Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 7)

     Bekka and Sue wanted to go out for a couple drinks --- girl time --- when they finished up, so I headed home by myself.  Pulling up to the house, I saw that both the Cutlass and the stock Sportster were in their places, which meant that Jane was home.  Whether Lance was with her was another matter.  She'd ridden the Sportster to school, which meant she'd have had to come home and switch horses if she was going to get Lance to the house.

     I went up the stairs and into the living room.  Jane was lying on a sofa, boots off, watching TV.  She smiled when I walked in, springing up to give me a hug and a tongue-kiss.  I responded by grabbing her ass.
     "Hey girl," I said caressing a cheek, "I'm surprised Lance isn't here.  I thought you were going to get some action out of him."
     Jane frowned.  "No, not today.  I hung out at his house for an hour, but we couldn't even make out because his mom was hovering around, and she insists the door to his room stay open when I'm there.  Besides, he says he's still pissed off at me.  I downplayed how often I take Ecstasy, making it sound like an occasional thing, but he's sure I'm going to turn into an addict.  He just plain got bitchy when I suggested he take it with me some time.  And the coke wore off, so I remain un-fucked and straight.  And it's too damn early to hit the bong.  Lenny....  I don't suppose...."
     I said, "Yes, I'll chop you a line.  But it's the last one of the day, okay?"
     We went in the kitchen, I grabbed the cocaine from the stash drawer, and I set her up a line on the glass of the stove top.  She looked confused.  "Aren't you joining me?" she asked.
     "No," I replied.  "I did coke with you at lunch, more a little while later, and I did a line of meth before riding home.  We'll hit the bong later, but that's it for drugs for me today."  I pulled a bill out of my wallet and rolled it up.  "Here, fuel up."
     Jane snorted up the line and thanked me.  Her eyes got a cunning sparkle to them.  "Where's Bekka?" she asked.
     "Off having drinks with Sue, our goth performer.  I, uh, have news about her."
     "Yeah?  What's up?"
     "Um, you know how she's our resident anal queen right now?  I warmed her up this afternoon.  It was brand new to me, I'd never done that before, but apparently Bekka told her, 'Go down and have my husband fuck your ass,' because that's what happened."
     "Wow," said Jane.  "Did you like it?"
     I said, "Yeah, I did.  It was different."
     Jane looked nervous.  "Do you want to, you know...."
     "Do you want me to?" I asked.
     "Well....  I've done that before, and it was okay, but....  Lenny, you're big.  I don't think I could handle you in my butt.  Besides, it was, um, messy.  Didn't you have a problem with that?"
     I chuckled.  "We use a lot of those Fleet disposable enemas at the studio.  Our ass-fucking is clean, clean, clean.  And don't worry, I'm not going to pester you to fuck your ass.  You may be my fuck toy, but you're allowed to set limits.  This will be one of them.  Wanna beer?"
     "Yes.  What are we doing about dinner?"
     I shrugged.  "Wait until Bekka gets home, then probably order in.  Unless you feel like whipping something up."
     Jane cracked open her beer, then put an arm around me.  "No, even with that line of coke, I'm feeling pretty run down.  I only slept for, like, an hour or so before I had to get up and get ready for school.  I did my homework already, and I'm looking forward to eating, doing bong rips, and getting to bed early."
     "Good girl."
     She smiled up at me and rubbed my chest, then dragged her hand down to my belt buckle.  "Although I may have the energy to satisfy my master.  In fact I'm sure I do."
     Damn near insatiable.  I hoped I was damn near indefatigable.  I said, "Let's go to the sofa and finish our beers and make out, we'll see where things lead."
     I landed on the near sofa, Jane settling in my lap.  We drank our beers while I massaged the inside of her thigh.  "If I was Squeak, I'd purr," she said.
     We set our empty bottles down on the coffee table and made out, our tongues in each other's mouths.  I caressed her buttocks, her belly, her breasts, her crotch.  I didn't feel like playing by halves.  I told her, "Stand up and take off your clothes, little fuck toy."  She did as instructed.  I pulled my cock out of my fly and began stroking while I watched her get naked.  I was hard by the time she was done.  She got her big-eyed expression when she saw what I had in my hand, but stood there, waiting for instructions.  I told her, "Cuddle up with your master."
