Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 5)

     We walked into Boll Weevil and grabbed a table near the pool tables and pinball machines.  The waitress brought us a pitcher of Miller, we filled our glasses and considered our menus.  God knows why, we always got their big cheeseburgers and a big basket of onion rings to share.  Bekka looked at Jane and started giggling.

     "What's up?" asked Jane.
     "Girl, you've still got cum in your hair," Bekka responded, leaning forward and grabbing a spike of Jane's jutting blue hair.  She squeezed the hair between her thumb and finger, drawing upwards.  Then she licked her fingers.
     "Yep, that's Lenny's," she said.
     Jane said, "You should have left it there.  I could have started a new fashion statement."
     "Oh really?" asked Bekka.
     "Yeah.  Like all the girls getting Becky Page haircuts these days, or shaving their pussies like you do.  Screw it, porn should impact fashion and style more directly.  Girls should walk around with fake cum splattered on their faces.  Or maybe a nice dignified trickle running down from a corner of the mouth."
     "How about perfume that smells like Astroglide?" I suggested.  "That would draw the boys."
     Bekka said, "Nipple falsies that go inside your bra, so you always look turned on.  Or at least cold."
     We were getting looks from three dudes at the pool table, Young Republican types still in their work clothes.  Their ties dragged on the felt of the table.  They kept elbowing each other and whispering.
     "Guys got it easy," I said.  "All we need to do is shove a Twinkie down the front of our pants and we look great.  It's a total lie, but we look awesome walking down the street."
     Jane said, "I always wished guys would walk around with hard-ons a lot of the time.  That way you could know whether or not he's worth pursuing."
     I snickered.  "You pursued me, and you never saw me with a hard-on.  Besides, are you really that much of a size queen?  How does Lance measure up?"
     "He'll do," Jane frowned.  "I don't know if I'd have gone for him if I'd seen him with a hard-on beforehand."
     "So what would prompt guys to walk around sporting wood?" asked Bekka.  "Would they be constantly rubbing themselves?  Or would women be allowed to feel them up uninvited?"
     Jane leered and said, "I'd be happy to get Lenny hard right now."  She reached over and draped a hand across my crotch.
     Bekka moved her hand and replaced it with her own.  "Jesus, Gator Bait, not forty-five minutes ago you were getting nailed on the floor of our living room, and now you want more cock.  I don't care what Lenny says, you are insatiable.  Besides, it's my turn next.  And you don't get to watch, not for a while.  It's one of the things I value in our relationship, the privacy."
     We realized there was someone standing above us.  One of the yuppies stood in front of our table.  "Excuse me," he said, "is your name Becky Page?"
     "That's me," Bekka said coolly.  "May I help you?"
     The yuppie turned to his two friends.  "I knew I was right!"  He turned back to Bekka and said, "What are you doing here?"
     "Waiting to order, drinking beer, and arguing with this young lady over whose turn it is to play with my husband's cock.  She's recently been granted access to it and is feeling a bit too enthusiastic.  How about you?  What's occupying you this evening?"
     The yuppie looked disgruntled.  "Your husband?  This guy is your husband?  But the magazines all said you were single.  Did you just get married?"
     "Happily married for just over two years now.  The magazines lied.  I'm not twenty-two, either, I'm twenty-eight.  Lenny, my husband, turns twenty-three at the end of November.  And Gator Bait here is criminally underage, we'll leave it at that."
     Jane drawled, "How y'all doing, yuppie-man?"
     The yuppie frowned at Jane.  "Who are you?"
     "I'm Jane.  A.k.a Gator Bait, a.k.a. pet, a.k.a. fuck toy.  Only these two are allowed to call me fuck toy, though.  Particularly Lenny.  Me and Bek--Becky have never fucked.  I want to try, though."
     Another of the yuppies came over to the table.  He looked at Bekka and said, "Wow, you really are Becky Page.  Um, so do you live around here?  What's up?"
     Bekka answered, "No, we live in Encinitas.  And my husband is up.  See?"
     "Whoa.  This guy's really your husband?"
     I said, "Why is that so hard for you to believe, white bread?"
     "I, um, thought she was single, from what it said in the magazines.  Besides, you're just some punk rock type."
     Bekka and Jane laughed at this.  I chuckled and said, "You like Becky's videos?"
     "Next time you watch one, check the producer credit.  It says Lenny Schneider.  That's me.  I know how important money is to you yuppie types, and I'll tell you right now I'm probably worth more than you.  I've been successful in a challenging industry, and it's paid off."
     The second yuppie looked affronted.  "No way."
