over our very presence.  This was not a bar that often hosted two punk rockers and two porno queen goth chicks.

     I looked around and realized I was the only male there who wasn't wearing a tie.  Even the bar back had a tie on.  The females of the species were in blouses and nylons.  There was no DJ, but pop music played from somewhere.  The four of us stared out with dilated pupils at this scene: well-moneyed honkies there to get an overpriced buzz on and interact with the opposite sex.  I had either Jane's or Bekka's hand in my lap, playing with my dick.  I didn't feel like checking to see whose hand it was.
     Jane asked Sue to let her out of the booth, she have to use the bathroom.  The hand disappeared.  Sue slid over next to me, and a hand reappeared in my lap....  Then a second one, Bekka looking to do the same thing.  She looked at Sue and said, "Are you groping my husband again?"
     Sue smiled and said, "A hard man is good to find."
     "So is this some sort of endurance contest y'all are putting me through?  See how long you can keep Lenny erect in public?" I asked.
     "I like playing with my husband's cock," said Bekka.
     Sue said, "I like playing with cocks, period.  And your wife doesn't seem to mind sharing."
     "Give me some respite," I said.  "My dick is becoming inured to the constant manipulation."
     "Then why is it still hard?" asked Sue.
     "Force of habit," I replied.
     A woman's voice above us cried, "Oh hey!  It is you!"  We looked up and saw our neighbor, Joan Keillor, standing there with her husband Grant.  He looked exasperated.  No surprise, as the last time we'd seen them we'd gotten Joan trashed on marijuana and cocaine, much to his dismay.  And thanks to Jane, she had gained three blue streaks in her hair, which must have impressed the hell out of the other people at her office.
     "So what brings you by here?" asked Grant.  "Didn't really think this would be your sort of place."
     Bekka said, "We just had dinner here, and are following it up with some drinks.  We snorted our dessert in the car."
     Joan bent down and muttered to me, "Um, you don't have any, of, um...."
     I told her, "Ask Bekka.  She should be able to fix you up."
     "Ask me what?" said Bekka.
     "Do you have any more coke?  Joan here wants a rail."
     "No problem.  Roll her up a bill."  Bekka dug in her purse and pulled out a large vial, opened it up, and dumped cocaine onto the table.  I rolled up a hundred and handed it to Joan.
     "Jesus Christ, Joan...." said Grant, looking disgusted.
     "Grant, block the view from the bar while she snorts up," I said.
     Grant turned around and stood in front of the table.  Joan bent down and snorted up the pile.  She dropped the bill back down in front of me, wiped her nose, and said, "Thank you.  That stuff really is amazing.  That's just what I needed."
     Jane came back to the table, saw who was standing there, and said, "Oh, hello neighbors.  How are you?"
     Joan giggled, "Doing better now.  Jane, right?"
     "Yeah.  Or Gator Bait, depending on your inclination."  Jane saw the seating had been rearranged and slid in the booth next to Sue, grabbing for her drink.
     Grant stared at her.  "What are you drinking?" he asked.
     "Wild Turkey," answered Jane.
     "Aren't you in high school?"
     Jane put on a charming smile and said, "Yeah, but don't tell them here.  It's our little secret, okay?"
     "No sense in making a fuss," I said, draining the last of my Johnnie Walker.
     "So what have you guys been up to?" asked Joan.  She was decidedly more perky than she had been.
     "Makin' porn, like usual," said Bekka.  "By the way, this is Sue, our newest performer.  Sue, these are our neighbors, Joan and Grant."
     "Hi," said Sue.  "Right now I'm the resident anal queen."
     "The resident what?" asked Grant.
     "Anal queen," Sue repeated.  "I take it in the ass much of the time."
     "Oh.  I see.  My god.  Um, is that all you do?"
     "Of course not.  I suck and fuck like everyone else, but I like anal, and it's extra money for it.  So far, this is the best job I've ever had.  I made $2700 this week with my body.  That was maybe sixteen hours work, including makeup.  Yeah, I'll be sticking around."
     "But you have guys, y'know, doing you in the butt..." said Joan.
     Sue smiled widely.  "And I'm in that percentage of girls who like taking it in the ass.  They pay me extra for doing something I like."
     I said, "When Sue is in a marquee position --- and she will be --- she'll be earning that much more.  This girl is gonna go places."