     Jane snuggled down next to me, her eyes not leaving my cock, betraying her hope and anticipation.  I guided her hand to it, and she knew what to do from there.  My own hand slid up her inner thigh to her hot damp pussy and began rubbing.  Almost involuntarily her legs spread and she drew in air sharply.  I knew how to make a woman come with my hand, and I was going to do it to Jane.  I pressed against her and kissed her, the young girl moaning into my mouth.
     She wasn't long.  She began humping her hips into my hand then pulled her mouth away from mine, letting out a sustained moan.  I felt her pussy quiver and convulse under my fingers as she came.  Then she collapsed backwards onto the sofa, gasping.
     Jane's eyes fluttered open, and she smiled up at me.  "You're spoiling me," she said.  "I can't even make myself come that quick, much less that hard.  You really are turning me into a machine.  I've got a machine pussy.  Heh, press the button and it comes."
     "You're not done yet, little fuck toy."  I knelt down on the floor in front of her and pulled her hips to the edge of the cushion.  She was at the perfect height.  I put her ankles on my shoulders and slid my cock into her, watching her eyes roll back in her head as I did so.  I started steadily fucking her.
     "This is what you live for, isn't it?" I said.
     "Oh yeah," she moaned back.  "Fuck me all you want, master."
     "Naughty little girl."
     I began driving into her, causing her to gasp in rhythm.  Neither of us was going to last long.  In less than two minutes she suddenly grasped my neck and moaned loudly.  I could feel her kegel muscles ripple on my cock as she came, prompting my own orgasm.  I pumped into her deep, then fell forward onto her chest, both of us clawing for air.
     Then we heard the applause behind us.
     I sharply swiveled my head.  Bekka and Sue stood there clapping.  Bekka walked forward and bent down to give each of us a kiss.  "Would you two like another beer?" she asked.  "You've been working up a thirst."
     "Yeah, thanks," I said, pulling out of Jane and hoisting my pants up.  "So how long were you two standing there?"
     "Just a couple of minutes," said Bekka, dispersing beers.  "How long had you been at it?"
     "Not terribly long, it was kind of a quickie.  We're both tired after last night."
     Beer in hand, Jane stood up, still completely nude, to shake hands with Sue.  "Hi, I'm Jane.  We've seen each other, but we've never formally met."
     "Hi, I'm Sue.  So you live with Bekka and Lenny?"
     "Yeah.  They took in runaway gator bait from Gainesville and gave her a home.  Now I go to Carlsbad High, and I'm gonna go to UC Berkeley when I graduate.  Either that, or become a performer like you guys."
     Bekka and I chorused, "You're going to college!"
     "I wanna at least try it," replied Jane.  "I can earn some extra spending money."
     I said, "So, me and Jane were pondering what we should do for dinner."
     "Sue here has never had a good salmon steak," said Bekka.  "I thought we could take her to the Seafarer for dinner, expand her horizons."
     "Sounds better than what we had planned.  Let's do it.  We can take the Fleetwood.  Where's your car, Sue?"
     "Still in front of the mansion," she said.  "I figured with me and Bekka drinking, I'd just take a cab home tonight, then another one in the morning."
     "Where's home?" I asked.
     "Mission Beach.  I've got a studio two blocks off the beach."
     I laughed at this.  "A goth girl who cares about beach access?  I'm amazed."
     Sue smiled.  "Yeah, I'm the world's only surfing goth chick.  It confused the hell out of my idiot boyfriend when we first got together.  He'd spend the night, and here I am kicking the blankets back at 6:30 in the morning so I can pull on my wetsuit and hit the water.  Whatever, I started learning to surf at the same time I learned to walk.  I don't know if that makes me a surfing goth chick or a gothic surf betty."
     Bekka looked at Jane and said, "So are you going to put your clothes back on, or what?  They won't let you in the restaurant like that.  And you have cum running down the inside of your leg."
     Jane looked down, scooped it up with her fingers, and swallowed.  "Waste not, want not," she said with a smile.
     Sue watched this and said, "With your mind, you really ought to try giving performance a shot when you're old enough.  That sort of behavior, you'll fit right in."
     Jane slid into her undies and leather pants, then her bra and t-shirt.  She pulled on her boots while I grabbed my jacket and we were ready to go.  We walked out to the Fleetwood --- Sue was amused by my choice in vehicles --- and got in, Bekka riding shotgun with me.  Sue asked me about the Cadillac.
