Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Girl Trouble (Part 6)

Jane said, "It's hard to explain.  Yeah, I want to be submissive, but only for Lenny.  I want to be taken by him, hard and completely.  I'm a fuck toy, but only for him.  Does that make any sense?  I hope it does."

      She went back to sucking my cock.  I had already fucked Bekka to satisfaction, and was enjoying the pause between women --- I had two women to satisfy --- to have my dick sucked by Jane.  She had masturbated the entire time I had fucked Bekka.  She had adjusted her position so she could watch the events at the best angle, viewing my cock sliding in and out of Bekka's pussy, closer than any camera angle could ever capture.  Bekka stroked Jane's back as Jane sucked me.
      My Christ, I was a fuck toy myself at this point.  I was a hard-on attached to a human being, my only hope to bring pleasure to the women in my presence.  I'd had enough, and grabbed Jane by the head.
     "What do you want, fuck toy?" I asked.
     "Oh god.  Fuck me," she panted.
     I lifted her up by the ass and placed her on the edge of the spa, spreading her legs wide.  I didn't even need to aim, my hard cock finding its place in her hot little pussy, and I began pumping away.  Bekka watched this drop-jawed.
     "Oh god, oh yes...." Jane moaned.
     Bekka reached up and shoved Jane's shoulders into the edge of the spa.  "Take it, little fuck toy, take that cock.  It's all you want, isn't it?  You want that cock fucking you, that's all you want.  Take it, fuck toy...."  She bent down and took a nipple in one mouth, drawing it up towards the sky.  Jane gasped in air and clawed at my back as I fucked her.
     Jane's heels kicked up in the air, then wrapped around my waist as she howled out her orgasm.  She bit into my shoulder blade, nearly sinking below water level as she gave up her body completely.  The psychic power of making a sixteen year old girl come was amazing.  She was yours, completely.  She had given herself up, physically and mentally.  A total surrender.
      Bekka watched this with with her lips parted and her hand on her crotch.  Jane pleaded with me to stop fucking, to let her catch her breath.  Seizing the opportunity, Bekka said, "I want more," reached over, and forcefully pulled my cock out of Jane's pussy.  She began fellating me while I stood there, still holding Jane by the legs.  Then she stopped and said to me, "Fuck her some more.  Pump that little machine pussy full of cum.  Give it to her."
     Hey, I was willing to take requests.  I guided my cock back into Jane's pussy and started fucking her again, Jane gasping "Oh god oh god oh god oh god...."
     I was getting close.  I said, "You're sure I should come up in her?"
     Bekka said, "Hell yes.  Flood the little bitch."
     With a moan of my own, I let loose, pouring my cum into that little teenage pussy.  Groaning, I pulled out....  To be shoved aside by Bekka, who put her mouth on Jane's box and began sucking.  Jane kicked her heels and howled.  Bekka raised her head and said to Jane, "Had enough?"
     Jane croaked, "Yesss...."
     With an evil smile, Bekka said, "Tough.  We like to play rough with our toys."
     She brought her head down and continued eating Jane's poor tortured cunt.  I reached forward and grabbed Jane's shoulders, pinning her in place.  Then I bent down and began working on her nipples with my mouth.  She was shaking like an off-kilter washing machine, gasping and moaning.  She reached a crescendo, arching her back and pushing her pussy towards Bekka's face.  She let out a howl that could probably be heard at the beach parking lot.  Then she went limp, panting at Bekka, "Enough....  No more...."
     We let Jane up, who slid down into the water between us, her mouth open and her eyes closed.  "Oh my god," she said.  "My entire body feels electrified.  I've never felt anything like that in my life.  Wow.  Thank you so much.  I can't believe I survived that!"
     "Cigarettes?" I asked, climbing out of the spa and heading for the slider.  I got murmurs of assent.  I grabbed Bekka's Benson & Hedges, Jane's Newports, and my own Marlboros, along with my Zippo.  I went back to the spa and we all lit up.
     "Like it when we make you beg?" Bekka asked Jane.
     Jane chuckled.  "Oh my god.  That was the most intense thing I've ever experienced.  I love you both so much.  God, I can barely think right now."
     "And who are your masters?"