     "Your parents must be so proud," muttered Grant.
     Sue heard him and said, "My fucking parents stopped interfering in my life when I was fourteen.  I've never been to jail, which is better than either of them can say.  The next time I run into them, I'll tell them what I'm doing.  That is, if my dad hasn't already seen some of my video."
     Wishing to leave the subject, Joan said, "So are you all out to party tonight?"
     "Not too late," I said.  "A few drinks here, then take Sue home and go home ourselves.  We did Ecstasy last night and didn't get any sleep.  Why, you got plans?"
     "No.  We expected to do some drinking, so we took a cab here."
     I flagged down the waitress and got another round ordered.  Bekka gave Joan and Grant a villain's smile and asked them, "How would you two like to get good and high?"
     "On what?" asked Grant suspiciously.
     "Ecstasy.  A single pill each will have you both in love with the world."
     "One second," said Jane, draining her whiskey.  "Ecstasy is a warrior's drug.  They don't strike me as warriors.  Do you two have the hearts of warriors?"
     "What?" said Grant.
     "Doesn't that stuff make people go nuts?" asked Joan.
     I said, "Yeah, for the same reason people on meth go nuts.  They try to stay high for too long, and go for days without sleeping, and their brains crumble.  I've gone six days without sleeping, and shit gets weird at that point.  But one hit will keep you up overnight, and that's it."
     "Well....  I'm willing to try it...."
     Grant said, "Jesus Christ, Joan!"
     "There's a caveat," said Bekka.  "You both have to take it, and you take it here and now.  You can't be afraid, either.  Think of it as a little adventure the two of you will have together.  And it's not like you don't know where we live."  She pulled out the Tic-Tac box and shook out two pills, placing them on the table in front of the Keillors.
     They stared at them briefly, then Grant snatched his up and said, "I refused to be intimidated by a single pill.  I took acid once in college, you can't scare me."  He popped the pill in his mouth and washed it down with his drink.
     Joan watched him do this.  She smiled, said "Bottoms up," and put down her own pill.  "So what should I expect?"
     Jane said, "Euphoria.  Confidence.  Energy.  A feeling of personal involvement with the universe.  You can see possibilities in all things, good or bad.  Some people find that frightening, which is why I recommend that only warriors take Ecstasy.  It can be scary, to feel so involved with the universe."
     "We'll be okay though, right?"
     "So long as you approach the high as a warrior would," said Jane.
     "You'll be fine," I interjected.  "The high lasts for about ten hours.  There's nothing jarring about it, if you're just taking a single hit."
     Bekka said, "I suggest that in about four hours the two of you get in bed together and see what transpires.  You can work up some serious sex magic when you're high."
     "So what's all this about warriors?" Grant asked Jane.
     Jane sipped at her fresh Wild Turkey and said, "It's all about a way of thinking, having a mind that is dexterous and strong.  The ability to face down the unknown, and come out on top.  Many don't have that strength.  The members of the Cosa Nostra are strong, they're warriors.  Crips and Bloods are not strong, they're only physically dangerous.  And Stephen Hawking is proof that a strong mind is far more awesome than a physical ability."
     "So am I a warrior?" asked Grant patronizingly.
     Jane stared at him.  "I don't know.  I would have to observe you for a while to find out.  To be frank, you don't strike me as one."
     Grant's face fell.  "Well, what about Joan?"
     "She has more potential.  She takes risks."
     "Hey, I take risks!"
     Jane stared some more.  "How?"
     "I just took that damn drug!" said Grant.
     Jane stared into her whiskey while she lit a Newport.  "You treated it like it was a schoolyard dare, and not Lenny and Bekka being neighborly.  They just wanted to do something nice for you, share their bounty.  They would have no reason to hurt you, yet you're fearful.  Don't be."
     Bekka said, "Gator Bait, don't fuck with his high before it even starts.  Listen Grant, when the Ecstasy kicks in, go with the flow.  Do what feels right, within reason.  You live on the beach just like us, go for a night swim, it's fun.  You'll be fine."
     Jane said, "It's the weekend now.  Can I have a hit?"
     "Girl, you were just saying two hours ago that you were tired and looking forward to getting some sleep," I said.  "If you take more 'E' you'll be up all night again, and hurting in the morning."