     I explained, "I've got a friend, Rico Carelli, who owns Carelli Cadillac up in Anaheim.  He was able to get this beast customized for me.  It's got armored doors, bulletproof glass, a police package motor, stiff suspension, and dual exhaust.  This thing is a tank, a tank that goes fast and handles well.  Besides, my last car was an Acura that was nothing but bad luck."
     "How so?"
     "He kept getting shot at in it," replied Bekka.  "The thing was constantly getting new glass put in."
     Sue sounded shocked.  "Who the hell was shooting at you?"
     I smiled into the rear-view.  "Other criminals.  You nailed it on the head this afternoon when you called me a criminal motherfucker."
     "Are you involved in organized crime?" Sue asked.
     I sighed and said, "Yes.  Inana is owned by mafia members.  I'm an associate.  Sometimes I'm given assignments to carry out.  They aren't supposed to be complicated, but Bekka and I seem to attract trouble.  Wherever we go, there's commotion."
     "So I work for the mafia?" she chuckled.  "That's too cool."
     Bekka said, "You're a contractor, just like me.  I'm only involved because I'm Lenny's husband.  And like he said, the shit hits the fan when we're together.  I don't carry my Colt as a fashion accessory.  I never thought I'd spend so much time with a gun in my hand, then I married this guy."
     Sue asked, "Have either of you ever killed?"
     We both paused.  I finally said, "Yes.  We both have."
     "For the mafia?"
     "Yes.  Other people were trying to kill us, and we aimed better."
     Sue laughed.  "That is insane, that's really cool.  What did you do with the bodies?"
     I pondered.  "A couple went to the morgue, and the other two are buried out in the desert.  At least I'm assuming that's what happened to one of them.  I buried one myself out in the Superstition Mountains.  The grave I dug was supposed to be for me and Bekka, but I got the upper hand and turned his own gun on him.  He was an insane preacher."
     "You'll have to tell me these stories.  To have taken another human life must be an incredible feeling."
     "You usually puke from the adrenaline," I said.  "As a high, killing is a real sick feeling.  Out of self-preservation, you go numb.  I watched both men die where I stood, seeing the lights go out.  I don't recommend it."
     We pulled into the lot and got out.  I remembered my Beretta, stowing it under the seat to keep the management of the Seafarer happy.  We went in and got seated, ordering drinks: Miller for Jane, Tecaté for Bekka, double Johnnie Walker for me, and a Singapore Sling for Sue.  As we waited, I pointed out, "You know, this is truly an original moment for me."
     "How so?" asked Jane.
     "I'm about to eat dinner with three women, all of whom I've had sex with in the last twenty-four hours.  I think I'm supposed to feel intimidated by this scene, but I'm not.  Maybe I'm too stupid to be."
     Bekka raised her glass.  "I propose a toast," she said.
     "What are we toasting?" asked Sue.
     "Lenny, and his dick.  May it never falter."
     "I'll drink to that!" said Jane.  Glasses were clinked.
     "Have your reports filed by Monday morning," I muttered.  "I just hope I was satisfactory."
     "You'd better allow me to do more fact-finding," said Bekka.  "I'll collect more data tonight."
      "Ooh, me too," said Jane.
     "Forget it, fuck toy.  He's mine until tomorrow.  I'm asserting my dominance."
     Sue said, "I don't really count.  He didn't actually fuck me, he only went up my ass."
     "Wait, I'm confused," I said.
     "I don't give up my snatch to just anyone.  Yeah, I do on the job, but that's work.  If you'd tried to put your dick up my snatch today, I would have cut you off.  I don't mind giving up my ass, I like it like that and guys seem to go nuts when they find out that's what I like.  But my snatch is private.  You have to earn permission to go there."
     "An interesting way of looking at things," said Bekka.  "Me, I don't like anal, so it's like a moot point.  You've got an extra hole you can use, and don't mind.  That's actually kind of cool.  I'd make more money if I did anal scenes, but I just can't, I really don't like it."
     Jane said, "I've tried anal before, and it was okay, but I won't with Lenny.  He's too big."
     Sue chuckled and said, "I like the challenge."
     Bekka elbowed me and said, "Shit, on the subject of assholes...."
     And here came Detective Ross, trailing his family, including Lance.  Jane slid out of the booth to give Lance a hug.  Ross stopped in front of us and said, "So Lenny, what brings you here tonight?"
     "Dinner," I replied.
     "Eat here often?" he asked.