     "Bekka and Lenny are my masters," Jane grinned.  "They possess me, I'll do anything they ask.  I'm their fuck toy."
     "What a good little girl you are," said Bekka, and leaned forward to kiss Jane deeply.  When she moved I did the same thing.  The three of us leaned back and smoked peacefully.  Jane would share our bed that night, a sweet little thing to share in the cuddling.  The three of us were in love.

     As predicted, Jane showed up at the mansion at lunchtime the next day.  We'd had more fun after going up to bed, so Jane got maybe two hours sleep.  She came into my office shedding her leather, a crooked grin on her face and dark shadows under her eyes.  She dropped her jacket on the sofa and climbed into my lap.
     "Lenny baby?" she asked.  "Could I get that line of coke from you?  I'm really dragging."
     "No problem, sweet little girl.  How are you doing?"
     Jane sighed.  "I swear my pussy is still tingling from last night.  And Lance is pissed off at me."
     "Oh?" I asked, shoveling cocaine out onto the glass-topped desk.  "What's up?"
     "He asked me why I looked so tired, and I partially told him the truth.  I told him I got high, and what on.  I didn't tell him about the three of us.  But he thinks Ecstasy is a hard drug, and is scared for me.  He doesn't like the idea of me using drugs, especially supposed hard ones."
     I said, "Ecstasy is a hard drug.  Okay, you  don't inject it, but it's still heavy.  It can mess you up if you're not careful.  It's a complex amphetamine.  It can be every bit as dangerous as the meth Bekka and I use.  Or cocaine.  On that subject, here, snort up."  I handed her a dismantled pen to use as a tooter.
     Jane did up her line and handed me the tooter.  I lashed my own up my nose.  She said, "I can't lie, I'd take Ecstasy every day if you guys would let me.  I really like Ecstasy."
     "You'd burn yourself out.  I've seen it happen, and it's ugly.  My ex boss did that to himself.  He was eating six or eight hits a day, trying to stay high.  At the end he'd stopped bothering to bathe.  And when we got him off the stuff, he was a basket case for three weeks while his brain recovered.  No, you do Ecstasy on the weekends and that's it.  In a way it's weird that we're so cautious with the stuff, since we have access to all we want, for free.  Boss is always giving us 'extras' from the lab, more than we could ever take.  We've gotta have a surplus of three hundred hits sitting at home in the stash drawer."
     Jane pondered.  "Maybe I should get Lance high...."
     I said, "You do that, you don't tell us.  You steal it from us and don't let on.  There's already enough reasons to be stressed about having the stepson of a cop hanging around.  If you're gonna feed him drugs, I don't want to know about it."
     "Maybe I can get him to spend a weekend night at our place.  We could get high and come here to use the pool.  That would be fun.  Speaking of fun...."
     She pivoted in my lap and began stroking my crotch.  I kissed her deep, then removed her hand.  "Little fuck toy, I'd love to, but we can't.  This studio is full of people, any of whom could decide they need to come in here and talk to me at any time.  And Bekka wants some action out of me when she finishes shooting.  Get some fun out of Lance after school."
     Jane pouted.  "I want my master's cock," she said.  "I want to suck that big cock, and stroke it, and make it pump about a quart of cum in my mouth.  Please, master?"  She started stroking again.
     I pondered, and said, "Tempting, but no.  This is the wrong time and place for it...."
     Just then Eddie the Big-Dicked Jew wandered into the office.  "Heya boss, I'm headed to the deli for some lunch.  Can I get you anything?"  He looked at Jane, and the location of her hand.  "Sorry, am I interrupting?"
     "We were just talking," I told him.  "And yeah, I'd like a Reuben sandwich and a bag of Doritos."
     Jane looked at my clock.  She said, "Actually, I should probably get back to school so I'm not late.  Maybe after dinner....  Master?"
     "That could work," I said.  "I want to give Bekka first crack, though.  She's feeling neglected and jealous, she needs me to show her I love her."
     "I understand," Jane said, and kissed me deeply.  "I'll see you later, master.  Bye, Eddie."  She grabbed her leather and went out.
     Eddie stared at me with his eyebrows up at his hairline.  "'Master'?" he said.  "So what's between you and that little shicksa?  And does Bekka know?"