     "And you don't get to fuck Lenny.  That's my cock until tomorrow," said Bekka.
     Jane said, "I know.  I want to paint my leather.  I have ideas for it."
     Bekka sighed and pulled the container back out.  She cracked it open and said to me, "What the hell, wanna join her?  We can tweak and freak.  Sue, you want to take some Ecstasy?"
     Sue said, "Sure.  I'll strip and re-wax my surfboard, maybe call up my boyfriend and tell him he needs to come over and service my snatch."
     "Yay!" said Jane as I passed her a hit.  She washed it down with her whiskey.
     Grant looked at Jane.  "You're in high school, right?  You're sixteen years old?"
     "Yeah.  I'm a junior."
     "Yet you smoke, you drink, you use drugs...."
     Jane continued, "And I drive a fast car, ride a motorcycle, and fuck.  Yeah, I know, I'm a female adolescent version of Dennis the Menace.  I'm my boyfriend's mother's worst nightmare.  I'm a lot of people's worst nightmare.  Were you going somewhere with that?"
     "Well....  Don't you worry about getting in trouble?"
     "Actually, I'm quite cautious," chuckled Jane.  "My boyfriend's stepdad is a cop.  I'm an A student at a school where the administration doesn't like me.  And I'd never do or say anything to land Lenny and Bekka in hot water.  Like, you'll never see me have more than a few drinks when I'm out.  I don't want to attract attention.  So despite my behaviors, I avoid trouble."
     Grant sighed.  He said, "Don't take this the wrong way, but if I had a daughter, I wouldn't want her to be like you."
     Jane gave her charming smile.  "Funny, my parents felt the same way about me at the beginning of summer.  That's why I'm in California."
     I got up to use the bathroom.  I took a leak, washed my hands, and examined the dark circles under my eyes.  While I was standing there, a voice said, "I heard all you punk rock types are faggots."
     I spun on the voice....  Only to see my friend Rico standing there, grinning.  I laughed and we gave each other the Italian man-hug.  "Hey, ya damn car thief!" I said.  "What the hell are you doing here?"
     "I'm doing some sport fishing in the morning out of Mission Bay.  I took a room for the night down here.  This place was recommended as the best seafood going in San Diego."
     "Yeah, they got great grub here.  We had our dinner already, we're in the bar knocking back a few.  You want a hit of Ecstasy?"
     Rico raised his eyebrows.  "Can I get it to go?  I don't feel like being up all night, but it should make being on that all-day boat more interesting."
     "No problem.  Hey, I got someone I want you to meet.  She's one of my performers, and she's enamored of my Fleetwood.  She's looking for a new car now that she's making good money."
     "Well, lead on.  Bekka and that little girl here with you?"
     "Yeah, we got a table.  Come on."
     We went back out into the bar and over to the booth.  Joan and Grant had vacated to the bar.  The girls had taken it upon themselves to order another round.  They saw who was with me and got up to give him a hug.  Jane gave him an adoring squeeze and said, "Hi, Uncle Rico!"
     I said, "Rico, this is Sue, one of my up-and-coming stars.  Sue, this is Rico, the man you want to talk to if you want a sweet Cadillac."
     Rico said, "So what were you looking for in your car?"
     "Black, with lots of chrome like Lenny's, but not as big.  Just as comfortable, though.  Air conditioning, um, I'm not sure what else...."
     "You want any of the special options I got for Lenny?"
     "Like what?" asked Sue.
     "The hot motor, for one," said Rico.  "Or the trick suspension, armored body, bulletproof glass, gun safe, dual exhaust.  These aren't normal options, but I can make them happen."
     Sue chuckled.  "Lenny has a gun safe in that beast?"
     "Damn right.  All he has to do is reach down with his right hand and he's holding a piece.  That's not an option GM offers, but I had my own guys put it in for him."
     "Well....  I guess I would like it to be fast...."
     Rico slapped the table.  "I know what to set you up with.  A Coupe de Ville, factory-painted black, and my own guys can install a Police Interceptor package on your motor.  I'll have them open up  the exhaust for you, too.  Lenny's is quick, and he's carrying all that extra weight.  You'll have a fast and classy ride.  How does that sound?"
     "Sounds great," said Sue.  "Can I drive one first?"