     Bekka removed her hand from my cock so she could pour herself more beer.  Jane's hand immediately took its place upon seeing the opportunity.  "Way," Bekka said.  "Between the two of us, we're getting quite rich.  Lenny here writes and produces good videos for me to star in, and they sell like crazy.  We're criminal scumbags, and we're getting rich."
     I said, "That's the thing that drives people nuts.  We're all total scum-fucks.  We ride Harleys, we drive hot rods, we listen to music that other people hate, our money comes from filming other people fucking, we abuse hard drugs....  Hell, I have a sixteen year old sex slave on top of having a really hot wife.  I'm getting my dick played with right now, in the middle of a restaurant.  I'm total scum, and I like it that way."
     The first yuppie said to Bekka, "But you're not scum.  You're classy, you have a lot of style.  You're not like this guy at all."
     Bekka smirked up at him.  "I'm not?  I start my day with a big fat line of meth, then go to work and get fucked by men I barely know.  I arranged for my own husband to have his sex slave.  I party really hard on weekends, it would be a shorter list to tell you what drugs I won't do.  Despite all the sex I have during my work day, I still pounce on my husband when I see him.  And you'll hate my music."
     The second yuppie looked at Jane and said, "I don't get where you fit in to all of this."
     Still stroking my cock through my pants, Jane said, "I introduced myself earlier.  I go to Carlsbad High.  I live with these two, and am grateful for it.  I'm a sixteen year old nympho who has both a normal boyfriend from school and this man here, who can fuck me until I beg him to stop.  He's the best fuck I've ever had, and that's saying something.  It's only societal restraint that keeps me from sucking his cock right here at the table."
     "That, and you need to ask permission," said Bekka.  "It's my turn next."
     The two yuppies leaned on their pool cues and guffawed.  "You're just some high school chick!" one of them said.  "No way would you follow through!"
     Jane looked at Bekka and said, "May I please?"
     Bekka said, "Go ahead, just don't make him come."
     Jane asked the yuppies, "So what's in it for us, anyway?"
     The first one said, "We'll buy you your next pitcher of beer.  Sound good?"
     I pushed my chair back and pulled my cock out of my pants through the fly.  Jane sank to her knees, grabbed it by the base, and began sucking.  She was mannerly enough to keep the drooling to a minimum, so my pants wouldn't be soaked.  The two yuppies went pasty, watching in amazement as a teenage punk rock girl sucked cock in the middle of a Boll Weevil.  They didn't speak.  After a couple minutes I brought Jane up from my cock, kissed her, and said, "That's enough, fuck toy.  Thank you."  I tucked my cock back in my pants.
     The yuppies were stunned into silence.  Then they busted out with "Oh my god....  I can't believe....  Wow, you really...."
     Jane said, "He didn't let me make him come.  I'm still wanting more, I like how his cum tastes."
     The first yuppie, who was sporting obvious wood, said, "Well, I could help you out with that."
     "No way.  I love him.  I'll take his cock any way he wants me to in the middle of Yankee Stadium.  You're just some yuppie, you're boring.  I don't care if you're hung like a stallion, I'll still take his cock over yours.  I love Lenny, and everyone else is second rate."
     "She's a very loyal fuck toy," I said.  I kissed Jane, then Bekka, who had her hand down her pants again and no one had noticed.
     The second yuppie asked, "So what drugs are you all on right now?"
     Bekka said, "Well, me and Lenny are on meth, but there's nothing new in that.  Besides that, none.  Jane is totally straight.  This is what we're like.  We're total scum-fucks.  We do what we like.  Are you bothered?"
     "I've never met people like you...." said the first yuppie.
     "And you rarely will," I said.  "We are totally unencumbered by societal restrictions.  We do what we like.  We avoid jail, and that's it."
     "Wait a minute, how old are you again?" the second yuppie asked of Jane.
     She smiled and said, "I'm sixteen.  I'm a junior at Carlsbad High.  I live with these two, my parents are in Gainesville, Florida."
     "Holy shit...."
     "Yeah, my parents decided I was incorrigible and threw me out.  I took the bus out here and hooked up with Lenny and Becky here.  I've been with them for months, but it's only been over the last couple days I've been allowed to fuck Lenny.  I needed it, too.  I needed a man's cock, not a boy's.  Now I'll get railed by my high school boyfriend in the afternoon, and by Lenny in the evening.  I'll feel satisfied when I go to bed at night.  That's what I want."
     "But you're just a kid!"
     "Oh, she's a woman, no doubt about it," I said.  "Like she said, last night was our first night together, and she proved to me she's a woman.  No question."
     "Where the hell is our waitress?" said Bekka.  "Oh, here she is.  Three third-pound cheeseburgers with everything, and two baskets of onion rings.  I know my husband is hungry, the rings won't go to waste.  And these gentlemen are buying us another pitcher of Miller, put it on their tab.  Thank you."