     I chuckled.  "Oh Eddie, my life has become much more complex over the past week.  And yes, Bekka knows.  Hell, Bekka helped arrange it."
     Eddie's eyes bugged out.  "Wait, that blue-haired little thing is still in high school.  Schmuck, have you flipped your wig?  You know the sort of trouble you could get into for schtupping her?"
     "Fatefully aware.  What can I say, I live dangerously.  Besides, she's an emancipated minor, and we'd use that as a defense if the subject ever came up.  But the subject won't come up, will it, Eddie?"
     "Hell, not from me.  Hey, Juliet was only fourteen.  I don't think she ever called Romeo master, though."
     "And it was never documented as to how much Juliet liked to put out, either.  Go and get lunch, Eddie.  We can snort dessert, okay?"
     "Sounds good," he smiled.  "Back in a few."
     Eddie returned and we dug in.  Bekka joined us, eating cold pizza.  She asked, "So, did Jane drop by?"
     I said, "Yeah.  Her ass was dragging, so I railed her up on coke.  She'd have preferred another hit of Ecstasy.  I explained to her why that's a bad idea.  She told Lance she got high last night, and now he's pissed at her."
     "So long as he doesn't talk to his parents about it."
     I chuckled.  "She offered me some action.  I turned her down.  God, that girl really does have a machine pussy."
     Eddie said, "So what's her name again?  Jane?  Didn't you have a nickname for her too?"
     "We call her a lot of things," said Bekka.  "Jane, Gator Bait, Swamp Rat, pet, fuck toy, machine pussy...."
     I said, "Well, machine pussy is more of a descriptive than a nickname.  The others count, though."
     "And you're fooling around with her?" asked Eddie.
     "We are," Bekka answered.  "She's Lenny's fuck toy.  The little girl has had a crush on Lenny since we first met her, and I decided that Lenny deserves a sex slave.  I fuck all the time, he should have the same opportunity.  So why did you turn her down, anyway?"
     "Because I feel like fucking my wife," I said.  "I told her that we could have some fun after dinner, maybe.  She's got to learn that she doesn't get unfettered access to my dick whenever she wants.  You're still first in line."
     "Still, don't hold back on my account.  Have fun with your fuck toy.  As long as you're not constantly exhausting yourself, I'll be fine."
     "So is Gator Bait gonna end up on the board?" asked Eddie.  "Gonna have every girl you come in contact with become a performer?"
     "Shit no," I said.  "My lawyer isn't that good.  Even if I did, why would you care?  You already get to fuck my wife."
     "See, I don't like it when you remind me of that in that tone of voice.  It makes me think of that goddamn cannon you have under your arm, and that makes me nervous.  Remember Lenny, I just work here."
     "Relax and finish your sandwich.  We'll rail up and get back to work.  I've got good news for you, Eddie.  I've got you in mind to play a CEO in the newest feature.  You'll have fun with it."
     "Cool," he said through his last bite of roast beef on rye.  I reached in my desk and pulled out the cocaine, arranging three lines on the desk.  Bekka plopped herself in my lap and did up on of the lines, then handed the tooter to Eddie.  He snorted his up with a smile.  I did the last.
     Eddie said, "I probably don't want to know the connections needed to get a hold of coke like that, do I?"
     "They're nice enough people," Bekka said.  "It's still best to deal with them on their own terms, though."  She sniffed loudly.  "So it's me and Sue taking on you and Vince this afternoon, right?"
     "Yeah.  I'm doing Sue's ass.  You'll be on the sidelines for a while, so me and Vince can do a D.P. scene.  I don't know if Steve is gonna have you riding Vince's face, or if you'll just be a spectator.  We'll see how it plays out."
     "Well, let's go make the magic happen.  Hey Lenny, is it okay if I send Sue down here for a line?  It'll keep her from feeling so shy before we get in the swing of things."
     "Yeah, that's fine," I said.  "Don't send Vince though.  He can't keep hard when he does coke.  He can have a line afterwards, though."
     Eddie held his hand out to Bekka.  "Come, my lady.  We shall retire to the upstairs, where we shall fuck in front of cameras."  He bowed as Bekka took his hand.