     "Well....  Sort of," Rico chuckled.  "I'll put you behind the wheel of a stock Coupe de Ville so you can get an idea of the feel, it's comfort, and how it's appointed.  But after my garage guys are done with yours, it's gonna lay black streaks when you punch it.  It'll be quick.  That's what you want, right?"
     "Yeah.  I suppose I have to go elsewhere to have 'Rolling Death Kitty' engraved in the rear glass."
     Rico laughed at this.  "Yeah, you'll have to get that done at a custom shop.  You really are one of those goth babes, aren't you?"
     "Oh yes."
     Jane said, "I don't think you're as goth as you like to think you are."
     Sue spun on Jane.  "Why do you say that?"
     "You goths are supposed to be so fucking fascinated by death, but all day you do the most life-affirming thing possible: you fuck."
     Sue stared at Jane, wide-eyed.  She finally said, "You may have a point, little one."
     I said to Sue, "My advice?  Get bulletproof glass.  It makes your ride dead silent.  When you crank tunes, it's like being in a sound box.  Oh, and don't worry about a factory stereo.  Get a Pioneer or Alpine installed after you get the car.  Nothing personal, Rico, but those Delco stereos suck."
     "No offense taken," said Rico, waving a hand.  "They're stereos for old people.  I don't recommend them to anyone under fifty-five."
     "So you're up in Anaheim," said Sue.  I couldn't go to a dealership down here?"
     Rico grinned patiently.  "A couple problems with that.  First, you wouldn't be able to get your engine mods done, it would be stock.  That, and you'll save quite a bit of money buying through me.  You work for Inana, right?  Our two businesses are closely aligned, we help each other out where we can.  We have a tight relationship.  You'd be getting your Cadillac at factory cost."
     "Whoa.  So is it okay if I come up on Monday and sorta check things out?"
     "Sure.  When you get there, tell 'em you're there to see me, and you're a friend of Lenny's.  I'll be right down.  Better yet, Lenny?  Bekka?  You got any plans for Monday?  Why don't you come up with her, we'll get some lunch."
     I flagged down the waitress and got another round, plus a menu and a vodka and tonic for Rico.  They would serve dinner to Rico there in the bar, and that was fine with him.  I got the impression he was rather impressed with Sue.  Whether Sue would have any interest in a 260 lb. Italian car thief remained to be seen.
     Rico tucked into his tuna steak.  The rest of us picked at a basket of potato skins, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings to be social, and also to cut some of the alcohol.  The Ecstasy was starting to come on, and booze wouldn't matter after that.
     Rico noticed, and was amused.  "All four of you are high, aren't you?"
     Bekka said, "Yeah.  Coke and Ecstasy.  Are we obvious?"
     He laughed.  "You all have these feral grins on your faces, your pupils are massively dilated, your eyes are too big for your faces....  There's no question you're on drugs.  I probably shouldn't be saying this, but after I finish eating, you guys want to do some coke?  I got it from Vinny Morelli, and it's some serious fuel."
     "I'll do some to be social," I said.  The girls snickered and agreed.
     Rico was passively chewing his sourdough bread when Grant wandered over to the table.  He leaned down and said, "This is such a different feeling.  I don't know what to associate it with.  This is very strange."
     Bekka smiled and said, "It feels good though, right?"
     "Yes.  It's just so strange.  I want to go home and make love to my wife while I write an opera.  I want to do so much, and all at once."
     Rico laughed and wiped his mouth.  He put his hand on Grant's shoulder and said, "Did Lenny share his Ecstasy with you?"
     "Yes he did."
     "You should feel fucking honored.  Not just anyone gets to try what Lenny has, it's pure magic.  You should be grateful."
     Jane, perched on her Uncle Rico's knee, piped up, "Remember, think like a warrior.  Be in control.  It's your universe to rule."
     Grant looked at Rico and said, "Who are you?"
     Rico said, "I'm a fucking car thief who's friends with Lenny and Bekka.  I'm also your worst fucking nightmare if you don't show some gratitude to Lenny for sharing his drugs.  Capiche?"
     Grant stared at Rico for a second and caught the look in his eye.  He stuck his hand out in front of me and began babbling, "Lenny, thank you so much for giving those drugs to me and my wife.  I can tell we're gonna have fun, I'll stop by tomorrow and let you know how it went...."
