Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 9)

     Saturday was spent lazily, the three of us lounging around the living room.  The bong was pressed into service around 2:30, while we sat around and watched TV.  We ordered food for delivery around six, wolfing down pasta and lasagna and pizza and garlic bread.  Me and Bekka had been burning lots of calories, and unless you want to call two beers each lunch, we hadn't eaten since dinner the previous night.

     Overnight, while Bekka and I screwed, Jane laid down newspapers on the dining room table and had gone to to town on her leather with the paints.  On the back, in swirling violent letters in red and silver were the words MACHINE SNATCH.  Down one arm she'd put the Subhumans logo, and on the other arm was a cartoon mouse offering up a rose.  Loose roses ran down the rest of the sleeve.  I was impressed, the girl had some serious talent.
     I called Sue as promised, and we agreed she'd be at our place by nine on Monday, so we could all have a cup of coffee and a snort of whatever.  We'd ride up to Anaheim in my car, possibly allowing her to take the wheel so she could see how it handled.  Fine by her.  She liked big powerful American cars, she coveted Bekka's Plymouth Sport Fury.  She'd had enough of the Mazda GLC she'd been driving for the last couple years.
     During our post-fucking pillow talk, Bekka expanded upon why I now had two lovers on top of her.  It wasn't just that Bekka had sex all damn day at work, it was that my two new lovers offered things she couldn't: I got youth and total submission from Jane, and I got a chance to fuck ass with Sue.  She was happy to share me, since I shared her.  Neither of us were running around behind the other's back, and that was important to her.  She just wanted me to save some energy for her.  And she wanted Jane to share our bed sometimes, she got a thrill out of dominating our little Gator Bait.  This would be happening on weekends, so the girl wasn't showing up for school still drunk on cock.
     "Do you think Jane will always be as sexually hyperactive as she is now?" Bekka asked.
     "I'm afraid so," I said.  "Right now she has both Lance and I, and she still scopes out dudes when we're out in public.  Plus her interest in girls.  Sex is like Chinese food to her.  It doesn't matter how much she gets, an hour later she's horny again.  I do my best to satisfy her, but no way am I pounding her sore like I did just so she doesn't want to fuck.  Besides, how would she explain that to Lance?"
     "I'm worried that she'll throw Lance over in favor of you."
     "That also concerns me.  She needs a normal boyfriend in her life, to help keep her grounded in normality.  She definitely doesn't live like your average sixteen year old, and that's almost entirely our fault."
     Bekka propped herself up on the pillow, rubbing my chest.  "Yeah.  We treat her like a roommate, an adult, not the girl she is.  And it's far too late to go back."
     I kissed Bekka's arm and said, "We're still doing okay by her, though.  She's not in trouble and her grades are fantastic, so we must be doing something right."
     Bekka and I finally dozed off around six, springing back awake at eight like usual.  I chopped out our morning lines of speed.  Before doing hers, Bekka said, "This is what habitual use is, isn't it?"
     "Since we have no reason to not sleep for several more hours, yeah."
     Bekka snorted up her line and said, "I'm just glad we've kept Jane off this shit, you know?"
     "Oh yeah.  The last thing she needs is a genuine habit."
     I went downstairs to start coffee.  Jane was asleep on a sofa in front of a blank TV screen.  I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to her room, where I pulled off her boots and pants, then tucked her in bed.  As I headed for the door, a small voice said, "Thank you, master."
     I went back to her and gave her a kiss.  "Anytime, beautiful little toy," I said.
     Lance called around eleven, and was disappointed she was still in bed.  I told him she hadn't been feeling well the night before.  And I suspected, you know, girl trouble.  He accepted this at face value and signed off.  When Jane got up around two or so, I told her that he'd called and what I'd told him.  She appreciated me covering for her, poured a cup of coffee, and went back upstairs to call him.  She was back down five minutes later, looking annoyed.
     "He wants to come over, and I can tell it's because he's horny," groused Jane.  "I told him I just plain wasn't in the mood, and he asked when I would be."
     "You're not in the mood?" said Bekka.  "I'm amazed."
     Jane said, "Hey, if Lenny wanted to, I would.  But he's my responsibility, my duty.  I'll never deny Lenny.  Besides, with Lenny, I get more than three minutes of irregular banging and then having a guy collapse on my chest."
     "I thought you were training him."
     "It's turning out to be a slow process," Jane grumbled.  "I guess he's better than when we first started, but he still fucks like a teenage boy."
     "He is a teenage boy," I pointed out.
     "I know.  But I was hoping that with practice and gentle advice, I could mold him into a man.  You know I've never seen his dick soft?  He's too eager.  It's like I have a choice of either giving him head or getting fucked.  I can't do both, he won't last long enough.  Sometimes I'm tempted to go shopping for another boy.  That, or always be begging and pleading for Lenny to give me some action."