     "Such a gentleman," Bekka said, as they went out of the office.  I sighed and set up another line on my desk, in anticipation of the arrival of Sue.  She arrived a couple minutes later wearing nothing but panties.
     "Hey boss," Sue said with a smile.  "Bekka said you had something down here for me?"
     I handed her the tooter and pointed at the rail of coke on the desk.  She smiled wider and said, "Coke, right?"
     "Yeah.  Good stuff, too."
     "Okay, cool.  I couldn't handle doing a line of meth that big."  She bent down and snorted up, splitting it between each side of her nose.  She sniffed and leaned on the desk, then turned her head and stared at me.  Her smile had a rictus quality to it.
     "Are you used to having nearly-naked chicks in your office?" Sue asked.
     "Fairly," I said.
     "So what does a nearly-naked chick have to do to get your attention?"
     Sue straddled me in the chair, her tits in my face.  I reached up and felt the tits.  She said, "Now that I have your attention, your wife said I should show you some appreciation.  I'm not sure what she meant by that, but I have ideas.  Should I show you?"
     "You're sure they won't miss you upstairs?" I asked, toying with a nipple.
     She chuckled and said, "I'm their anal queen, they're not about to start without me.  Besides, the two Steves are still busy moving furniture around."  She began squeezing at my crotch.  "We've got a little time for me to show you that I appreciate you.  I appreciate the line of coke, and I appreciate that you gave me a well-paying job, where all I have to do is suck and fuck.  And on the subject of sucking...."
     She slid to her knees on the floor, unzipping the fly of my Ben Davis.  I pulled my cock out for her.  She said, "Oh, nice," and got it in her mouth.
     Sue wasn't quite as talented as Jane, but few humans would be.  She was doing very well.  Then she stood up, bent over the desk, and spread her ass cheeks.  "Fuck my ass," she ordered.  "I'm clean and lubed up, give it to me."
     I got in position behind her, then said, "I've never fucked ass before.  Any special instructions?"
     "Yeah, start slow."
     I placed the head of my cock at her asshole and pushed forward.  She sucked in air sharply.  I slid in, slow and gentle, making a little more distance with each easy thrust.  Twenty seconds later I was maxing out, sliding out until just the head remained, then all the way back in.  Sue was drawing breath in a steady manner.
     "You're a big guy," she said.
     "Um, thanks?" I replied.
     "Point your gun at me."
     "Point your gun at my head while you fuck my ass."
     By far the strangest request I'd ever had, or even heard of.  I pulled my Beretta out from under my arm, double-checked to make sure the safety was on, and placed the end of the barrel against the back of Sue's skull.
     "Yeah.  Fucking criminal," she growled.  "Fuck my ass, you criminal motherfucker.  Give it to me...."
     "Take it," I growled back.  "Take that dick up your tight little girl ass."
     I began fucking her with more enthusiasm, the barrel of the pistol knocking into her head as I rocked her back and forth on the desk.  I could sense her hand clenched onto her pussy; she was on the edge of ecstasy.  She arched her back and let out a low moan, and her sphincter clenched rhythmically around my cock as she came.  She called out, "Stop, stop," so I eased my cock out of her.
     Sue turned and grabbed my cock and started jacking it.  "I wanna watch it shoot," she said.  She stood next to me, an arm around my waist, and jerked me off.
     She didn't have long to wait.  Her slim hand whipped up and down my cock.  I groaned, and came, shooting all over the carpet.  She smiled at me, satisfied with a job well done.  I walked out in the hallway and grabbed a towel for the both of us.  She thanked me and wiped down.  I mopped off my cock, then used the towel on the splatters I'd left on the carpeting.  Good Berber carpeting shouldn't be treated in such a manner.
     "Hey, do you want another line?" I asked.  "Maybe a hit of Ecstasy, or a bit of meth?"
     "No, I'm fine," she said.  "That really is good coke you have, where the hell did you get it?"
     I grinned at her and said, "Us criminals always get the best drugs.  I guess you should get back upstairs, huh?"
     "Yeah."  Sue hugged me.  "Tell me, does your wife always set you up with other chicks?"