     "Whenever we're in the mood for seafood.  This girl here ---" I indicated Sue "--- has never had a good salmon steak, so we decided to take her out.  Sue, this is Detective Ross.  Jane is hugging his stepson Lance."
     Sue put her hand out and said, "Hello, officer."
     "And where do you know these two from?" asked Ross.
     "Work.  Would you like to know what I did today at work?"
     "No, I'm already familiar with Lenny's business."
     I asked Ross, "Do you eat here often?  Their food is quite good."
     He looked haughty and replied, "I live on a policeman's salary.  I can only afford to eat here on special occasions.  I earn an honest dollar."
     Bekka said, "So do we.  You're just in the wrong line of work."
     "How honest your money is could be debated.  Excuse us, our table is waiting."  He shuffled off, wife and stepchildren in tow.  Jane took her seat again.
     Sue looked at me and Bekka.  "Friend of yours?" she asked.
     "We're acquainted," I said.  "The good detective knows I'm dirty, but has no idea how.  This is complicated by his stepson Lance dating Jane.  He's sure we're pimping her out."
     Jane said, "It's bullshit.  He doesn't have a thing on Lenny or Bekka, but he still wants to bust them."
     "Speaking of busts," said Bekka, "finish your beer and don't order another one.  Switch to soda.  I'm just glad he didn't notice the extra bottle sitting there."
     Our food arrived.  Sue was delighted with her salmon.  Bekka and Jane dug into their halibut, and I ate my trout in cream sauce with zeal.  Bekka and Sue each ordered another drink with dinner.  I pestered the waitress for a glass of milk, and Jane switched to Pepsi.  Sue said, "So what shall we do after this?"
     Bekka said, "Well, we can go back to our place, drink beer, and hit the bong.  Or we can have more drinks here, they have a good bar.  We can continue discussing anal sex in loud voices."
     "Ooh!  Yeah!" said Jane.  "Let's talk about ass fucking more.  I want to try it with Lance at some point, I'll just need to get one of those disposable enemas."
     "I take it you're not an ass virgin," said Sue.
     "No.  It's just that Lenny is too big for me.  I was lucky, the guys who I tried it with before, back in Gainesville, were total pencil-dicks."
     I said, "I'll volunteer as designated driver, I'll just have a couple drinks.  Besides, if we stay here, the chances of me remaining unmolested are much higher."
     "Oh, I don't know about that," said Sue, and I felt a hand in my lap, feeling around.
     Bekka said, "Sue, are you attempting to grope my husband?"  Sue nodded.  "Well, I'll help, okay?  Just no making him come."
     A second hand landed on my crotch, dragging its fingernails gently across my balls.  Jane said, "Hey, no fair, I'm out of range!"
     Sue looked at Jane and said, "You're in the presence of two dominant females right now.  You had your pleasure before we came here.  Bekka submits to Lenny, I submit to Bekka, and you get what's left.  Law of the jungle is in force right now."
     Jane gave Sue a challenging look and said, "I could just crawl under the table and suck his cock from there.  Stop me."
     I said, "I will.  This isn't a burger joint.  Try that here and I'll put my knee into your chest.  Christ girl, don't be greedy.  You have to share."  I said to Sue and Bekka, "Jesus, I've got women fighting over access to my dick.  This is supposed to be heaven for a guy, but mostly it's just stressful.  Damn shame it feels so good."
     Sue said, "It's weird.  This is the first time I've actually wanted to play with my boss's dick.  My other bosses wanted me to, but they had no appeal.  Of course, I didn't get to do drugs and have orgasms at my other jobs."
     "So you plan on sticking around?" I asked.
     "Oh hell yes.  I'm having fun and the money is awesome.  I can get my surfing in when I feel like, and I'm saving up for a better car."
     "What do you want?"
     Sue snickered.  "Actually, a smaller version of what you drive would kick ass.  All black, comfortable, powerful....  That would be too cool."
     I considered.  "So a black Coupe de Ville.  What kind of interior?  Leather?"
     "Oh, absolutely."
     "If you're sure you're going to be around for a while, you'd be able to afford the payments on a new Cadillac.  I can make your dream car happen.  We'd need to make a trip up to Anaheim, but it'd be worth it."
     Sue looked shocked.  "Really?  You'd do that?"
     I said, "Why not?  My friend chalks up another sale, I've got a happy performer in a car that won't break down, it's a win-win all around."