     "Do you guys really live like this?" asked the first yuppie.
     "Apparently so," I replied.  "Me and Becky being drug addicts keeps things lively, and little Gator Bait here is drunk on cock, she's got her own hang-ups.  If anything, she has an easier time of it, since getting a guy to give up cock is easier than locating drugs.  I haven't had to search for drugs since I was eighteen, but still, it's more of a challenge than finding someone willing to loan a body part.  I like to think I'm keeping her out of trouble.  If it weren't for me, she'd be going after her teachers at school, which makes for good cinema, but is lousy for living.  I just hope I can keep up with both my wife and that machine pussy she has.  She's a monster."
     Jane sniggered.  "Machine pussy.  I like that.  It's what I want.  A pussy that never tires, that only exists for pleasure.  A machine pussy.  I can roll with that."
     The first yuppie looked aghast.  "Is that what you have?"
     "Oh yeah.  Lenny here is the first man to ever wear me out, having me begging him to stop.  Does that make him a machine cock?  I don't know.  All I know is that my pussy keeps going until it's exhausted all possibilities.  I've got a machine pussy, I know that.  It's a perfect description."
     I said, "I know if you get her going, she's hard to turn off.  That's why she's a fuck toy.  You have to keep playing with her, keep fucking, until she shuts down.  Finding that limit is a challenge, and I've only been with her one night."
     "But you found my limit this afternoon, before we got here," Jane said.
     I laughed.  "And here you are, sucking my dick in a restaurant.  Not an hour had passed and you wanted my dick in your mouth, just to have dick."
     Bekka piped up with, "Just as well you didn't make him come just now.  That cock is mine until tomorrow, little girl.  You're his fuck toy, but I'm his wife, and don't forget that, okay?"
     The first yuppie stared at us.  "You people live way different than what I'm used to, I've gotta say that.  You're different."
     "God, I hope so," I muttered, and nuzzled my way into Bekka's breasts.  I could feel Jane's hand on my crotch.
     The third yuppie finally came over.  "I cleared the table.  What the hell are you talking about that's so damn interesting?"
     "They didn't believe I'd suck my master's cock here at the table," Jane volunteered.  "I proved them wrong.  They seemed fascinated by it.  Hi, I'm Gator Bait."
     Bekka said, "Hi, I'm Becky, and this is Lenny.  We're just over here engaging in decadent behavior and waiting for our food.  Speaking of decadence, would you three yuppies like to get high?"  She reached for her purse.
     The third one looked suspicious.  "What on?" he asked.
     "Methyl-dioxy methamphetamine, more commonly known as MDMA or Ecstasy.  First hit's free."
     All three froze up.  The second one finally said, "Doesn't that stuff make people go crazy?"
     "Absolutely," I replied.  "Look at us."
     "What the hell, I'll try it," the first one said.  His friends stopped staring at us and stared at him instead.
     Bekka pulled out the Tic-Tac container and opened it.  Jane said, "Ooh!  Gimme!" and put out a hand.  I put out a hand too.
     "Lay it on me, rock and roll nurse Becky," I said.
     Bekka shook pills out onto the table.  She handed one each to me and Jane, slid one in front of herself, then picked one up and gestured at the first yuppie.  He put his hand out.  "Sweet dreams, sugar," she said, and dropped the pill in his hand.  Jane washed hers down with a swallow of beer, then handed her glass to the first yuppie.  "Knock it back, yuppie man," she said.
     He looked doubtful, then threw the pill in his mouth and swallowed some beer.  The second one said, "That stuff won't kill him, right?"
     "Highly doubtful," said Bekka, swallowing her own hit.
     "What the hell, I'll try it."  He held his hand out.  Bekka picked up a pill from the table and placed it in his hand.
     The third yuppie glared at this friends.  "You guys are idiots," he said.  "You're taking free drugs from them?  Look at them!  There could be anything in those pills!  What if it's heroin?  Don't expect me to babysit you two while you have a bad trip on whatever was in those pills.  What if that was LSD?  Or Angel Dust?"
     I said, "We told you, it's MDMA, and highly pure MDMA at that.  You just watched us take hits ourselves, so it's not gonna fuck anybody up too badly."
     "You people could just be used to it."
     I sighed.  "Look, we're still waiting on our food.  We're gonna eat a nice leisurely dinner, then we're gonna play some pinball.  We'll be here for another hour at least.  If they're gonna get sick, it would happen in that time frame.  You can say something to us then if that happens."
     The first one said, "So....  What does this stuff do?"
     Bekka cackled.  "You're going to be in love with the world for the next eight to ten hours.  That's the best description I can give."