     "You can't be reliant on me," I said.  "You need to be dating guys your own age.  Accept the fact that they're not experienced.  You're an anomaly, you know what you want and what you're doing.  You said last night you're glad you're not like the other girls in that respect.  This is the downside to your position.  Believe it or not, the boys are scared too.  But they have a much stronger urge to use this new toy they find themselves in possession of."
     Bekka said, "Teenage sex is supposed to be awkward and fumbling.  You skipped that phase, or at least got it over with at a much younger age.  Sex-wise, the other kids at your school are Ford Pintos, and you're a Ferrari.  You're going to outrun them no matter what."
     "I know," said Jane.  "In a way I wish I was like them.  A few of the girls on my volleyball team were all giggling and embarrassed talking about sucking cock.  It was like they knew they wanted to try it, but were afraid.  So I told them, 'Oh, it's easy.  You relax your throat muscles and take the guy's cock in as far as you can.  Suck on it, move your head up and down, and drool so you lube up his shaft and you can use your hand to pump him.  And watch your teeth.'  You wouldn't believe the stares I got.  It was like I'd told them how to build a bomb from household items.  One of them asked me, 'How did you learn that?'  I didn't want to say, 'From my father making me practice on him,' so I told them I learned from trial and error and from watching porn.
     "That also freaked them out.  They wanted to know why I was watching porn.  Again, I couldn't tell them it's something my dad and I used to do together, so I just played it off, saying an ex boyfriend had a collection of tapes.  'But didn't it totally gross you out?' one of them asked.  I said no, it's what people do.  What's so gross about porn?  It's just people fucking and sucking.  That really threw them.  I don't know what they expect out of sex, but I think they're in for a big surprise."
     Bekka chuckled and said, "Thank you for not bringing up me and Lenny during this discussion."
     "Oh, I was tempted to.  I wanted to explain that I lived with a porn star, and she's a sweetheart, and that I routinely watch high-quality porn and enjoy it, but I think that would have freaked them out more.  Ooh, Bekka, I know what you could do!  When we have the sex ed course again, you could come in and give a lecture!  That would be so cool!"
     This prompted laughter from Bekka.  "And what would I talk about, pet?"
     "Sex.  Sex and porn.  Sex in porn.  The similarities, the differences.  You could get all those bitches to stop being afraid of their own bodies, and to go out and have fun."
     It was my turn to laugh.  I said, "Yeah, a sex ed lecture in a public school that encourages promiscuity among the students.  Angry parents would lynch us and burn down the house.  Then they'd sue the school."
     "I'm promiscuous for a living," said Bekka.  "I'm the last person they need talking to teenagers about sex.  What would I lecture about, technique and style?"
     "That would be really cool," said Jane.  "Lenny could lecture to the guys about how to actually satisfy a woman."
     I said, "I learned that through trial, error, and advice.  I wouldn't have a damn thing to say to the kids, except to keep plugging away.  They'll learn....  And so will Lance."
     Jane sighed.  "I don't know what to do about Lance."
     "What needs to be done about him?" asked Bekka.
     "Maybe you guys are right and I'm expecting too much from him, but he's really unsatisfactory in bed.  Should I shop around and see if I can find a better boy?"
     I said, "Lance is otherwise good to you, right?  If he is, you're doing all right.  At that age, all boys are going to be pretty incompetent in the sack, so you shopping around will just continue your own frustration and break Lance's heart.  Shit, a lot of guys, when they learn where you're coming from, would never leave you alone, being totally pushy.  At least Lance is a gentleman.  You could be doing a lot worse than him.  Just continue with your training.  Have you told him what the problem is?"
     "Well....  Not exactly.  I don't want to hurt his feelings."
     "Take that risk.  Tell him he's not lasting long enough for you to get off and have fun.  He needs to learn to hold back.  Hell, he can practice that on his own at home.  Make him a deal: the longer he lasts, the naughtier you get.  Maybe use anal as a bargaining chip, if you think that would work.  Tell him that if he can consistently last for ten minutes, he gets to fuck your ass.  Just buy lube and a disposable enema beforehand."
     Jane smiled.  "Yeah, that could work.  You two are going to be in Anaheim on Monday, so we'll come back here and have a frank discussion.  I'll tell him the truth, that I want to make him into a good lover, and we have to work together.  And he will probably go for fucking my ass, god knows he can't keep his hands off of it.  He's about the right size for that, too."
     "And tell him to practice delaying orgasm when he's alone.  It works.  I guarantee that's how my male performers learned to do it."
     "Sure I can't just borrow that one guy Vince a few times a week?  He's really cute.  I don't care if he's kinda stupid."
     Bekka and I both said in unison, "No, Gator Bait."