     Joan slid up next to her husband.  "Here you are," she said, putting an arm around his waist.  She looked at us and said, "I'm going to take my husband home and fuck him.  Then we're going for a night swim, like you suggested.  I feel fantastic!  Thank you Lenny, thank you Bekka."  The two headed for the door.
     "You didn't need to do that," I said.
     "Ah, he was a pipsqueak.  I don't like pipsqueaks."  Rico finished his drink.  "So how the hell do you know him?"
     "He's a neighbor of ours," I explained.  "He's got a stick up his ass.  His wife is more relaxed."
     Rico grinned.  "Hah!  I'd love to hear how the rest of their evening goes.  Look, I'm gonna cut out back to my motel, I gotta be at the dock at an ugly hour.  So you said you could spare one of those?"
     "Hold out your hand," said Bekka, pulling out the Tic-Tac box.  She shook two into his hand.  "Double up tomorrow.  Just don't decide to walk back to shore."
     Rico cackled and dropped the pills in his vest pocket.  He said, " I promise to not dive in after the fish, either.  You kids have a good night."  He took his leave.
     Sue said, "You ready to drive me home?  I could go for a night surf.  It's killer, gliding across the black water, like surfing in space."
     I said, "Yeah, no problem.  You guys ready?"  Bekka and Jane nodded.
     I paid off our bar tab, left a tip, and we went out to the Fleetwood.  Sue stood staring at my ride, admiring and considering.  She said, "It needs a death's head for a hood ornament."
     Jane said, "That's what I told him!"
     We got in and I pointed us towards the freeway.  All the windows were up, so I told Sue, "Listen to how quiet this damn thing is.  That's the bulletproof glass coming into play.  Now check this out...."
     I put in a Skinny Puppy tape and cranked it loud.  The Alpine I'd installed kicked out the sound like it was a concert hall.  Sue smiled and nodded.
     I turned the sound back down so we could talk.  Jane told Sue that she wanted to learn how to surf.  Sue replied that a deal could be struck, as she wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  Bekka unbuckled and slid across, cuddling up against me.  Her hand found its way into my lap.
     "Looking for something?" I asked.
     "Yes, my husband's cock," Bekka replied.  "You know, the thing his wife loves to be fucked with."
     "Can't do it while I drive.  You have to wait."
     Bekka nuzzled my neck and said in my ear, "I can still suck on it.  Whip it out, baby."
     I pulled out my half-hard cock, and Bekka positioned herself with her face in my crotch.  She got it in her mouth and started sucking, me with one arm resting on her back.  I tilted the wheel to give her more room to work.
     From the back seat I heard Sue titter and say, "Bekka, are you sucking his dick?"
     "Mm Hmm," was the reply.
     "No fair!" said Jane.  "We can't see."
     Bekka took her mouth off my cock long enough to say, "That's fine with me, I have a goddamn audience all day long.  Call me selfish."  Then she went back to work.
     I took my cock back and put it away as we got on Grand Ave.  We turned down Mission Blvd. and headed into the heart of party city.  Sue had me turn on Niantic Ct., then directed me to a vacant parking spot between two converted garages.  One was hers.  We parked, and she invited us in for a beer.
     It was a cell.  Her place was even more claustrophobic due to the fact that she'd painted the interior black and blood red.  It was simply a room, a bed on one side, a sofa on the other, some shelving holding a TV and sound system and records.  The bathroom and tiny kitchenette shared a wall to the back.  Sue removed her surfboard from the sofa and leaned it against a wall, and gestured us to the sofa.  She brought us cans of Natural Ice beer which we cracked open and toasted with.  Dragging a chair over from a corner, she plunked down and considered us, her chin in her hand.  Then she smiled.
     Sue said, "Bekka, you've said the three of you are a family.  You're the sickest, most twisted family I've ever seen, and I love it.  You've got Mommy and the little girl fighting over who gets access to Daddy's dick, Daddy is fucking you both, you all take drugs and drink together, yet there's no hostility that I've seen.  You're incest porn come to life."
     "Except we aren't really family," I noted.  "Jane is adoptive.  And she's a woman.  Just ask her."
     "Be that as it may, the relationship the three of you have is sick.  All of you are so twisted it's hilarious.  I love it, I think it's insane and it's awesome.  Bekka, do you and Jane fool around?"