     Jane said, "You're gonna feel really energized and horny, too.  And everything will make more sense.  I love the stuff, I'd take it every day if they'd let me.  It's a school night, so I probably shouldn't be taking it because you don't sleep on the stuff, but you don't mind.  If I'm drooping tomorrow I'll just do some coke at lunch.  Is it okay if I stop by Inana at lunch, Lenny?"
     "Yeah, that's fine, pet.  Just make sure you don't have powder on your nose when you head back to class."
     The third yuppie looked at Jane and asked, "Wait, how old are you, anyway?"
     "I'm sixteen," answered Jane.
     "And you're hanging around with these two?  You're doing drugs with them?"
     "I live with them," Jane said.  "We live in a nice big house on the beach in Encinitas.  We all love each other.  And in case you're curious, I get As in all my classes.  They take care of me, make sure I'm not too far out of bounds.  They love me, and I love them."
     Our food arrived.  We had an audience while we ate.  Jane said, "My vote is to finish eating, play some pinball while we wait for the Ecstasy to kick in, then go home and get in the spa and see what kind of fun we can have."
     Bekka smirked at Jane.  "You just want Lenny to fuck you some more.  Forget it, little fuck toy, it's my turn.  If he's still going when I'm done, then you can get some.  But by rights I get first access to my husband's cock, okay?"
     The second one said, "Holy shit.  So basically you three take drugs and have sex all the time, is that it?"
     I said, "There's also loud music and driving too fast.  But yeah, getting high and fucking are important to us.  We lead lives of decadence."
     "We're, uh, we're gonna go shoot more pool.  You're not going anywhere, right?"
     "Like I said, we're going to finish our dinners and then play some pinball.  You can let us know if you feel sick, but you won't.  That Ecstasy is lab fresh.  You'll feel fine."
     An hour later the girls and I were merrily trouncing one of the pinball machines when the first yuppie came up to us.  His eyes were unnaturally wide.  He said, "My god, I feel so energized right now.  This is....  I can't describe this feeling I have, it's like shit makes sense on a really deep level.  We're deciding what to do with the rest of our night right now."
     "Why don't you visit Tijuana?" suggested Bekka.
     "Ooh, that's a great idea!  We can hit the dance clubs and meet girls!  Hey guys...."  He went to share this revelation.
     I told Bekka, "That was a bit cruel.  They're only going to get in trouble, trying to talk up women that don't go for the yuppie type."
     "Nonsense," she replied, "they'll have a blast.  Speaking of, let's blast out of here and head home.  We can do what Jane suggested, and get in the spa and see what kind of fun we can have.  Right now I don't mind Jane watching us."
     Jane heard this and said, "Cooooolll...."
     "Listen, fuck-monster, little miss machine pussy, I'm asserting my dominance here.  If Lenny still has something left when I'm done with him, it's yours.  But you had him last night and this afternoon.  My turn now.  I'm taking it, and taking it big.  You get leftovers.  If you're so desperate for cock, why not jerk off that one yuppie, the one that didn't want our drugs?  He looks really pent-up, he could use the release."
     Jane considered this and said, "Yeah....  I'll be back.  Lenny, play my ball for me."
     She skipped across to the pool tables, and moments later I heard a voice cry out, "What?  No way.  Get the hell away from me."
     Jane's voice said plaintively, "It's just a hand job...."
     "You people are insane.  You've got my friends crazy on drugs, and now you want to seduce me?  Go away."
     Jane skipped back a few moments later.  "He turned me down," she said with a pout.
     Bekka said, "I'd suggest going after one of the other two guys, but they don't need to come, they're high.  Besides, they might fall in love with you."
     "Oh man, could you imagine?  Me and some yuppie trying to make a go of it?  There's not enough drugs in the world to make that work.  Ugh."
     I lost my ball.  I said, "Hey, let's finish this game and blow this Popsicle stand.  The spa is calling my name, along with the bong."
     Bekka said to Jane, "Don't get used to partying on a school night.  This is a rare exception.  I don't care how you feel in the morning, you're going to class, all right?"
     "That's fine," smiled Jane.  "Lenny already promised to fuel me on coke at lunchtime if I need it."
     "Oh really."  Bekka glared at me.
     I shrugged.  "Just a little something to keep her going through the rest of the day, if it's necessary.  No harm, no foul."
     "No little favors from your fuck toy?" Bekka asked.
     "In fact, I had you in mind for that," I said, grabbing Bekka by the ass.  "I figured I'd prime your pump for the afternoon's shoot."
     "Can I watch again if the timing's right?" asked Jane.
     "Fuck toy, no," said Bekka and I in unison.


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