     Bekka added, "Rico is a good guy.  He had to have that Fleetwood of Lenny's practically custom built, but he did it with a smile, and was overjoyed with the Ecstasy tipped him for the service.  I guess you could give him a few of the promo tapes we hand out.  Not every car salesman can say he's seen a customer take it up the ass."
     Sue looked sad.  "I dunno....  My current car wouldn't be worth shit on the trade in, and while I've been putting money away, I don't want to drain my savings all at once like that."
     "Hey, this is someone I do business with, if you follow me," I said.  "I guarantee that you'd be able to drive off with minimal damage to your checkbook.  Black would be a custom color, though, so if you had your heart set on black, you'd probably have to wait for it to be delivered.  Rico got me in my Fleetwood just on my trade-in, no cash.  And by the way, if you two girls continue working my dick like that I'm going to tear off one of your clothes and fuck you here on the table."
     "I'll do it," said Jane.
     "No, Machine Pussy."
     Sue removed her hand from my dick, leaving Bekka's remaining.  Sue asked Jane, "So do you really have a snatch like a machine?"
     Jane smiled and nodded.  "It never stops working and it's well-lubricated. Hmm, 'Machine Snatch.'  I like that.  I'm painting that on the back of my leather."
     The three of us laughed at this.  Bekka said, "Do it, girl.  I can't wait to hear the explanation you give at school for having that on your jacket."
     "I'll just act dumb if they ask, pretend I didn't know it could mean something dirty."
     "You're a straight A student," I reminded her.  "You ride a Harley, you wear leather pants, and you have us as your guardians.  Pretending to be innocent will really be taxing their credulity."
     We finished our dinners and moved onto dessert.  Four sundaes all around.  As we were digging in, Detective Ross and family headed out.  They ate fast, apparently.  Jane jumped up to get another hug from Lance.  Ross looked at her, then smiled at me and said, "When I catch you abusing that little girl, I will personally lock the door to your prison cell."
     I put my spoon down, sighed, and said, "I used to use a phrase in Donner's presence, and now I'll use it in yours: fuck you, officer.  Try not to take that too personally.  I just have a bad reaction to being insulted over dessert.  Did you enjoy your meal?"
     Ross sniffed and said, "Yes, I had the chowder.  And you?"
     Chowder.  He'd ordered the cheapest thing on the menu.  I said, "We had salmon, and halibut steaks.  Like I said, whenever we're in the mood for seafood we come here."
     "And you just eat here on a whim?"
     Ross leaned in close, so just Bekka and I could hear him.  "You eat here whenever you please, you've got that big house on the beach, you drive those fast cars and motorcycles....  You're dirty, Lenny, and I'm gonna find out how.  It's a little goal of mine."
     I laughed.  Bekka said, "We told you, we're connected with the mafia.  And all our money is squeaky clean.  You can't touch us.  Don't try."
     Ross's wife came back for him.  "Please, dear...." she said.
     Ross straightened up, said, "See you in custody, Lenny," and left.  Jane came back several moments later.  Sue said, "You would seem to have an enemy in local law enforcement."
     I shrugged.  "A couple, actually.  We've got him, and a guy named Donner who's a detective for the sheriff's department.  Ross is part of Encinitas PD.  I refuse to worry about them."
     "Would your mafia connections help if they leaned on you?"
     "Oh, undoubtedly.  If nothing else, the mafia had hotshot lawyers at their beck and call.  We've dealt with one before, when we got arrested on different occasions for weapons charges.  We were released in hours."
     Bekka said, "I never got my Banker's Special back, though.  A classic gun like that, and they kept it.  Bastards probably sold it at auction."
     Our check arrived, so I left cash on the table.  "Off to the bar?" I asked.
     "Sounds good," said Bekka and Sue.
     "Hell yeah," said Jane.
     I said to Jane, "Don't get too excited, it's a school night.  You can have a few drinks, just like me, but you don't need to get a heavy buzz on."
     "I just want a few Wild Turkeys is all.  I'm already tired, I just want to make sure I sleep good."
     "I was wondering about that," said Sue.  "Do they always serve her here?"
     I told her, "Here, and Evelyn's, and at Triplets....  I guess they figure with her hair and makeup she's gotta be of age.  She orders, and they never ask for ID.  Hell, it simplifies our lives."
     We stepped out to the car and did up some cocaine Bekka had with her (Jane refusing, she was tired of the coke high yo-yo and just wanted a whiskey buzz) and went back in to the bar, to see what entertainment it offered.


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