     "No, this is a new development.  You're the third woman I've had sex with in the last twenty-four hours, including Bekka.  I think she's decided that I should be having as much intercourse as she does.  So there's been her, and Jane, and now you.  I'll be in fantastic shape if this keeps up."
     Sue looked surprised.  "Wait a minute, Jane?  That high school girl you have living with you?  You're fucking her now?"
     "Yeah.  Jane has wanted me since we first met, and has constantly prodded at Bekka to let her have access to me.  And due to strange circumstances, Jane won that access in a bet on a pinball machine.  Jane is in heaven, she wants to be totally submissive to me, and I can roll with that.  So now I have two women at home to keep satisfied."
     Sue gave me a gentle kiss.  "Save a little energy for me, okay?  I'm not saying I want that every day I work, but you're a good guy and I liked having the warm-up.  That's if it's okay with Bekka...."
     "The worst she can do is say no," I said.  "Come on, let's go upstairs, they've gotta be ready to shoot by now."
     "I'm surprised they haven't come looking for us," said Sue.
     "Nah, Bekka would have put the kibosh on that.  Besides, Eddie's already been witness to me getting my dick rubbed by a sixteen year old girl today."
     "I'm disappointed that Eddie is already seeing Elspeth," Sue muttered.
     My jaw hit the floor.  "Are you serious?  You'd go out with Eddie?"
     "Yeah.  He's such a clown, he's so alive and fun.  I'm getting sick of goth boys, and the one I have in particular.  Eddie is....  He's happy!  And it's infectious.  He's always joking, always doing silly little tricks, like juggling soda cans.  I could use more of that in my life.  He's silly, and I love it."
     I said, "Well, nothing to stop you from being friends...."
     Sue leered and said, "There's also that nine inches he's packing.  I want that all to myself for a few nights.  I love it when Eddie fucks me."
     "Whoa....  Most girls set up limits with him."
     "And I do too.  But I love the feeling of being totally filled.  That's probably why I like anal, I get filled up.  It pushes my limits.  Maybe I can talk Elspeth into loaning him to me for a night or two.  It'd be nice to get fucked by him without hearing someone yelling 'cut' just as I'm starting to groove."
     "Do you ever come on camera?" I asked.
     "Sometimes," Sue said.  "Does Bekka?"
     "Like you, sometimes.  She says there's no rhyme or reason to it, either.  It's not duration, or position, or only girl/girl scenes, it just happens."
     "Huh.  With me, it's during anal scenes, because I have an excuse to rub my snatch like there's no tomorrow.  Anyway, let's get upstairs now, before they do send out a search party."
     We went up to the main soundstage, which was set up to look like a generic apartment.  Small Steve gave me an annoyed look at the delay.  He wouldn't view his boss boffing a performer as a legitimate reason for the delay.  Calm Steve, Vince, and Bekka were watching Eddie juggle rolls of gaffer's tape, with a surprising degree of skill.  Seeing us in the doorway, Bekka gave us a smirk and trotted over.
     "Goodness, that was a long time to do a line of coke," said Bekka with a wink.
     "Oh, um, we talked for a little bit," I said.
     "Really?  What about?"
     "Guns," said Sue.
     "They're loud," I continued.
     With a lewd look on her face, Bekka asked, "So did you make my husband's gun go off?  Usually I'm the only one who does that."
     Sue replied, "There were a couple explosions in his office.  I hope that doesn't disturb you."
     "No, that's fine.  If anything, these days I'd like to see more women handling Lenny's gun, so they know how to operate it properly."
     "I wouldn't mind firing your husband's gun once or twice a week.  If you don't mind."
     Bekka stroked her chin.  She said, "I may want to watch, to make sure you're handling it safely.  Technique is important when firing a gun."
     I said, "If we're done obliquely discussing my dick, Small Steve is starting to look pissed and I have work to do downstairs.  I'm gonna leave you to it, okay?"  I gave each of them a kiss and headed back down to my office.  I'd had a busy afternoon and I hadn't gotten a thing done.  I sat back down at my desk, lit a cigarette, and pondered the blank screen of the Macintosh.  Three women in twenty-four hours.  That was better than I'd done in all of 1985.
     I helped myself to a bump of meth and got to work.


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