     "We have," said Bekka.
     "Keep it up.  God, Lenny, you're living a dude's dream.  You're up to your ears in snatch, some of which is still teenage.  Not to mention you get to fuck my ass during the week, if you want.  It's like the three of you have turned orgasm into a god to worship, and you have to bring that god offerings.  I hope the three of you are together until you die."
     Bekka looked annoyed.  "Keep in mind we're still feeling our way through this new turn in our relationship.  We don't know what we're doing.  I'm just so fucking pleased we're entertaining you."
     Sue knelt down in front of Bekka, placing her hands on her knees.  "It's not about me being entertained.  I'm truly happy for the three of you.  You're beautiful.  You're living out a fantasy, a fantasy that few would admit to even dreaming.  It's taboo.  That's what fascinates me so much.  You're all doing something that most people would never admit they want....  But they do."
     Jane said, "I've already lived the fantasy you're describing.  It started when I was twelve.  It ain't what it's cracked up to be....  Although my father made me who I am, a sex-obsessed high school chick.  I can't help but wonder what I'd be like if my dad hadn't started fucking me at that age."
     Sue looked at Jane in shock.  "Oh....  My god.  Oh honey, I'm so sorry, that's not what I was saying was good, I was saying I loved how three people --- three adults --- could live out a collective fantasy.  I'm so sorry that happened to you."
     Jane shrugged and said, "In a way it's liberating.  Other girls my age are confused and scared about sex, they're squeamish, they don't know what they want.  I've got one up on them.  I know most of the answers.  I mean, I've never been tied up before --- hint hint Lenny --- but I've done most everything else, all the regular stuff, and I liked it.  I'm glad I'm not mixed up like the other girls.  I'd hate being afraid of sex at my age, even if I am too young legally."
     "I keep forgetting that," laughed Sue.  "You spend an evening drinking with someone in a snooty bar, you forget they're still in high school."
     Sue knocked back the rest of her beer and stood.  "You all know what I look like naked, so it won't embarrass you if I change into my wetsuit, right?"  She began unbuttoning her blouse.  We gave our approval.
     She pulled on the lower half of a bikini, then zipped up her suit on top.  We'd been going through a Santa Ana, so things were warm.  She grabbed her board and we followed her out and towards the beach.
     I asked her as we walked, "So now that you're making money, are you going to look for a bigger place?"
     "Probably not," she said.  "First of all, I'll never match the location.  I don't care that I'm a goth bitch, surfing is in my blood.  Walking four minutes and being at the water is perfect for me.  I'd hate having to drive to go surfing.  Screw the dyed hair, screw the makeup, screw the Christian Death and Cure albums, at heart I really think I am a beach betty.
     "Also, living there will keep me humble.  Living in my little monk's cell means I won't start acquiring things I don't actually need.  Okay, I've bought a few clothes and I replaced my old TV with a good one, and I'm gonna finally take the plunge and spring for cable, but that's it.  I like to think of my place as cozy."
     We stood at the water line, and Sue strapped her board leash to her ankle.  She said, "Time for fun," and began marching out into the water.  When she reached a certain depth she got on her board and started paddling.  A storm off of Baja had pushed the break up to about five feet, pretty good for San Diego.  By the light of a half-moon, we watched Sue paddle out to where the swells started.
     She caught one.  She began riding it in, tearing up the wave with her twin-fin board.  Too soon the wave was exhausted, and she hopped down, riding the wash closer into shore.  She grabbed her board and jogged up to us smiling.
     "Oh yeah.  This is what I need right now.  Good break, water to myself, dark and spooky out there, this is perfect.  Um, I'm gonna be out for at least an hour, you don't have to stick around."
     "Okay," I said.  "We have things we'd like to get done at home anyway."
     "And how," said Bekka.
     "May I kiss your husband?" asked Sue.
     "Be my guest," Bekka replied.
     Sue planted one on me, mouth open, tongue probing.  I reciprocated.  She tasted salty, big surprise.
     After we finished, I asked her, "You're up for driving to Anaheim on Monday?"
     "Absolutely.  I want a new car, something with class."
     "I'll call you in the afternoon, so we can arrange things, okay?"
     Bekka, Jane, and I made our way back to the steps and down the narrow street to where the Fleetwood was parked.


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