     On Monday morning Sue showed up a little before nine.  She gratefully accepted coffee and a line of speed.  She was in full makeup and regalia, dressed to kill, a slutty version of Vampira.  We ate bagels with cream cheese and headed out, pointing north towards Anaheim in the Fleetwood.
     Sue continued to be impressed with my ride.  Even in heavy traffic it was dead silent inside, so she decided to go for the bulletproof glass in hers.  She also liked the dark gray leather upholstery and heated seats, which she considered to be a fantastic invention.  "Now when I go surfing up in Cardiff or at Swami's, I won't be cold all the way home."
     Traffic was terrible, so we didn't arrive at Carelli Cadillac until after eleven.  I parked and the three of us went into the showroom.  As always, we attracted attention.  Some of the sales-drones recognized me; one was helpful enough that he came over and asked, "You're here to see Mr. Carelli, sir?"
     "You got it," I said.  "Please let him know Lenny, Bekka, and Sue are here."
     He got on the phone and relayed the message.  Then he led us upstairs to Rico's office, knocking, opening the door, and announcing, "Your friends are here, Mr. Carelli."  Then he headed back downstairs.
     We walked in.  Rico's eyes lit up when he saw Sue.  There was no question in my mind that he was attracted.  He got up and came around his desk so that he could kiss Sue's hand in greeting.  I was in no position to critique anyone's attitude towards marital fidelity, so I merely smiled.  For better or worse, Rico looked like exactly what he was: a heavyset dago car thief in a thousand dollar suit.  Who knows, stranger pairings had happened.
     "Welcome, welcome," Rico said.  "I've got a couple cars I want to show you, Sue, so you can get an idea of what you'd be getting.  First, though, you all care for a toot?"  He opened a drawer on his desk and pulled out a clip board that had four lines of coke arranged on it.  He set it on his desk and rolled up a bill, handing it to Sue.  She thanked him and handed the tooter off to Bekka, who then passed it to me.  Rico did up his, then clapped his hands and said, "Okay, let's go downstairs."
     The first one he had to show was sitting in the middle of the showroom.  "This is the Sedan de Ville, with all the extras.  Please, have a seat behind the wheel."
     Sue sat down, and Rico took the passenger seat.  Bekka and I got in the back to be social.  Rico began showing Sue all the features, like the automatic thermostat for cabin temperature, cruise control, automatic shutoff lights, heated leather seats, electric seats, electric mirrors, map lights, makeup lights, and on and on.
     "This thing is exquisite," said Sue.  "Can I drive it?"
     "Not this one," said Rico, "but there's one on the lot you can try.  Let me go get some keys.  The Coupe de Ville is appointed the same, but is a two-door and has a shorter wheelbase.  Appointed just as well, though.  I'll be right back."
     Rico returned with two sets of keys and led us out to the lot.  We all piled in a white Sedan de Ville, Sue at the wheel.  She fired up and got us out on the street, handling the Cadillac confidently.  Rico directed her on where to turn, including over a poorly-paved stretch of street so she could feel how smooth the ride was.  He continued to extol the virtues of the car while she drove.
     "I love it," Sue said as we pulled back in the space.  "I don't think I need to look any further.  And I will take the sedan, I've got enough friends that having a four-door is just good manners.  Wow, but this thing is comfortable.  Do you have one in black?"
     "I can get one in black," said Rico.  "What sort of options did you want?  I know there were aspects of Lenny's Fleetwood that you liked."
     "A few things, yes.  I'd like the hot motor, like we discussed.  Also, I want the bulletproof glass.  It makes it so quiet, and I can blast my music without pissing off other motorists.  Do you think I should get the suspension beefed up?  I really like how this one rides, and I don't want it to be too stiff."
     "Anti-sway bars will help with the handling without affecting the ride," said Rico.  "You'll feel a bit more lateral action."
     "And I want wire rims.  Do you offer that?  I don't like those plastic hubcaps at all."
     "Wire wheels are a standard option.  Why don't we go up to my office, and we'll work out what your new car will have."
     We went back in and up to Rico's office.  We were stared at by the staff, who couldn't work out why these freaks were getting the boss's personal attention.  Once in, we all pulled up chairs and worked out Sue's new Cadillac.  The upshot was that she'd be getting a black Sedan de Ville, with the Police Interceptor package under the hood and anti-sway bars.  She would have wire rims, bulletproof glass all the way around, and every bell and whistle available, with the exception of the stereo, which would be an AM/FM for the time being.  GM would not ship a vehicle without some sort of sound system installed.  It would take three weeks for it to arrive from Dearborn.  Rico would personally fill it with gas when it arrived, and Sue could drive home in it.
     "Are you trading something in?" asked Rico.
     Sue said, "Yeah, but it won't be worth anything.  It's a seven year old Mazda GLC, with bad paint and a torn roof liner.  It's a piece of shit."
     "Can you put down any money today?"
     "Sure, how much?"
     "A grand?"
     Sue reached for her bag.  "Not a problem.  I'm assuming you'll take a check."
     Rico smiled.  "That's just fine.  I already know who you work for, so don't worry about the financing, that'll get pushed through.  You're young, you've still got weak credit, but as long as you're with Inana, you're golden.  You plan on performing for them for a while?"
     Sue smiled and said, "Oh yeah.  Good money for easy work.  I'm twenty-one, so I have some time in front of me to perform.  I like it there a lot.  Even my boss is a cool guy," she said, winking at me.
     "Cool, cool.  Okay, there's some forms to take care of, we'll go downstairs and do that, but in about three weeks you'll be showing up in a shitbox Mazda and driving away in a brand new Cadillac."
     Sue stood up and hugged Rico.  "This is too cool!  Thank you so much.  Don't worry, I'm making good money and it's steady, so I'll never miss a payment.  Who knows, I might pay it off early."
     "Can I have another hug?" asked Rico.  Sue obliged.  "I'm glad I made you happy," he said.
     We went downstairs to the finance office, where Rico asked for X, Y, and Z forms.  He placed them in front of Sue.  "Just fill these out and we can go get some lunch.  Sushi sound okay with everybody?"
     While Sue worked, Bekka and I hit the vending machine for sodas and stepped outside to smoke.  Rico stayed with Sue, "in case she has any questions."  We leaned against the showroom window, my wallet chain clinking against the glass.
     "Well!" said Bekka.  "Are we going to install all of our performers in new Cadillacs?"
     "Only the ones that want 'em," I said.  "I imagine that most of our performers want vehicles that are sportier than Caddys, although Rico could get them.  The only problem is they'd be hot.  Hard to explain why the VIN on the dashboard doesn't match up with what's on your paperwork."
     We walked over to the Sedan de Ville we'd ridden in, mentally painting it black.  "Classy car," commented Bekka.
     "Perfect.  Sue has a lot of class."
     Rico came puffing up.  "Lenny, can I talk to you a minute, alone?"
     We stepped to another corner of the lot.  "What's up?" I asked.
     "Hey, can you get me tapes of stuff she's been in?"
     "Yeah, no problem.  Um, why?"
     Rico gave me a grin.  "Bud, I'm in love.  She's so exotic!"
     I pondered briefly.  "They'll all be loops, she hasn't been with us long enough to have appeared in any features.  And I'll warn you now, she's an anal queen."
     "She what?"
     "Her specialty is that she takes it in the ass.  An anal queen."
     Rico looked blown away.  "Far out.  Too much.  Does she really like it like that?"
     I decided to not mention my own foray up Sue's ass.  "Well, she says she does, and she smiles through it all on tape, even with the big-dicked idiots I hire."
     "That is just too much.  When do you think you could get me some of her stuff?"
     I pondered again.  "I'll pull promo copies of stuff she's been in, and have 'em here by the end of the week.  That okay?"
     "Yeah, great.  Is she seeing anyone?"
     "I know she's got a boyfriend, but I don't know how tight they are.  So how's Rachel these days?"
     Rico shot me a dirty look.  "Pent up," was all he said.  I decided to not probe any further into Rico's home life.
     Sue poked her head out the door and called across.  "Rico, I finished them as best I could.  Do you want to take a look?"
     Rico grinned and said, "Be right there."  He went chuffing towards the door.
     Bekka came up beside me and wrapped her arm around my waist.  "Well, Mr. Schneider, you've done it again."
     "Done what?" I asked.
     "Made a woman very happy without even trying."
     I shrugged.  "Well, I do try...."
     She leaned up and kissed my neck.  "I don't just mean that you're a good fuck, even though you are.  You make women happy.  You didn't have to introduce Rico and Sue and help her get a new car, and use up a work day, but you did.  You took in a homeless little girl and helped her become a proud young woman.  And you manage to love a shameless porn slut, always telling her what she needs to hear.  The one thing you'll never have, pally, is girl trouble.  You're too good to us in too many ways."
     We lit fresh cigarettes and hung out by the showroom door.  Presently the door burst open and Sue came out.
     "I'm getting my car!" she cried, looking happier than anyone ever expects a goth to look.  "Rico got on the phone with the finance people and forced the issue and I'm getting a brand new Cadillac!  Lenny, thank you so much for doing this for me!"  She wrapped her arms around me and squeezed.
     Bekka smirked at me and said, "What did I tell you?"
     I said, "I got girl trouble....  But it's girl trouble in a good way.  Come on, let's gather up Rico and go and get some lunch."


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